2023-2024 Board of Directors

PresidentDan Sadtler
1st Vice President: Larry Andrews
2nd Vice President: Debe Fults
3rd Vice President: Grant Gates
Secretary: Marie Knoxville
Treasurer: Sally Cooney Anderson
Lion Tamer: Ken Lapin
Tail Twister: Jeff Christy
Directors: Rod Cutright, Mary Parnell, Lenwood Turner, Glenda Morales
Membership Director: David Cropper
Service Coordination Chairs: Bobby Anderson, Tom Morgan
LCIF Coordinator: Wendell Anderson
Immediate Past President: Shirley Eye

 2022-2023 Board of Directors

PresidentShirley Eye
1st Vice President: Dan Sadtler
2nd Vice President: Stephanie Terrell
3rd Vice President: Wendell Anderson
Secretary: Marie Knoxville
Treasurer: Sally Cooney Anderson
Lion Tamer: Tom Morgan
Tail Twister: Jody Silverburg
Directors: Larry Andrews, Grant Gates, Aaron Hackett, Don Pett
Membership Director: Cathy Cutright
Service Coordination Chairs: Bobby Anderson, Sally Cooney Anderson, Ken Lapin

2021-2022 Board of Directors

President: Shirley Eye
1st Vice President: Wendell Anderson
2nd Vice President: Dan Sadtler
3rd Vice President: Stephanie Terrell
Secretary: Marie Knoxville
Treasurer: Sally Cooney Anderson
Lion Tamer: Bobby Anderson
Tail Twister: Aaron Hackett
Directors: Lenwood Turner, Dick Stephens, Tom Morgan, Don Pett
Membership Director: Ken Lapin
Service Coordination Chair: Bobby Anderson
Immediate Past President: Larry Andrews

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