History of the Chambersburg Evening Lions Club

In 1983, three members of the Chambersburg Lions Club, Steve Caldwell, Mike Cerveris and Tom Werdebaugh, convinced that they could be more effective in a different arena, set out to organize a second Club in Chambersburg. Along with two members of the Green Township Lions Club (Sam Fitz and Glen Smith) a nucleus was formed and they went to work.    An additional 18 members were recruited and the application for charter was submitted on May 23, 1984.

The charter was officially presented to the new Evening Club on August 18th of that year. With five transferees and eighteen new members, the Chambersburg Evening Lions Club hit the ground running and hasn't stopped.

Consistent with the expressed intention to be an active Club and the need for funds the Club was on the Square two weeks later for the second annual International Food Festival with our German, Polish and Italian Sausages. Thinking that food booths might be our forte we showed up at Fish Rodeos, Food Feasts, Armed Forces Days etc. but found that weather, competition and leftover perishable inventories, made it difficult to consistently make a profit. We also tried selling raffles, Bonus Books, casino nights and even sponsored "Up With People" twice but decided that fund raising was not our strength. However, in the   past few years we have had better success with our broom sales, which we took over from the Chambersburg Noontime Lions Club. As a result we have been able to increase our contributions to the District and selected local needs considerably.

In addition we hold an annual Pancake Breakfast in October and sell Farm Ship Milkshakes during Old Market Days in downtowno Chambersburg in July

CELC King Lions/Presidents

1984-1985     Steve Caldwell

1985-1986       Mike Cerveris

1986-1987              Sam Fitz

1987-1988        Russ Bennett

1988-1989            Glen Smith

1989-1990           Frank Boyle

1990-1991         Joe LaGrassa

1991-1992           Tom Spering

1992-1993       Mike Daugherty

1993-1994     Barry Stouffer/Steve Caldwell*

1994-1995          Glen Smith*

1995-1996      Joe LaGrassa*

1996-1997            Jim Wilson

1997-1998         Frank Boyle*

!998-1999          Zan Beattie

1999-2000  Ernest Charlesworth

2000-2001      Ethel Harmon

2001-2002      Skip Remson

2002-2003      Lu Merriman

2003-2004            Cliff Brug

2004-2005       John Massa

2005-2006          Pat Evans

2006-2007   Henry Johnson

2007-2008     Bruce Kessler

2008-2009        Dan Hoover

2009-2010         Dave Keller

2010-2011         Zan Beattie*

2011-2012  Ernie Charlesworth*

2012-2013       Skip Remson*

2013-2014       Bruce Kessler*

2014-2015           Dan Hoover*

2015-2017      Steve Caldwell*

2017-2018           Dean Barrick

2018-2019              John Reed

2020-2021  Ernie Charlesworth*

2021-2022  Ernie Charlesworth*

                                                                              *multiple "reigns" as King Lion

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