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Falmouth Lions Annual Peace Poster Contest

Lions Clubs International, the world’s largest service organization, is made up of more than 1.35 million men and women in 208 countries and geographical locations throughout the world.  Lions created the Peace Poster Contest to foster a spirit of peace and international understanding in young people worldwide.

Winners named are one of 23 merit award winners out of 400,000 entries drawn by children ages 11 to 13 from 62 countries.  Winning posters are selected for originality, artistic merit and portrayal of each year's chosen theme.

Falmouth Middle School's Sophia Herdrich
2013-2014 Peace Poster Contest Winner

Annual Speak Out Competition

Each year, the Falmouth Lions host a local Speak Out competition, where the goal is to provide an opportunity for high school students to think about important issues facing them & their community. 

Each speaker prepares a 5 minute speech and is then asked one question each by two questioners. 

Speeches are scored by three judges based on:

  • Content
  • Presentation
  • Adhering to time limits

Selected winners are then sent to compete in the district and State wide Speak Out competition. 


Project Recycle 

The Falmouth Lions Club collects usable eyeglasses, sunglasses, reading glasses, frames, hearing aids and cell phones. The glasses, frames and lenses are sent to Project Recycle, a program developed by the Lions Clubs of Maine, which supplies eyeglasses to local providers for use with needy individuals and sends used eyeglasses to developing nations where they are fitted to those who need them. The processing center at the Massabesic Lions Club Regional Medical Center building on Route 202 in Waterboro is where they are cleaned, reshaped, fitted with new nose pads and earpieces before they are packaged according to size. The hearing aids are given to a local audiologist, who reconditions them for people who qualify and the cell phones, stripped of any information are programmed to make 911 calls are given to shelter that deal with battered women and children. 


Donation of these items can be given to any Lion or can be placed in one of our collection boxes located:

Hannaford Supermarket on the Gray Road in West Falmouth

Falmouth Transfer Station

Falmouth Library 


Bottles & Cans Recycling Program

In the spring of 1997, Diane Moore - Office Manager of the Wastewater Treatment Facility, representatives of the local Boy Scouts, Tony Hayes - Director of Public Works (at that time), and a member of the Falmouth Lions Club, discussed forming a program to recycle returnable beverage bottles and cans.  After several months' discussion, the decision was made to begin the project.  With each club participating 6 months a year, recycling would be shared by the Lions Club and the Boy Scouts.

Together they joined to build a small shed from wood salvaged from a deck donated by Lion Ron Fabio.  The completed shed was moved to the Transfer Station in September 1997 and bottles and cans were donated in such great numbers that it was soon evident a larger building was needed.

A small building was built on Bucknam Road, located next to the Fire Department. It was decided to invite other organizations to participate as a means of raising funds for their individual projects.  Bottle recycling duty was then assigned one month at a time to various groups.

When the West Falmouth Crossing commercial center was proposed, the Town negotiated a site for collection of returnable bottles and cans at this location.  The building was constructed as a Boy Scout Eagle project.  This site would be for the exclusive use by Falmouth High School student organizations, with the school providing their own coordinator. "Silver Bullet" dumpster-type containers were also placed there for all other recyclable materials. The Bucknam facility was enlarged twice; once with grant money from Wal-Mart and once with funds provided by the Town.  Later on, changes were made at the Transfer Station that allowed use of the building's interior for sorting and storage of boxes and plastic bags of recycled cans and bottles.

In the program's 16 year history, more than $400,000 has been collected and distributed to the groups that participate.  However,it would not have been possible nor continue to be a successful program without the generous support of the community, who we can never Thank enough.  As with all Falmouth Lions Club projects, the funds raised from returnable beverage bottles and cans are used to further the Club's charitable works.

Parking for Sea Dogs Games

We also help raise money for Iris Network ( serves Maine's blind and visually impaired) by parking cars at their lot near Hadlock Field for Sea Dogs games.


Want To Become A Falmouth Lion?
We are always looking for civic minded citizens and volunteers who are willing to donate some time and effort toward making our communities better places in which to live. If you are interested in visiting the Falmouth Lions Club, please email our Membership Chair by Clicking Here to receive an invitation to our upcoming Meeting or a Lions Club Event in your area. You can join us and learn more about what Lions really do to help their fellow man and woman.


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