Each year in July Sponsorships are found for our Garden Tractor Pull.   Dollars raised is given to Puppies for Fort Dodge, Leader Dog, and latest is Kennel Project. This event happens the 2nd weekend after the 4th of July.  

In the August through October, we run both the Volleyball concessions stand and football concession stand to earn money for the school for projects, field trips, and other items that teacher apply for as well as sponsor for $500 scholarship for four seniors.    In September, we also serve pancakes at the Exira Care Center for the staff and the clients.    

In November,  the Spartan Leo Club or Exira-EHK and the Exira Lions combine their 100 members to sell pies and to make the pies from scratch as the event of Pies for Puppies.   We were fortunate to have PDG ARdie Klemish and her significant other join us in this fun event.   We will continue to do this as the high school students have fun making pies..  The two clubs were able to bring in enough money to sponsor 2 puppies at the Fort Dodge Correctional Institute.   What a great event for the Leader Dog Program.  It is our goal that in 2016 we can take a contingency of students to the Fort Dodge facility's open house so the students can enjoy the event.  

In December the Exira Cliub buys groceries to make up christmas boxes for the elderly and needy families inthe area.   This is a rewarding experience as we deliver boxes to those in need at a this time of the year.   

In January we celebrate our successes with a Christmas party for our 46 members.   What an event as Lion Bart Pepper and Beth Pepper make our private meal for all to enjoy.  

In February we prepare and deliver a once in a lifetime Valentine meal for $12.50 per person.   It is a great fund-raiser to be used to send funds to ILCF, LeaderDog, ILF, CAmp Courageous, Herkle Hollow, Quakerdale and etc.   

In March we try to do a St. Patrick's dinner with all the ingredients for $10.00 a plate.   

In April the Exira Lion Club sponsors a garage sale to give citizens a way to recycle items they longer need.   THrough their donations, the dollars raised are used for different Lion expense.   

In May the Exira Lion Club will do a Memorial breakfast and begin to run the little league concession stand at the AMerican Legion Park.   

In June the Exira LIon Club serves meal for people attending the tractor ride and the car show held the last Sunday of June.   

Our secret to our growth is fairly simple.  Staying active with a breakfast meeting on Saturday Mornings and a meeting every third Thursday.   It is a great time when our Tail twister comes up with some silly but fun event at each meeting.  The members are fun-loving and joy making a difference in Exira and throughout the surrounding area.  



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