"Specs For Little Heroes"

“Specs For Little Heroes” is an Ellington-based non-profit whose sole mission is to gift protective eyewear to children that have been impacted by Retinoblastoma, a rare cancer of the eye that strikes 250 – 300 children in the United States each year. These kids and their families face many challenges, the most important being the protection of the eyes from further injury. Kids that have only one eye are eight times more likely to injure or even to lose the other. Specialized, protective eyewear is critical. Unfortunately, each pair is expensive and typically not covered by insurance.

Founded in 2011 by Adam and Erin LaFleche, a third-grade teacher at Windermere School, it was inspired by quite a little hero himself – their son Justin, who was diagnosed at the age of three. After discovering that insurance did not cover the specialized, protective eyewear, the family decided to make lemonade out of lemons to help others. To date, “Specs…” has been able to gift more than 450 pair of glasses not only to children in the United States, but also to countries such as Belgium, China, Canada, the Philippines, England, Australia, and others.

These glasses enable children to be children and grant parents peace of mind. The children can go out and play, be adventurous, and not worry about extensive restrictions. Justin is doing fabulously - he is free of cancer. He enjoys karate, is a “black diamond” skier, and soccer player.

The Ellington Lions feel a real gift has been given to us with the relationship we have now formed with this organization. We look forward to a long and impactful association.

For information go to the website “” or their Facebook page or Google “Ellington Lions” or “Specs for Little Heroes”.


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