Weekly Tuesday Night Bingo

Weekly Bingo every Tues Night . Doors open at 5:00. Early Bird Program starts at 6:15 followed by the Regular Program at 7:00. Canteen on sight.  Hot Balls are now being played.



Monthly Community Breakfast

We will be continuing our monthly breakfast, 3rd Saturday of each month.  Come join us for a community breakfast from 8am until 10am! Pancakes, sausage, juice, coffee, tea.

All are welcome

$7 for adults $5 for children.  As always, all money raised goes back to the community through our community service projects.



Intergenerational events

In 2023, we held a Family Games Day for young and old, with over 100 people attending.  In September, we had a paint night for youth and adults, and we have another scheduled for October 2023.



Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides

From guiding their handlers through their daily lives to getting help when it's needed most, Dog Guides play a crucial role in the lives of Canadians with disabilities. Lions Foundation of Canada's mission is to assist Canadians with a medical or physical disability by providing them Dog Guides at no cost.  Each month, we hold a dance to provide funding for Dog Guides to men, women and children from coast to coast. In addition to training Dog Guides for people who are blind or visually impaired, Dog Guides are also trained to meet the needs of Canadians with hearing, medical and physical disabilities, epilepsy, autism, Type 1 diabetes and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. In addition, we have an Annual Walk for Dog Guides that is usually held in May. This initiative helps so many Canadians and gives them a level of independence that they could not achieve without the assistance of their dogs. We are proud to say our club is the highest contributor to the Dog Guide program in Nova Scotia.



Peace Poster Contest

This art contest for kids encourages young people worldwide to express their visions of peace. For more than 25 years, millions of children from nearly 100 countries have participated in the contest. We are very proud to hold this competition in our community and, in turn, the Lions donate to the School Breakfast Program or equivalent.

Launch Pad to Learning

The Eastern Passage Cow Bay Lions Club with financial help from HRM and partnership with First Book Canada is pleased to have put 200 bookcases and over 2,000 books in the hands of Grade Primary Students from Oceanview Elementary, Tallahassie Elementary, Caldwell Road, George Bissett and Colonel John Stuart.  The look of amazement from both the parents and the children was priceless when they realized that they were to keep - the books and the bookcases.  It was not a loan.  This is the first step in getting our youth interested in reading.


Drug Awareness Contest

Students are also encouraged to participate in our Drug Awareness Program to broaden their perspective on the implications of drug use. There are so many negative influences in their daily life that we hope this program will help them with choices in their lives.
The Lions Youth Outreach Program demonstrates that Lions care enough to become involved in putting emphasis on Drug Prevention and Positive Youth development. The concept is to focus and guide our Youth in understanding the effects of misused drugs and alcohol. Through the eyes of our children in this Poster Contest, we will get a better understanding of how they think about the misuse of Drugs and Alcohol.

Speakout Contest

Every year beginning in February, the Eastern Passage Cow Bay Lions Club host a public speaking contest for students attending Grade 9, 10, 11 or 12 who reside in our community.  Students prepare a five minute speech and compete for cash prizes and trophies. This is a great opportunity for students to think about important current issues, organize their thoughts/ideas and effectively present these publicly. The Speakout Contest provides a forum for young people to build self-confidence as they publicly put forward and defend their views.


Lions Project Pride

Lions Project Pride is a program for Canadian Lions Clubs. Our Club choose to participate and express to our community the pride our club has in Canada and in being a Lion.

Across the country, Lions Clubs have the opportunity to express their own pride in their community and country, as well as install a level of pride in the country's young people.

 Lions Club who participate in this program contact local schools officials requesting permission to visit the grade 1 classes to present a Canadian flag and certificate to each student in the month of June. The certificate in English or French describes the diversity of our country and the pride we have in being Canadian.

 Lions Clubs from British Columbia to Newfoundland are participating in this project and are sharing their community and national pride with over 40,000 students each year.



As a fundraiser for Lions Club Dog Guides, we hold "Dog Guide Dances".  Admissions is only $10.  We currently have Eclipse scheduled for November 9. Come join us!


Eastern Passage Cow Bay Lions sponsor a Free Foot Care Clinic for the community.  Diabetic Foot Care Nurses will be available on first-come-first-served basis for the available time period. Services to include interview and inspection, and treatment of ingrown nails, hard skin, and corns. Doors open at 1245pm. For more info, see the flyer here, or call Barbara Adams at 902 802 5697.



Eastern Passage Cow Bay Lions sponsor one of the four monthly bingos held at the Ocean View Continuing Care Centre.  We donate $200.00 each month.  We host on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Come join us as a volunteer or family member.



View this very informative You Tube Video about how LIONS RECYCLE FOR SIGHT -






Seasonal Merchandise Bingos

Easter Merchandise Bingo

Christmas Merchandise Bingo

Summer Carnival Bingo


Christmas Hampers

The Lions Club is very active in providing Christmas Food Hampers for residents in our community. This initiative is a joint effort that involves community members, other community service groups, politicians and local businesses. At Christmas, we provide Food Hampers to approximately 100 families. Everything is included for a Christmas feast in addition to some treats. Presents and clothing are also provided for the children of families who are not able to provide gifts for their children. In our view, there is nothing more fulfilling than the smile and thanks from the recipients – it’s what Christmas is all about for Lions. If you or someone you know is in need of a hamper, please contact us.


Additional Projects

We present annual bursaries to Island View High students.

Assistance to Community Members of Eastern Passage/Cow Bay.

And other opportunities as they arise within the communiry. 


For information on our upcoming events please click to checkout our calendar.



updated 17 April 2024


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