As a Lions Club Member

You’ll join a local group of service-minded people who volunteer to support your community every day. You’ll also become a member of Lions Clubs International – a respected international organization, a leader in your local community, and a friend to people in need.

Becoming a Lions club member gives you the opportunity to volunteer locally, or internationally, make new friends and professional connections, lead projects that make your community a better place to live, and have fun doing it!

Interested in joining?

Contact us at or Call Scott Prikker at 705-761-7480, or fill out this short survey.


                                                Induction of Lion Gary Cockerell Jan. 28, 2020 


“You see the joy in people’s hearts and they say thank you, and the smile of a child. It’s all those things that make you realize you’ve done something for your community.”

~ Viv Grater

"Helping people is fun. And, anytime you can get together with more than one person it makes it even more fun."

~ Jeff Gans

"We bring together people of different backgrounds, so that we can work together on one single project. And by doing that, we are serving our community, and we serve the world."

~ Gary Wong

“We have doctors to schoolteachers to construction workers. It’s a wide range of people that helps our club grow and do many different things."

~ Jennifer Mahnic

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