December 6, 1965

The charter membership stood at 28 at that time.  Many interesting and colorful events took place in those early years, however records are scarce.  Stories that have filtered down are dimming from memory.  As far as we know there were no historians then or now to record events.  As thirsty as we may be for information we can only imagine what may have occurred as the Cochise Stronghold Lions Club, and the village of Pearce-Sunsites grew to what they are now.  We only know, and are thankful, that they each prospered.  The Lions continue through the years to serve the community and the people that they love and respect.

December 1971

Differences of opinion flair up from time to time and this year was one of those.  Sixteen members dropped out and then there were ten.  In the early 197Os Lion Rowley began the Lions Bingo games.  He continues his commitment to Bingo to this day.

July 1972

The election of officers took place and even today the names of those dedicated Lions are remembered with high regard.  Tom Clews: President, Walt Foster: 1st Vice President, Oscar Vermeersh; 2nd Vice President, Erwin White; 3rd Vice President, Bob Atkinson; Secretary-Treasurer, Bob Horning;
Lion Tamer, J.T. Warner; Tail twister, Alan Witherspoon.

January 31, 1973

A joint anniversary party was held with the Benson Lions Club.  Lion Bob Horning was President.  Four new members were installed.

March 1974

Lion Joe Smerchek was welcomed into the club.  He transferred in from the Sunflower Lions Club of Manhattan Kansas.  Lion Joe remained with the Stronghold Lions for 21 years.  In August of 1995, he retired from Lionism with more than 60 years of service.  In April, District Governor Lion Dick Boyce Jr. installed Officers: President Robert Horning, 1st V.P. Meredith Evons, 2nd V.P. Melvin Phiffer, SEC - TR. Larry Hyland, Tail Twister Pat Connolly.  These are Lions many of us remember.

February 1975

A new Lions club is born.  The Cochise Stronghold Lions Club sponsors the Holos Lions Club in Willcox.   In September we began our first Youth and Community Fund Drive.  Lion Joe Smercheck was president.  Lion Bob Atkinson was secretary up to July of 1978.

April 1976

$432 in Youth and Community tickets were sold.  Lion Joe Smercheck was President.

April 1978

400 people were served corned beef and cabbage sponsored by the Lioness, assisted by the Lions.  E.O. Williams was president 1976-1978.  Lion Bob Atkins was secretary.

February 1979

Lions assumed maintenance of Firehouse Park and children’s playground.  Lion Frank Maile was president 1979-1980.  Lion Glenn Hoar was President 1980-1981.  Lion Chuck Rowley was secretary 1979-1982.

January 1983

Wednesday night bingo began at the Community Center.  Lion Chuck Rowley was Bingo chairman.  To this very day Lions Bingo is a valuable source of charity income dedicated to eye care.  Lion Perine designed the Cochise Stronghold Lions Bola.  Lion Ray Kirsten was president 1981-1983.   Lion Chuck Rowley was president 1983-1984.  Lion Joe Fink was secretary 1983-1984.

1984 - 1985

The Lions and Lionesses sold over $2,000 in Youth Community Fund tickets.  A donation of $500 was made to the Buzz Stop for a new bus.  The Clubs 20th Anniversary was celebrated.  Lion Carlos Evans was president 1984-1985.  Lion Gardner Perine was secretary 1984-1986.

January 1986

50 year service award was received by Lion Joe Smercheck.  A donation of $1,575 was made for an eye operation.  An oxygen machine was donated to the Lions to be loaned out to anyone in need of it.  The White Cane project was started.  Membership stood at 43.  Lion Carl Ganfield was president 1985-1986.  Lion Robert Peterson served an incomplete term as president from July of 1986 to March.  1987, Lion Armsden was secretary 1986-1987.  William Mlakar took the presidency through July of 1987.


Lion William Armsden installed an exhaust fan in the Community Center.  Throughout all these years numerous people received eye exams and eye glasses.  Donations: $50 to Lions Sight and Hearing, $250 to Camp Tatiyee, $100 to the Boy Scouts, $675 for Sunsites Ambulance equipment, $1,000 was donated for a liver transplant.  Trees were planted in Lions park.  Park tables were refurbished, tree stumps and dying trees were removed.  Lion Bill Mlakar became a pro-term president in March 1987 to an incomplete term with Lion William Griswald as secretary.  Lion Gardner Perine, then vice president, became secretary upon Lion Griswald’s illness.


Lion signs posted on Highway 666 and on the Vandeyacht Garage fence.  We started the Food Share program, delivering food to the needy.  Replaced swing sets in Firehouse park.  One child from Sunsites was sent to Camp Tatiyee.  Donations: $500 to Camp Tatiyee, $300 to an Elfrida student, sponsored by SSVEC to visit Washington, D.C., $500 to relieve medical expenses, $1000 to the Leader Dog School.  Total donations from Bingo fund amounted to $4,665.15.  The Lions sponsored Mobile Medical Eye Unit processed 35 people.  A letter of introduction was sent to the Ash Creek, Cochise, Elfrida, and Pearce elementary schools to advise them of the Lions presence and to offer eye care assistance to their needy children.  Lion Mlakar terminated his presidency early.  Gardner Perine then acting secretary became president pro-term.  He was nominated president in March and took office in July.  Lion Ken Strickland was secretary 1988-1990.


Armsden Electric donated labor for the installation of three fans in the Community Center.  $894 was donated for eye surgery; $ 1,000 was donated to the Sunsites Family Health Clinic.  Total Bingo funds donated this year were $3,987.  Lion William Armsden became president in 1989.  Lions Ken Stricklin and Chuck Rowley were secretaries.  $200 was donated to the S.S.V.E.C. sponsored Washington D.C.Youth Tour.  $200 donated to the 4th of July celebration.


Irving and Molly Whitaker donated $4000 to the Stronghold Lions to be set up in a trust fund for the prevention of blindness in young people.  Celebrated our 25th Anniversary.  Lion Perine presented plans for the development of the park.  The present Lions sight screening program was initiated at the Pearce Elementary School.  Lions sponsored a Boy Scout Merit Badge activity by funding the materials cost of their repair work on the park equipment.  Participated with the Sonora Lions Club in a clothing drive.  Lion Erickson became Bingo Chairman backed up by Lion Chuck Rowley and Bill Armsden.  Received incorporation papers in April.  Lion William Armsden was President, Lion Gardner Perine was secretary.


Incorporation -January 23, 1991 the Cochise Stronghold Lions Club filed for Incorporation.  Lion Perine was Statuary Agent through 1995.  The flag raising program, now called “Flags Over Sunsites” was chaired, organized and run by Lion Jack McDonald.  A therapeutic tricycle was purchased for $400 for a handicapped child.  Donations were made to the Library and the Community Church.  Lions Bingo donated $892 to eye care for the needy.  On April 27, 1991 we celebrated our 25th Anniversary with 36 members.  Lion William Armsden was president, Lion Gardner Perine was secretary followed by Lion Ken Strickland who remained secretary through July 1992.  Lions Clubs International decreed that the Lioness Clubs would be disbanded.  Although the Lions rank and file objected in the strongest terms, and won some concessions for the Lioness, the basic decision was not to be overturned.


The flag program was a grand success with 57 flags flying on the holidays.  $50 donated to the Desert Community Arts.  $100 donated to the 4th of July celebration.  $100 was donated in support of a Bowie Lions Club project to help a family that got burned out of their home.  Lion John and Billie Lally received a plaque from the club for their long and dedicated service to the Sight & Hearing program.  $374.18 was paid to the El Dorado Hospital to cover a medical bill.  $100 donated to the S.S.V.E.C.  Youth Tour of Washington D.C.  A $4,000 electric wheel chair and $200 from the Bingo fund was donated to Camp Tatiyee.  $25 donated to the children’s Halloween party.  150 pair of glasses were turned in to Lions sight and hearing.  $433 was collected on the White Cane drive.  Lion Bill Armsden was president.  Lion George Ray was secretary.


The mobile medical eye unit, sponsored by the Lions, saved the life of Lion Ray Kirsten by detecting a life threatening condition in his blood supply system.  Lion Ray was immediately scheduled for by-pass surgery that saved his life.  The Lions donated $3,000 for two cataract surgeries.  The Lions Sight & Hearing committee headed by Lion Perine sight screened over 300 children in the four area schools of Ash Creek, Cochise, Elfrida  and Pearce.  The goal was achieved to test all K through 8th grade children within this area.  Lions Bingo paid for all glasses and eye examinations of needy children and adults.  Lions Bill Armsden followed by George Ray were presidents.  Lion Perine was secretary.  Lion McDonald chaired the Flag program and it continued to grow.


Lions bingo, chaired by Lion Erickson, donated $1888 from Jan. through Sept. to eye care of our local residents.  The Lions took under their wing the care of a little 4 year old girl from Elfrida.  The Board of Directors drafted detailed administrative procedures and account profiles.  A tentative budget was established at the beginning of the year to assure that six 21 B Lions projects and the Leader Dog School received donations.  These included $100 each to: Lions Sight and Hearing, Lions Eye Bank, Youth Exchange, Lions Foundation of Arizona, Melvin Jones Memorial and $1000 to Camp Tatiyee and 100 to the Leader Dog School.  One Cataract surgery referred to and completed through LFA.  Donated $478 to pay off an eye surgery bill.  Lion Armsden was president followed by Lion Perine.  Lion Zuelow was secretary followed by Lion David Smith.  Ladies receive the OK to apply for membership in the Cochise Stronghold Lions Club Inc.


The year began with intensive development of administrative procedures and account profiles.  A billing procedure was developed for the Flags Over Sunsites program that made all accounts become due in November.  As a result over $2,000 was collected during the last quarter in 1995 with more coming in.   $840 was donated to a Sunsites resident for a Yag Laser eye treatment.  Another Yag Laser treatment waiting to be approved.  Over $2,300 was donated to eye care from the Bingo program.  In November the children from Ash Creek, Cochise, and Pearce Elementary schools were screened for eye problems.  One individual from McNeal needing cataract surgery was referred to the Douglas Breakfast Lions Club.  Lion Gardner Perine is president and Lion David Smith is secretary.


Lions Gardner Perine was president.  David Smith was Secretary and Jim Zuelow was treasurer.  Bill Sobey was 2nd vice president and also pin chairman.  Bruce Erickson continued to provide leadership for the Bingo program with 60 players attending.

Bill Sobey proposed that the club join the Adopt a Highway program.  Flags Over Sunsites is being carried out by Jack and Rose McDonald.  Sunshine chairman was Adela Erickson.  Gardner Perine continued to be Sight and Hearing Chairman.

George and Janet Miller represented the club at the International World Convention in Montreal.  A full sized American flag and several smaller flags were donated to the Girl Scouts Troop 188.  Two used smoke-eaters were purchased for the VFW.  They were installed by Bill Armsden.


Lions George Miller was president, David Smith was secretary.  Jim Zuelow was treasurer.  Back up secretary was Gardner Perine.  At various times we were privileged to have our club visited by DG Ted Raszka and also by Bessie Herron.  Bruce Erickson reminded us that all Lions must be active or they will lose interest and we will lose them.

At that time we had 37 members including 7 women.  Fund raising activities continued in full swing, including White Cane Days chaired by President George Miller, Bingo chaired by Bruce Erickson.  Sight and Hearing was chaired Gardner Perine with Billie Lally backing him up, Flags Over Sunsites chaired by Jack McDonald.  Approximately $2000 in Bingo earnings is used annually to fund eye care services in Ash Creek, Cochise, and Pearce School Districts.


There were 35 members.  Lions George Miller was president and Janet Miller was Secretary, Our Christmas party was held, for the first time, in the new Senior Center.  64 members and guests attended.

President Miller purchased and decorated a Christmas tree for the Sunsites Senior Center (Now that tree in the year 2000 is planted and growing and hopefully a tradition has been established that this tree will decorated with lights every year)

The Lions celebrated Cochise Days by entering decorated golf carts in the parade.  Began weekly informal coffee meetings 9:00 AM.  The Club supports the Stronghold Youth Assoc.

On June 24th President Miller and Secretary Janet Miller attended the International Lions Club meeting in Birmingham England.  In May they visited Camp Tatiyee bringing a donation and gifts.

We hosted VDG candidate Bessie Herron at Dinner meeting.

Secretary Miller wrote a monthly news column published in the Sunsiter.  In February a major storm canceled our board meeting.


Lions Janet Miller was president and Jim Zuelow was secretary.  Adela Erickson was treasurer and Joe Fink was Flags Over Sunsites chairman.  There were about 80 flag customers.

We had 36 Lions members according to the Semi-Annual Per-Capita Invoice.

Our club’s first ever participation in the Lions International Peace Poster Contest resulted in winners receiving cash awards, donated by the Cochise Stronghold Lions, in the amounts of $50, $30 and $20 at the Lions Christmas Dinner held at the Sunsites Senior Center.  Poster contest coordinator was Gardner Perine.  The entry from Bridget Austin of the Ash Creek Elementary School won the 21-B first place award.

Lion Ernie Soto, candidate for 21-B Vice District Governor visited our club.

The Lions Eye Care moved to their new quarters at 707 Alvernon Way with the University Physicians Department of Ophthalmology.

$3,000 was donated to the Pearce Elementary School for new playground equipment.  $100 was donated to Toys for Tots.


The Lions' University of Arizona Mobile Medical Eye Unit had its annual visit in December and January 2000.  Lion Billie Lally was recommended to chair the Sight and Hearing Committee by Gardner Perine and was appointed by President Janet Miller.  Gardner Perine was secretary and Adela Erickson was treasurer.  Although Bruce Erickson suffered a stroke, he continued as Bingo Chairman and Bill Armsden provided the necessary back up for him during his recovery.  The Bingo games were well attended.  Lion George Miller passed away in May. Lion Janet Miller, his wife, continued her presidency throughout the remainder of the fiscal year as a very effective president.


Lion Clint Cohorn was president, Lion Janet Miller was secretary and Lion Beverly Purscell was treasurer.  The club was active with the Mobile Eye Unit exams, screening for eye problems at the elementary schools.  Bingo, Leader dogs, White Cane Days and many other club activities.  Lion Billie Lally continued to supervise the eye mobile, the school eye screening and assisting with providing glasses and eye exams for those in need.

Bingo moved from the VFW to the Sunsites Community/Senior Center this year.  Much concern was made about the non­smoking facility, but the games were well attended.


Membership increased by ten during this year.  President Clint Cohorn of Willcox, assisted by Secretary Janet Miller, kept the club dinner meetings interesting.  Lion Mike Strait with his leader dog joined the club.  White Cane Days, the Mobile Eye Unit, eye screening for the school children, Bingo and providing eye glasses for the needy occupied many hours of volunteer work for club members.  Donations were made to various clubs and organizations in the Sunsites community.


The club had an exciting increase in membership to a total of sixty-five members.  President Charles Brown, Secretary Dottie Gentry and Treasurer Beverly Purscell were busy keeping track of the new memberships.  Lion Carol Cartmell was co-chairman with Bill Armsden for the Wednesday night bingo.  The club held its first free coffee to travelers at the I-10 Rest Area in Texas Canyon.  Twenty-six club members helped with the event; many memorable stories were heard from the travelers.  The club held silent auctions and raffles to supplement the administrative account.  The club also assisted the Senior Center with the Senior Lunch and also held a bake sale.  Student of the month at Valley Union High School was a new project.  The students selected received certificates and their names are on a plaque at the high school.  Money was donated to the Arizona Lions Foundation, Lions International Foundation, Leader Dogs, Camp Tatiyee, Desert Community Arts, Merchant Group for the 4th of July Celebration, Hugh O'Brien Youth Leadership, University of Arizona Ophthalmology Department, Pearce Elementary School Junior Leadership Seminar and the Sulphur Springs Valley Garden Club and Toys for Tots.  Eye glasses were sorted locally as well as at the district level in Tucson.  Eye exams and eye glasses were provided and the eye mobile came twice during the year.


Although the membership decreased slightly from the previous year, the club continued with as many commitments as in 2003.  The club provided a scholarship in the amount of $500 to a Valley Union High School Senior Denise Walkup.  The club planned and served a Senior Lunch for the community.  Eye glasses and exams were offered.  Flags for First Graders and eye screening for the elementary school children were given at the Ash Creek, Mennonite and McNeal Schools.  The club again had free coffee twice during the year at the Texas Canyon Rest Area.  White Cane Days was held in the spring.

Donation was made to the Lions International Foundation for the Tsunami Relief.  The students from the McNeal School also held a fund raiser for this same benefit, contributing their money to the Cochise Stronghold Lions Club.


President Joan Brown and Lion Charlie attended the Lions International Convention in Hong Kong and also the USA/Canada Forum in Peoria, Illinois.  Free coffee was offered at the Texas Canyon Rest Area on Memorial and Thanksgiving weekends.  Two scholarships in the amount of $500 each were presented to the Valley Union High School seniors Melissa Jackson and Cadace Landwerlen.  The constitution and bylaws were written and approved by the membership.

International Lions have asked each club to do one additional service project for their community.  The local club agreed to sponsor two pancake breakfasts in 2006 towards an access road to the Evelyn Williams Memorial Park.  The club continues to support the eye exam and eye glass program for those in need.  The club is trying to work with the Arizona Sight & Hearing Foundation to acquire glasses for these individuals.  Plans are made for the 40th Anniversary Party.  A new pin was designed by Lion Gardner Perine, who is also being honored as the club's Lion of the Year.

Donations were made to LCIF for the Katrina Hurricane Relief and the Pakistan/India earthquake disasters.


Lion Joan Brown was president.  Flags Over Sunsites flag count was at 109 and Judy Weston took over as chairperson late in the year.  $5,300 from the bingo, flags and charity accounts was donated to different Lions foundations and projects at the end of the year.  Valley Union High School senior, Tara Ann Leinen, was awarded a $1,000 scholarship. 


Lion Carol Cartmell was president.  She started an ambitious fund raising project to purchase playground equipment for the community.  Projects included two large yard sales, raffles and breakfasts.  The food booth at Old Pearce Days raised $850.  Mary Appel organized a Christmas tea at the Community Center.  We paid for two eye surgeries to save the sight of a local resident.  The IRS audited our accounts because we failed to submit an IRS form 990 for the 2004-2005 fiscal year.  Thanks to Linda Chess, we passed the audit and did not have to pay a heavy fine.  Bob Weston and Gardner Perine created a pamphlet about our club and its activities.  Arven Vondy was Lion of the Year.  Gardner Perine and Billie Lally were presented Melvin Jones Memorial Awards.


Lion Ray Harrison started the year as president but resigned when he became Zone chairman.  Lion Bob Weston completed the year as president.  The club continued fund raising for the playground equipment with yard sales, breakfasts, BBQ dinner-dance at the VFW.  The second Christmas tea was another success.  A $1,000 scholarship was presented to VUHS senior Steven Cloutier.  Marie Larson was Lion of the Year.


Lion Judy Weston was president.  The playground equipment was purchased and installed at the Stronghold Area Recreational Park and dedicated on October 10th.  We participated in Cochise Days with a food concession and a float with a large paper-mache lion.  Flags Over Sunsites has 100 subscribers.  Twenty flags are also placed at the Pearce Cemetery on Memorial and Veterans Days.  We also purchased portable helicopter landing area lights for the Pearce Sunsites Fire Department.  $700 was donated to the Lions International Haiti Relief Fund.  Two $1,000 scholarships were awarded to VUHS seniors.  Charlie Appel was Lion of the Year and Marie Larson was presented a Melvin Jones Memorial Award.


Lion Ron Smullins was president, Bob Weston was secretary and Linda Burns was Treasurer.  Lions Mary and Charlie Appel initiated a project to raise money for a heliport in Sunsites for the medical helicopters.  They garnered support from other community organization in the fund raising phase of the project.  We also donated $1,000 to the Pearce Sunsites Fire Department to purchase video equipment for training.  We sponsored ten local area families for Christmas.  The application process for obtaining a 501(c)(3) federal tax exemption for the club was started.  Mae Ella Flanders took over bingo from Carol Cartmell who had been running the program for nine years, but then Carol took it back after six months.   Arven Vondy celebrated fifty years with the Lions.  The co-Lion of the Year was awarded to Mary Appel and Bob Weston.  Bob Weston also received the Melvin Jones Fellowship.  We finished the year with 38 Lion members.


Lion Carol Cartmell was president and Bob Weston was secretary.  Gayle Smullins started the year as Treasurer and Mary Adams finished the term.  Linda Burns filled the new Bingo Treasurer position.  The IRS 501(c)(3) application process was completed and the Cochise Stronghold Lions Foundation was formed and was certified as a charitable organization.  The two year project to build the heliport was completed, unfortunately Charlie Apple who started the project passed away after the ground breaking.  The Charlie Appel Memorial Heliport was dedicated on Feb. 24, 2012 and honored the LifeNet 8 crew who lost their lives in an accident in Tucson.

Charlie and Joan Brown celebrated their tenth year in Lionism and Bob Edwards celebrated this twentieth year.  The Lion of the Year was awarded to Linda Burns.  Mary Appel received Melvin Jones Fellowship.   We finished the year with 35 Lion members.


Lion Mary Appel was president, Bob Weston was recording secretary and Marie Larson was corresponding secretary.  Mary Adams was the treasurer and Linda Burns was the bingo treasurer.  Our major trust this year was the literacy program in support of the Lions International objectives.  We had toddler story time at the library and several Pearce Elementary students received mentoring from Lions and other members of the community.  We also organized Sunsites Golden Days to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Sunsites.  We worked very hard on the club excellence process by conducting a community needs assessment and publication of the monthly Sunsites calendar.  Other identified needs will be addressed next year.

The Lion of the Year was awarded to Mary Appel.  Arven Vondy received his progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship.  We finished the year with 31 Lion members.


Lion Bill McCarter was president, Bob Weston was secretary and Linda Burns was treasurer.  The recording and corresponding secretary positions were combined into one office.  An honorary director position was created for any member with 25 years in our club or 50 years with Lions.  We supported the Bread Basket with money for Christmas food baskets plus six other families with clothes, food and toys. We also provided two $1000 scholarships for Valley Union High School and started the dictionaries for third graders program.

Joan Brown was Lion of the Year and Charlie Brown received a progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship.  We finished the year with 31 Lion members.


Lion Mary Appel was president, Bob Weston was secretary and Bill Bothman started the year as treasurer and Linda Burns finished the term.  Our club organized the Veterans Day parade and continued the dictionaries for third graders program.  This year we started two $100 scholarships for graduating Pearce Elementary eighth grade students.  Lions Alice Garcia and Celia David accompanied another group of Lions from Southern California and provided eye screenings and glasses for over 800 people in Mexico.  This year we supported eight families and 21 children for Christmas and sponsored a community Health Fair.

A representative from Leader Dogs for the Blind attended a dinner meeting and presented our club with the Leader Dogs for the Blind Top Dog Club award.  We were extremely honored to receive this outstanding achievement recognition.

Alice Garcia was Lion of the Year and Bob Weston received a progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship.  We finished the year with 34 Lion members.


Lion Charlie Brown was president, Bill Bothman was secretary and Mary Appel was treasurer.    We celebrated our 50th club anniversary with several guests from the Multi-District 21 and District 21-B.  Lions Alice Garcia continued her trips to Mexico with a Tucson club to provide eye screening and glasses.

Alice Garcia was Lion of the Year and Bob Weston received a progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship.  We finished the year with 35 Lion members.


Lion Joan Brown was president, Bob Weston was secretary and Mary Appel was treasurer.  We held our first Christmas festival for the families at the community center.  Several decorated homes were also open for viewing.  We also purchased a large flat screen TV for the community center and a new bingo machine at the end of the year.

Lions Bob and Judy Weston were Lions of the Year and Lion Arven Vondy received a progressive Melvin Jones.  We finished the year with 38 Lion members.


Lion Anna Nickell was president, Bob Weston was secretary and Mary Appel was treasurer.  We started our club’s Facebook presence this year.  The Denim and Diamonds dinner and dance and another BBQ dinner were our main fund raisers.  Our second Christmas festival was a great success.  Larry Godek expertly managed bingo and instituted new procedures.  We also had so many donations that we held two barn sales and were able to present two Valley Union HS scholarships.  Lion Sue Gill attended and volunteered at the 101st LCI Convention in Las Vegas.

Lion Larry Godek was Lion of the Year.  We finished the year with 34 Lion members.


Lion Sue Gill was president, Bob Weston was secretary and Mary Appel was treasurer.  

Lions Arven and Carol Vondy moved back to Colorado to be close to family and Lion Arven celebrated his 57th year as a Lion with us.

We continued with the Christmas Festival, Denim & Diamond dinner dance and Barn Sale which were a great success.  Out club took over management of the week long Book Fair at Pearce Elementary and performed eye screens with new SpotVision machines at all of the schools in eastern Cochise County.

Lion Alice Garcia traveled to Mexico on three, four-day trips to Mexico with a Tucson club to exam and distributed glasses.  They served 700 to 1,000 people each week.

Lion Alice Garcia was Lion of the Year and Lion Sue Gill received a Melvin Jones Fellowship.  We finished the year with 32 Lion members.


Lion Mary Appel was president, Bob Weston was secretary and Peggy Parks was treasurer.  

We began the year with Vision Screening for 533 students with the SpotVision machines.  We held four dinners at the VFW including Denim & Diamonds which were a great success. Our Barn Sale was even better as we raised $3,200.  Flags Over Sunsites provided over 100 US Flags on the holidays and raised $3,895.  There was only one Book Fair at Pearce Elementary as the second was cancelled due to the Corona Virus when the schools were closed.   Bingo was also cancelled mid-March because of the virus.  We made four donations to the Bread Basket totaling $2,400 and gave two $1,000 VUHS scholarships.

Lion Alice Garcia continued her travels to Mexico with a Tucson club to exam and distributed glasses for approximately 2,200 people. 

Lion Peggy Parks was Lion of the Year.  Chris Carpenter was recognized as the volunteer of the year and KC Czech received special recognition for her work as bingo chairperson.

We finished the year with 33 Lion members.


Lion Peggy Parks was president, Bob Weston was secretary and Sue Gill was treasurer.  We started the year with 35 members and ended with 34.

As with many other areas of the world, it was a challenging year for our club.  With almost all events being cancelled, including bingo after two sessions, the board decided to cut the budget almost in half.  We were able to complete vision screening for 347 students using SpotVision machines and presented dictionaries to 50 third grade students.  We also conducted two book fairs and gave each of the 135 Pearce Elementary students a $10 or $15 coupon.

We raised $3,500 from a commemorative rifle raffle and held two barn sales totaling $5,592.  Later in the year we were able to hold the Denim and Diamonds dinner and raised $1,337.  Flags Over Sunsites provided over 97 US Flags on the holidays and raised $3,647  Because we raised more money than anticipated at the beginning of the year, the board decide to reinstate the original budget with some minor modifications.  We were very happy to complete the year and provide a full complement of services and support to the community.

Lion Bob Weston received his second progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship and Lion Chris Carpenter was Lion of the Year.  Lion Tama Atwell was volunteer of the year and Lion Fred Carpenter was volunteer of the year.  Lion Alice Garcia was recognized as a Spectacular Lion for her work with glasses sorting and distribution during trips to Mexico with a Tucson club.  Lion Mable Long was designated as Queen of the Lions.


Lion Josh Steinberg was president and Lion Bob Weston was Vice President and Secretary.  Lion Sue Gill was the treasurer.  We started the year with 34 members and ended with 33.

We sponsored our first Leader Dog for the Blind puppy named Benton and received a plush stuff puppy.  We auctioned this off each month at our club meetings and raised a considerable amount of money and enjoyed the stories about its adventures during the month.

Christmas baskets for the elderly in Sunsites was a big hit this year.  We even took baskets to the assisted living home.

Bingo attendance averaged about 25 each week and we made less than $500 for the year.  Because of this the, club decided to cancel bingo for the next year and sell the equipment.

Lion Tama Atwell was the Lion of the Year.  Lion Jim Meister was Outstanding New Member and Lion Chris Carpenter was Volunteer of the Year.  Lion Adela Scholten was recognized for her 27 years Lions.



Lion Bob Weston President.  Lion Sue Gill was secretary and Lion Peggy Parks was treasurer.  We started the year with 33 members and ended with 30.

We again sponsored another Leader Dog for the Blind puppy named Walter.

This year we started the eyeglass cleaning and sorting for the Arizona Lions Eyeglass Recycling Terminal (ALERT).  Our major activities continued with Christmas and Easter baskets for the elderly, two book fairs at Pearce Elementary, vision screening and Flags Over Sunsites.  We held two barn sales this year and raised the most money every.  We also contribute 3,383 volunteer hours and over $16,000 for charitable causes.


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