President Bob’s Message From Lion Bob Warren

November 28th turned out to be a very memorable ‘Lions Day’. Our General Meeting in the evening was a wonderful event attended by District Governor Cec Specht and his wife Kathy, along with Zone Chair Lorne Bunyan.  DG Specht mentioned how nice it was to be able to induct four new members at one meeting. A warm welcome to new Lions David Coe, Dennis Fletcher, Derek Foster and David Tomaz.  Earlier in the day I had the pleasure of giving Governor Specht a tour of the area and showing him some of our ‘community involvement’. After picking up the Governor at the Waddling Dog mid afternoon I pointed out Lion Ed Gaits property and then we stopped in at Mount Newton Centre and had a tour of the facility. Lion Ed has volunteered countless hours at the Mount Newton Centre over the years. As we drove by the hospital on Mount Newton X Road, Governor Specht was pleased to hear how the club had donated $45,000 to the Hospital Foundation for ‘Green Light’ laser equipment to use in cancer treatment. We drove by the Clubs truck and trailer at Saanichton Fire Hall and pointed out how we have free parking, as the equipment can be used by the community in the event of an emergency. We stopped in at Centennial Park and were impressed by how much the Club has contributed to the park area. Park fencing, $10,000 towards the Batting Cage facility, Bowling Green development, labour to build the lacrosse box, and $100,000 towards the Park and Lions storage facility were some of the contributions.  

As we continued on past Stelly’s School, we mentioned pancake breakfasts and annual student scholarships that we mentioned how the Club put in 1200 hours to refurbish and paint the interior of the Brentwood Community Hall. Governor Specht was impressed at the size of the woodlot at Lion John Verhagen’s. (he was kidding when he mentioned at the meeting that we took time to split some wood) As we passed Sassy’s Cafe, I pointed out that our woodlot crew never pays for our daily coffee. Years ago the Club helped with expenses when a lady working at the restaurant had to take their child to Vancouver for medical treatment. Free coffee is a thank- you to the club. We continued past the Fire Department on Keating X road and pointed out how the club donated $8,000 in 1978 for ‘Jaws of Life’ and more recently some $10,000 for ‘Thermal Imaging Camera’ equipment. We pointed out the Victoria Therapeutic Riding Association on Veyaness Road, which the Club has helped in various ways. Governor Specht was pleased to hear how our club has purchased a camera to do ‘Spot Vision’ screening in District Schools and the fact we have a very busy schedule thanks to Lion Dennis P. All in all, it was a very informative afternoon tour for our District Governor, and he pointed our how well Central Saanich lives up to the Lions motto... ‘We Serve’.

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