KidSight Program

Iowa KidSight is a joint project of the Lions Clubs of Iowa and the
University of Iowa, Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences,
dedicated to enhancing the early detection and treatment of vision impairments
in Iowa's young children (target population 6 through 48 months of age) through
screening and public education.
The goals of the project are:
  • Objectively scren vision in infants and young children throughout all of Iowa's 99 counties - for FREE.
  • Educate the public about the rist of undetected vision loss.
  • Identify ways to sustain vision screening programs of this type.

Sturgis Falls Celebration

For over 30 years, the Cedar Valley Evening Lions have sold their famous bratwursts at Cedar Fall's annual Sturgis Falls Celebration and Jazz Festival.  All profits are donated to local, national and international charities.

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Iowa Irish Fest

Since 2007, the Cedar Valley Evening Lions have set up their bratwurst stand at Iowa's largest major event to celebrate Irish culture and heritage.  The popular event has allowed the Lions to raise more money in support of the communities they serve.

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