“Engaging Our Youth” Global Service Action Campaign

There has never been a generation of young people more involved in their community. According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, in the United States alone, nearly 22% of people aged 16 to 24 are volunteering. In other areas of the world that percentage is even higher.

A growing number of studies show that youth who engage in meaningful service projects experience a host of positive outcomes. Lions have an incredible opportunity to engage youth by developing programs they can relate to, and by encouraging their input and participation in the planning process. Allowing youth to develop and lead a service project helps them learn valuable life skills while emphasizing the role of service.

Take Action

During August, we invite you and your club to join Lions around the world in recognizing the power of youth involvement. Help us shine a light on youth by planning activities in connection with United Nations International Youth Day, recognized each August. Or, organize projects throughout the month that engage and mobilize youth in the process of helping communities.


The following resources are available to plan and promote a future “Engaging Our Youth” Global Service Action Campaign project.

  • Press Release: Send a press release to local media to encourage them to publicize your “Engaging Our Youth” Global Service Action Campaign.
  • Call to Action Flyer: Get an overview of the “Engaging Our Youth” Global Service Action Campaign – and ideas to jumpstart your project.
  • Planning Guide: Use this step-by-step approach to organize your very own “Engaging Our Youth” Global Service Action Campaign.
  • Project Ideas: Review ideas you and your club can use to partner with youth to develop a signature service project during the month of August that will make a big impact on your community. The opportunities are endless!

2010 Campaign Results

More than 850 Lions clubs in over 60 countries organized projects as part of the Engaging Our Youth Campaign throughout the month of August 2010. Over 1,200 projects were reported totalling more than 87,000 Lion service hours. See stories and photos of "Engaging Our Youth" service projects from around the world on Flickr.

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