Installation Ceremony of the year 2010-11 Held On July 17,2010 bY Hon'ble District Governer Lion Ajay Goel ,MJF

Photo 1( Left To Right )

Lion Ajay Goel (District Governer), Lion Ram Gopal Goel, Lion Bharat Bhushan Dua ,Lion Ramesh Aggarwal (President 2010-11), Lion Praveen Kulwal, Lion Yaspal Arora

Photo 2( Left To Right )

Lion Lalit Mutreja,Lion Chaman Lal Gupta (VDG-2) , Shri Kesar Singh Gupta, Lion Amit Kumar Gupta , Lion Rajesh Gupta, Lion Ramesh Aggarwal, Lion Bhajan Lal Singla





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