Edinburg Lions Club Awards $500 Scholarship

The Edinburg Lions Club is pleased to announce the winner of its 2020 Smith Memorial Scholarship.  Jenna Deane of Edinburg was given the award at a virtual meeting of the club on April 28.  A $500 check, a certificate, and a Lion’s Head figurine were later presented outside her home by incoming Club President, Cathy Ettinger.

Jenna is a Senior at Central High School in Woodstock.  She will be attending James Madison University in the Fall to study Information Systems/Computer Science.  Like most graduating Seniors, Jenna has missed out on the excitement of the last semester of high school due to the shutdowns from the Coronavirus, but hopes that things will get back to normal in time to start college.

The Edinburg Lions Club received scholarship applications from students at Central, Stonewall Jackson, and Valley Baptist Christian School.  The $500 scholarship contest is open to students from the Edinburg community.  Judging criteria is based on academics, community service, and the responses to three essay questions.  Jenna who was born and raised in Edinburg, wrote about growing up wishing she could live in a more exciting bigger city.  However, now that she will be leaving Edinburg soon, Jenna realizes how much she will miss this special community.  One of her essays detailed how much she learned while volunteering for the past two years at the County Library in Edinburg.  Jenna’s third essay was the one that clinched her selection as the winner.  She told how grateful she is for the Lion’s Club Vision and Hearing Screening program that was instrumental in discovering how badly she needed glasses when the van visited her school when she was in Third Grade.

The Edinburg Lions Club appreciates the help of the school Guidance Counselors who helped distribute the applications before schools were closed for the year.  The club regrets that they only have funding for one scholarship since there are so many qualified applicants.

Scholarhip Applicant responses to our first essay question are provided below.

?What makes Edinburg a great place to live

Applicant 1

When I was little, I would watch the characters in movies roam around New York City and Los Angeles and wish I was them. I wished I could live in a bigger city where the streets buzzed with energy and there was somewhere exciting to visit at every turn. I wished I would grow up faster so I could ship off for college to a place with tens of thousands of people and leave the small town where I spent my childhood behind. Now that I am mere months away from that day, however, I can’t help but feel increasingly bittersweet.

Looking back, I see so many reasons why Edinburg was a great place to spend the past eighteen years of my life.  I see the sidewalks I passed every day on my way to school where neighbors would walk by with their dogs on leashes, tails wagging as they went. I see the dents in the wall of a well-loved house. I see my mom, my brother, and my Boston Terrier.  I see the close-knit group of friends I managed to have a good time with on every occasion we were together, big city or no.  Above all, I see a community held together by people who, despite our wide variety of potential differences, will always have at least one thing in common.

Edinburg doesn't have all the bells and whistles because it doesn't need them.  I will never know for sure what I missed out on growing up in a small town, but I do know there are so many experiences and people I would be missing out on if I hadn't.  I am still excited to go off to college, but I'm also excited for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter when I get to come back home.

Applicant 2:

I have lived in Edinburg my entire life, and made some of the most wonderful memories here. Even though it is a small town, there are still lots of activities to be involved in! The restaurants along Main Street are great places to eat. The Edinburg Mill was restored a few years ago, and now has a wonderful restaurant, as well as a museum displaying the historic significance of Edinburg. Also, located right next to the Mill, is Stony Creek. I used to go down there all the time with my grandma and siblings to feed the ducks.

Edinburg is a beautiful place. You often see people walking around the town on beautiful, warm days. My mom and I love to take walks and enjoy looking around Edinburg. Every September, Edinburg hosts the Ole Time Festival. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the town celebrating this! I have made so many fun memories here as well. It’s a great time to support local businesses, enjoy music, shop local vendors’ work, and eat yummy, festival food. One of my favorite parts of this festival is the parade. It is usually on a Saturday afternoon, as long as weather permits. My brothers and I loved to go sit right on the curb of the street, and watch as the bands, motorcycles, local shops with their decorated floats, and historically dressed people passed by. Not surprisingly, our favorite part was all the candy being tossed to the spectators.

Overall, despite its small size, Edinburg has a big heart. It’s a quaint, old town with some amazing restaurants and cafes, a local library, and a few shopping places along Main Street. Edinburg has been the source of many wonderful childhood memories that I will forever cherish.

Applicant 3:

The town of Edinburg feeds off of its resident’s positivity and the support of those that want to visit. The people that live in Edinburg are wholesome, selfless, and kind hearted. Living in Edinburg is knowing that there is always someone looking out for you, even if you do not know it. There are people everywhere wanting to watch you grow and prosper into the person you dream to be, and most of them will help you to achieve your goals. Also, the town is safe and the Sheriff’s Department, as well as the surrounding neighbors, are there to protect you. Therefore, Edinburg is the most nurturing town that young people can grow up in, for there is always someone in your corner and you are never alone.

If I was ever in a serious situation, such as my house burning down, surgery, or severe car accident, I know that the people in my town would be there to support me. I know for a fact that the fire department in Edinburg, as well as various churches and organizations, have done fundraisers or made donations to families in need. It is comforting to know that if something were to happen in my life, my fellow residents of Edinburg would not hesitate to lend out their hand and help me. Not all towns have neighbors that are willing to drop everything to help other people and give them the support that they need. However, most of the people living in Edinburg would give you their last ten dollars or the shirt off their back if you needed it. I have never once felt unloved living here, I know that wherever I turn there is someone that is willing to help me. Also, this is one of the safest towns in the United States to live in, with a crime rate that is 65% lower than the national average. I have never felt unsafe because I know that if something were to occur, the deputies would have it handled in less time than it would take me to hear about it. This town is full of love, support, and dedication to the people that live in it.

Edinburg has so many amazing qualities that make it the best place to live, it is difficult to narrow it down into just a few words. I love this town and all the people that live in it. I hope one day if I do not still live here, I find a place that is just as safe and nurturing. I am proud to live in a town that is so dedicated to its people and the success of others. Edinburg truly is full of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. Anyone that has never had the opportunity of experiencing this town is missing out, because Edinburg though small in size, is enormous in quality.

Applicant 4:

Edinburg, Virginia is a unique and quaint town in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley. What makes Edinburg so unique are the kind and generous people that make up this town. When I first moved to the area a couple years ago, everyone welcomed me into the community with open arms. This made me feel at home in Edinburg, not iced out or unwelcome. Along with the kind people that make up this small community, there is also the beautiful scenery. Edinburg has many small outlook spots where I can sit and enjoy the quiet of nature. With the beautiful serenity and wonderful people in Edinburg, it has become not only where I live but my home. 

Applicant 5:

Edinburg is the greatest place to raise a family and have children. It is such a pretty, small town that is in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, which in my opinion is arguably the most beautiful place on earth. I love the feeling of community and family the town provides. I love the small-town feel of how I can be driving in downtown Edinburg and be greeted by 20 people. It is such a friendly area and everyone is so kind and makes you feel welcome, which is why I have loved growing up in Edinburg. I love Edinburg because the town is small enough where it feels more personal because everyone knows everyone, bringing the town closer together. Edinburg is a very safe place to grow up, have a family, and make many lifelong friendships. This town has each others' backs and cares heavily about everyone in the community. Everyone is so friendly and the town is immensely safe, which is shown by how many people are out walking downtown or riding bikes. My brother is able to ride his bike all through town and gets kindly greeted by numerous people. I can be driving down the road and almost every car that is coming in the other diredction is someone I know and they wave and give me a friendly smile. This town is a family that cares for one another and will do anything for their community. I love the feel of this town and how safe and kind Edinburg is. We support our local businesses and restaurants and get the entire community involved during our Fireman's Carnival at the end of summer. I am truly blessed to live in such a loving, kind, caring town. The people really make the town as amazing as it is. The Ole Time Festival gets the entire community to come downtown and remember Edinburg's history, as well as to get people to interact with each other and get the community involved. I love how close knit our town is, and how much we get involved in our community and care for one another. The town of Edinburg is the greatest town to grow up in, and I have been truly blessed to live in Edinburg for nearly my entire life.

Applicant 6:

Edinburg is a great place to live because of numerous things. One of the main reasons people come to live here is because of the beautiful scenery and views. People from all over the country come to Edinburg and the Shenandoah Valley for the beautiful views of the mountains, valleys, rivers, and other forms of natural life that are in this area. Us citizens of Edinburg have an up-close view of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. We go hiking, hunting, and nature walking in these mountains frequently because of how close they are to our home. In addition to that, we have access to many different bodies of water from Stoney Creek to the Shenandoah River, where Edinburg people, including myself, have spent many summer days swimming, fishing, and other aquatic activities. In addition to all of the nature that we grow up and live around, there are other reasons why Edinburg is a great place to live, such as the small businesses in town. From the Flea Market, to Sal’s Italian Bistro, to The Edinburg Mill, and everything in between; all of these small businesses that have been around for many years, help to make Edinburg homey and fun. There are also many churches, an animal shelter, and a community theater, Theater Shenandoah, which draws in people of all kinds into the area to experience a part of our life. Lastly, Edinburg’s community and patriotism to the area make it a great place to live. Edinburg has many festivals and parades throughout the year in town which brings the entire community together to have a good time. Edinburg, Virginia is a great place to live, grow up, and raise a family.

Applicant 7:

I have lived in Edinburg since I was seven years old, and loved every second of it. Edinburg is a small town, with around 1,000 people, which I absolutely love. One of my favorite things to do in Edinburg is go for a walk in town with my dogs. The architecture and historical value is incredible, and something I brag about to all my friends. Our library is the best in the area, with new books and technology that constantly updates. We may not have a stoplight, but we do have a historic Mill that has been around since 1848! Edinburg is an enriching town, full of great historical value, and I feel so blessed to have been raised by the Stoney Creek river and the sound of church bells on Sunday morning.

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