Service Projects


Every member is asked to donate 10 hours of service in support of local NFL chapters. These hours may be fulfilled by volunteer judging, coaching, helping with local arrangements for tournaments, tournament management, or any other activity that supports the local NFL chapter.


As members complete their service, they are asked to submit a brief description of what they did and the hours they spent doing the service to club secretary-treasurer Cynthia Kaldor at Every month, the club must report its service hours to Lions Clubs International (LCI).


This year, LCI is promoting four international initiatives:

  • Empowering youth
  • Saving vision
  • Feeding the hungry
  • Preserving the environment

Any service that addresses these international initiatives makes the club eligible for international recognition.


Plant a Tree Initiative

International President Tam has set a goal of planting 1.35 million trees during 2011-2012 (one for every Lion in the world). Every club is asked to plant one tree for each member.


Each Dakota NFL Lions Club members is asked to plant at least one tree. The planting should be digitally photographed with the photo sent to secretary-treasurer Cynthia Kaldor at so she can send the verification to LCI on the monthly membership report.

Fundraising Projects

Scholarship Fund for National Qualifiers to NFL Tournament

The Dakota NFL Lions Club has a goal of raising $3,000 of scholarship funds to support the district qualifiers from North Dakota to the National NFL Tournament.

To accomplish this goal, every member will be asked to perform enough volunteer judging to raise $50 that will be donated to the fund. If club members are not comfortable or qualified to judge, they may raise their $50 donation using any alternative means they choose.  Checks or payment should be made to secretary-treasurer Cynthia Kaldor at 1861 Wood Moor Pl, Bismarck, ND  58501.

The funds will be placed in the project fund and distributed in the form of scholarships in June when the North Dakota NFL Roughrider National Qualifiers leave for the national speech tournament sponsored by the National Forensic League.

Other Fundraising or Service Opportunities


Members that are associated with NFL chapters are encouraged to be creative in their fundraising efforts. Listed below are a few possible options:

  1. Consider holding a “jeans tournament.” If contestants pay $2, they may wear jeans to the competition. All funds raised can be donated to a worthy Lions cause.
  2. Consider reducing entry fees by $1/slot for every pair of used glasses collected. Give the glasses to the Lions Eye Bank of North Dakota.
  3. Consider reducing entry fees by $1/slot for every canned good collected. Donate the food to the local food pantry.

"Speak Up for Service" Project

The Dakota NFL Lions Club will be taking the lead in helping other Lions Clubs in North Dakota to sponsor local "Speak Up for Service" speech contests.

Local club winners will be identified in September of each year and invited to compete at the state Finals. This event may be scheduled to run con-currently with the NFL District Qualifer Student Congress Event. 

For more information, contact Gayle Hyde at or Sue Anderson at

Always be sure to submit a report to the club secretary-treasurer Cynthia Kaldor at whenever you perform a fundraising or service project so our club can get credit with LCI.

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