Lions are often asked about recycled eyeglasses.  Some of the more frequently asked questions and the answers are below:

1.  Do the Lions still collect used eyeglasses?

Yes.  This is a key element in the Lions Club’s effort to prevent blindness and promote good vision.

2.  What is done with my old glasses?

There are several eyeglass recycling centers across the United States.  Glasses turned in to our club are taken to the Eyeglass Recycling Center in Roanoke, Virginia.  They are cleaned, screened for the prescription, sorted, and packed for shipment.  They are shipped throughout the world to areas where there is a need.  Following an eye exam, these glasses are provided to individuals who would otherwise be unable to afford them.

3.  Where can I donate my old glasses?

You can give them to any member of the Clifton Forge Lions Club.  The following businesses and agencies also have drop boxes or will accept them.

Clifton Forge Public Library

First Citizens Bank, Clifton Forge

Kroger, Clifton Forge

Wal-Mart Vision Center, Covington

4. How has our community contributed to this effort?

Through August 2013, the Clifton Forge Lions Club has turned in more than 800 pairs for recycling.  This could only have been accomplished with the generosity and support of our community.  Please take the opportunity to assist us in continuing this effort. 

5.  Where can I learn more about eyeglass recycling?

The following link will take you to the Lions Club International website about this program.

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