Visitors are most welcome to contact any Club Officer listed below, for any details on meetings and club projects.  (Welcome to ring Garry on 0294844061 please leave a message)

 President : Ritesh Duggal

Secretary: Helen Roth (acting)

Treasurer: Charles McGuirk

Membership Chairman: Helen Roth


Address: PO Box 190 Castle Hill NSW 1765


Facebook Page: 


Club Board for 2023-2024
 President Ritesh Duggal
1st Vice President  vacant
2nd Vice President  vacant
Secretary  Helen Roth (acting)
Assistant Secretary Charmain Austen- Dreyer
Treasurer Charles McGuirk
Membership Chair  Helen Roth
Adminstration Davy Lee

Garry Horvai, Jude McKinlay,  Sanjay Jatyan, Davy Lee, Charmain Austen-Dreyer

Webmaster Garry Horvai
Immediate Past President Helen Roth


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