Just some of our regular activities that take place throughout the year

Bedding Plants/Hanging Baskets Delivery - May


Having pre-sold the plants during February to customer around the Crosby area and beyond, Crosby Lions load one of the two trailers with bedding plants ready for delivery to the customer's door. A fortnight later the hanging baskets are delivered to customers.




Winter flowering pansy delivery

Winter flowering pansies are also ordered and delivered in the same way as the summer bedding plants.




Father Christmas visits Bootle every December

A very popular visitor to the Bootle area, Father Christmas helps the Crosby Lions raise a lot of money which is spent back in the area to deserving causes, as well as giving many children of all ages a great deal of pleasure in the run up to Christmas. He may also be seen at Tesco store, Litherland, and Asda store in Bootle during December. 

Bookstalls in Crosby Village

Regular fundraising through second-hand bookstalls which are held in Crosby village. Sometimes these may be for a specific charity (e.g. Blind Veterans UK, Children in Need) and sometimes for the general welfare fund.



Rajah the Elephant - out and about fundraising for Lions and supporting other charities.





​Regular maintenance of the Lions flower beds in Crosby






BBQs for residents of a local housing association as well as a local church community.

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