Pull Tabs

Finlayson-Giese Lions operate the Pull Tabs concession in the Finlayson Municipal Bar.  Proceeds from Pull Tabs support Community Service projects.


Budget for 2007

Gambling Funds – Pull Tabs

Finlayson-Giese Lions Club


Activities supported as a result of your patronage.



Pine Technical College                                                                                1,000 

Pine Medical Center (Mammogram Screening)                                         2,000 

Pine Medical Center (Prostate Screening)                                                 2,000             

Pine Medical Center (Diabetes Screening)                                                   500               

Pine County Health Auxiliary (Book fair)                                                      500               

Sandstone Friends of the Library                                                                  500                

City of Finlayson                                                                                           5,500             

Hinckley-Finlayson Scholarships                                                              10,000             

Carlson-Highland (accounting) audit                                                          2,500             

Minnesota Lions Eye Bank                                                                             200               

Lions Diabetes Foundation                                                                             200               

Lions 5M-8 Hearing Foundation                                                                     200               

Leader Dog for the Blind                                                                                 200               

LCIF                                                                                                                   200               

Hearing and Service Dog of MN                                                                      200               

American Cancer Society                                                                                500               

Hinckley Finlayson Prom/Grad Party                                                          2,000             

Pine Medical Center/Senior Garden                                                               800                

East Central Soccer                                                                                         600               

Big Pine Lake Association Fireworks                                                         1,500             

Pine County 4-H Arts in the Park                                                                   500               

American Red Cross (Pine County –Atkin County evenly)                         500                

Pine Count Health Auxiliary (Love Lights)                                                    500               

Girls Scouts (local)                                                                                          250               

Boy Scouts (local)                                                                                           250               

4-H (Local)                                                                                                        250               

Miscellaneous                                                                                               1,000             

Grand Total   2007                                                                                     $34,350        


Grand Total   2006                                                                                     $33,500




The Finlayson-Giese Lions meet every third Wednesday of the month at the Finlayson Community Center; 6:00 P.M. We invite you to attend a meeting as our guest.




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