Through the efforts of the Dartmouth Club Lions Mort Osbourne, Joe Maungh and Jim MacGinnis, the Eastern Passage Cow Bay Lions Club was sponsored by the Dartmouth Lions Club.  They saw the need to have a service club in the Eastern Passage Cow Bay area.

An organizational meeting was held in St. Andrews hall and it was there that the Eastern Passage Cow Bay Lions Club was formed.  We were chartered on March 7th, 1972 with 33 members (we still have one charter member), and our first charter night was held on April 11th, 1972 at the Buffalo Club.

In the first years, the Club met at the Buffalo Club, the Fire Department, Cow Bay or St. Andrews halls.

In 1978, with the assistance from the Honourable Garnet Brown, the Club received a grant, purchased land from the Scott Horne family and erected our building.  A local contractor, Ron MacKenzie, was hired to oversee the program.

With the assistance of the Ladies Auxiliary, which was originally formed in 1973, we were able to burn the Club’s Mortgage in 10 years.

Over the years, with the help of the ladies and the lions, we were able to make improvements to the hall.  The kitchen was renovated and changes continue to be carried out today. The hall was extended, a new bar area, new washrooms and a clubroom were added.  In more recent years, new siding, windows and ceiling lights have been addressed.  All these changes were carried out not only by the ladies and lions but also by many volunteers.  Without the support received from the community, none of these changes could have taken place.

Our Club has been extremely fortunate to have such a strong Ladies Auxiliary.  These ladies continually give of their time as requirements such as funerals, fund-raising events, weddings, etc., they have always put forth the required time and effort to make each event a major success.  Visiting Lions are amazed at the insignificant prices they charge for such deliciously served meals all prepared by the members of the Auxiliary.  Through their efforts, the Ladies Auxiliary has donated over one hundred thousand dollars to the Lions and we graciously thank them.

Over the past 50 years, the Lions Club has been heavily involved in assisting our community.


Updated on 2 February 2024

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