The Lions Club of Castries was the club that herald Lionism into Saint Lucia and was Chartered on June 24, 1967,  then known as the Lions Club of Saint Lucia.   As Lionism grew in Saint Lucia and clubs were chartered, the club became known as the Castries Lions Club.   

One of the founding members built the building housing the Lions’ Den and donated it to the Saint Lucia Blind Welfare Association with the Club being allowed to continue the occupation of the ground floor.  The Lions’ Den at Sans Soucis became the permanent home of the Castries Lions.

 Women were not allowed to become Lions the club had to find an avenue to ensure that the women were not relegated only to the provision of support to the men.  This saw the charter of the Lioness Club of Castries.   In 1992 when Lions International proclaimed that women can become Lions the Lioness Club of Castries took the bold step of transforming the club into the Lions Club of Castries Central.  

In 1995, given the close geographical location in which the two clubs were operating, the then President of the Castries Lions Club proposed  a merger to the Lions Club of Castries Central that so the economies of scale can be achieved.   The merger was formalized and the Castries Lions became a formidable force in Region 3 and now in Zone 3B.

Community service is the hallmark of the club activities.  This is manifested in its monthly feeding at three locations.  On the third Sunday a Team feeds at the Mother Theresa’s Home for the elderly; Two teams on the forth Sunday feed at the St Lucy’s Home for the destitute and at a location in Castries for the destitute in the Castries environs.    

The club has formed a number of partnerships that allow us to ensure that we given back to the community in the areas of sight preservation, diabetes awareness, education HIV/AIDS advocacy, among other things.

Partnerships with

  1.  The Saint Lucia Blind Welfare Association in working to alleviate blindness especially in children; 
  2. The Saint Lucia Diabetes and Hypertension Association ;
  3. Courts Unicomer  in the OECS Reading Competition;
  4. Roger Eudoxie Scholarship – providing educational assistance to needy  students;
  5. Ministry of Health in HIV/AIDS Advocacy
  6. Cancer Society – Cancer awareness and education.
  7. Ministry of Youth Development – empowering young persons

We continue to work closely with our Leo Club in continuing to ensure that Lions become a household name not only in Castries but in Saint Lucia. 



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