The 2012 walk was  held on May 27th raising in excess of $1,668.53. Thanks to all participants and sponsors. 


  1. $500 to Forest Heights Safe Grad program
  2. $1,000 to Camp Lion Maxwell for diabetic children
  3. $1,000 donated to Community Wheels
  4. Club made a $5,000 installment on our helath centre in February 2015
  5. $466 to the VON from the monthly wheels to meals program
  6. A payment of $500.00 was made on the District Brigadoon Project
  7. $500 Pro Kids Program
  8. $250 to NS Speech & Hearing Clinic
  9. $300 to Adopt A Book program
  10.  Club donated $3,000 to Bonny Lea Farm towards a needed elevator
  11. $800 to the Navy Cadets for T-shirts and other supplies
  12. $500 to CNIB annual donation
  13. $5,000 paid on a five year $25,000 pledge to the new Chester Health Centre
  14. $500 donated to New Ross Consolidated Grade 9 French trip to Quebec
  15. Purchased two Life Memberships to N2 Foundation
  16. Donated $300 to New Ross School for basketball tournament
  17. $100 donated to the Parkinson Society, Maritime Region
  18. Donated $900 to Paperless Classroom at Chester Area Middle School
  19. Donated $1,000 to the South Shore Health Authority - Journey romm 2015
  20. Clud donated a gas card for a needy individual  that had to travel to Halifax for cancer treatments.
  21. Club ourchased oil for a needy family
  22. A donation of $300 was made to a needy family
  23. Club purchased $100 worth of tickets to a hockey game to be played in Chester. A fundraiser for Cadets
  24. Club donated $500 to Chester Basin Legion
  25. Club donated $650 tio Shoreham fund raiser "Swing for Shoreham"
  26. Club donated $300 to ALS walk


Winner of Spring $350.00 grocery was Cheryl Wright from Bridgewater


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