How to join the Dakota NFL Lions Club


Lions Clubs International is the world’s largest service club organization. There are more than 1.35 million members in more than 45,000 clubs worldwide. Founded in 1917, Lions are best known for fighting blindness—it’s part of our history as well as our work today. But, we also volunteer for many different kinds of community projects—including caring for the environment, feeding the hungry, and aiding those who are less able to take care of their own personal needs. In our case, we also support the activities of the National Forensic League.

The Dakota NFL Lions Club invites anyone who is interested in joining the club to contact the Vice President for Membership Gayle Hyde at:

Student Cost of Membership - $21.50/year

Complete and submit the membership application form:

There is no initiation fee.

Complete and submit the student verification form:

Upon complete of the student verification form, you to be eligible to receive the student discount and pay annual international dues of $21.50 per year.

Non-Student Cost of Membership - $43.00/year + $20.50 District dues/year + $30 one-time new member fee

Complete and submit the membership application form:

There is a $30 one-time initiation fee.

International dues are $43.00 a year

District dues are $20.50 a year

Submit completed application form (and student verification form, if applicable) and check for initiation fees (if non-student) or yearly membership fee (if student) to secretary-treasurer Cynthia Kaldor at
1861 Wood Moor Pl, Bismarck, ND  58501

Non-students should pay their $30 initiation fee and at least half of their annual dues ($31.75) at the time of joining.

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