Heartiest Congratulations to you and other Lions on the Board for the Year 2012-13 It’s a matter of great pride that our Club is maintaining it’s high reputation in the Zone,District & Multiple . I congratulate every Lion Of our club who made us to fill pride with their direct and indirect efforts. My sincere thanks to Lion Yogesh Sharma –Charter President,Lion Ramesh Agarwal – Patron, who are keeping their continuous faith in me and putting me in the office of the President for 2012-13. I am thankful to Our DG-Lion Chaman Lal Gupta ,VDG-I Lion Jagdish Rai Goel,and Other Cabinet Members of District 321 A-2,who had marked their presence and made our Installation Efforts a mega success in the Holy City SRIDHAM VARINDAVAN,UP. I am proudly announcing that today we are giving 9 Ambessedors of Huminity & one MJF Lion Naveen Mehta.All the very best to you for your efforts in humanity.We are also thankful to our First Lady of the District Lion Pushpa Gupta for the Beautiful Bhajans.I am also thankful to Ms. Naveen Mehta for the song " Baharoon Phool Barsau Mera Mehboob Aaya Hai". I hope same support will continue in future as well.I want to thank our Club's Backbone Lion Ramesh Agarwal for making this event successful and all the hard put in by him and his team for the same . In the last thanks to all the members present and special thanks to Lion Parveen Kulwal & Lion Lalit Mutreja . Lion Ram Gopal Goyal ,President



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