Cleghorn Harvest Fest / Cleghorn School Park

Cleghorn Harvest Fest is our Club's premiere annual event.  Eight months of planning go into this three-day event that is held on the weekend after Labor Day each year.  The event takes place at the Cleghorn School Park in the Town of Pleasant Valley, Cleghorn, Wisconsin.

The proceeds of the event are split with the Town of Pleasant Valley's Park Committee.  The Cleghorn School Park is completely self-funded; no Town tax dollars are used for the maintenance, upkeep, or improvements of the park.  Harvest Fest is, by far, the largest source of income for the park.

The Cleghorn Lions Club also donates thousands of dollars each year to improvements to the park.  This park is typically our largest beneficiary each year.

Blue Ox Music Festival

Biscuits & Gravy Breakfast

Various Raffles



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