Vision Screening

South Edmonton Lions are actively engaged in providing free vision screening to children aged 6 months to twelve years old through the use of a dedicated infrared camera and software that analyzes children's eyes for six common deficiencies:

  • Anisometropic amblyopia - occurs when unequal focus between the two eyes causes chronic blur on the one retina
  • Astigmatism - an irregularly shaped lens causes multiple focus points, and therefore blurring and distortion of the image
  • Hyperopia - far sightedness - cannot see near objects well
  • Myopia - near sightedness - cannot see far objects well
  • Gaze asymmetry - the eyes do not align properly, as in crossed eyes or wall eyes
  • Aniscoria - unequal pupil size.  May be harmless but can be symptomatic of other medical problems

South Edmonton Lions purchased a PlusOptics machine/camera in 2015 to check children’s eye sight.  We have been invited to Edmonton area playschools upon the invitation from teachers or parent groups.  As children do not need to speak, merely passively look at the camera, we are able to assess children from six months on.  We also print an individual report for the families of those children needing a referral to an eye care specialist.

We will be pleased to answer questions or arrange to visit nursery schools, playschools, or elementary classrooms to carry out vision screening.  








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