April 19- Stopped flower order


July 21- Calendar page, switching to Google Calendar

April 30- Turned off Flower Sale page

March 17- Turned on Flower Sale page


November 28- Turned off the Christmas Tree order form.

October 25- Turned on the Christmas Tree page.

April 14- Added highway cleanup to calendar.

March 19- Turned on flower sale page.


October 6- Changed the sites default background color to white. (makes the Christmas tree page look better) Updated Christmas tree page to accept orders. Updated the hyperlink to the Boy Scout's home page.

September 6- Added club email addreess as

August 28- Added Christmas Tree page. Removed the club's email address was "" but Godaddy started charging too much for the email so we are going without for a while.

July 11- Added meetings for 2021-20222 year to calendar.

March 28- Turned on flower sale page.

Feb 4- Changed meeting location for the meeting on Feb 18.


July 26- Added August meeting to calendar.

July 3- Removed flower sale and padgent news from front page.

January 14- Zone meeting date changed.

January 8- Added program for Feb 6 meeting to the calendar.

January 6- Added zone meeting to the calendar.


November 13- The date of bell ringing was changed from Dec 10 to Dec 14..

October 31- Added Christmas in the Village and Brockstrong parade to the calendar.

October 3- Added bell ringing for the Salvation Army to the calendar.

July 9- Updated date of Paws in the Park. Added it to the calendar.

July 8- Added link on home page about Miss Canal Winchester Scholarship Pageant application.

July 5- Changed Jackie's title to DG. Added highway cleanup to the calendar for Aug 10. Added membership meetings to the calendar for the 2019-2020 year.

June 21- Added a teaser about our bike tour.

April 1- Jackie is now a DGe.

March 17- Turned on the flower sale page. Added annoucements of club officers and elections to the calendar.


September 25 - Added membership dates to the calendar.

August 21 - Removed Challenge page. Updated Paws in the Park page with more current information.

August 9 - Removed "Elect" from Jackie's title on home page. Added alert about budget meeting being the second meeting in October to calendar.

June 16 - Turned the Club Challenge page on.

June 14 - Added CW Club Challenge to the calendar. Turned on the vendor's page for Paws in the Park. Added dates for Paws in the Park and the Challenge to "Projects comming soon" page.

April 19 - Added Paws in the Park to the calendar. 

March 18 - Changed the front page to advertise the flower sale. Turned on the flower sale page. 

January 6 - Changed the Feb 1st meeting locaton to the Interurban. 


October 6 - Added bell ringing for Salvation Army on Dec 8 to the calendar. 

September 7 - Created a new page "Upcoming Projects" where we will keep all information on all of our bigger projects. Moved the Paws in the Park and Challenge pages here. Added 2017-2018 membership meeting to the calendar. 

July 8 - Updated Paws in the Park page with flyer. Added signup form to Challenge page.

June 22 - Removed some of the non active activities from the home page. Added a vision screening and a speaker for Sept 7th meeting.

June 15 - Added a web page for the Club Challenge.

May 6 - Removed flower sale page. Added notice that the May 18th meeting is a dinner meeting.

April 11 - Added flower sale page.

March 11 - Added news about 2VDGe's election. Added our new banner patch to the front page.

January 29 - Added future vision screening dates for Feb, March, Apri, May & Sept to the calendar


November 20 - Added some scouting events (Souting for food, Blue & Gold Banquet, Cake Auction and Pinewood derby) to the calendar. Also added a location for the Dec 1st meeting.

November 11 - Added zone meeting to calendar, Nov 29.

October 21 - Added Scout night to calendar for May 4th. Added BewDog to calendar for Jan 19th.

October 16 - Changed Ghost Tour page to a thank you page. Added 2020 USA/Canada forum to calendar, added highway cleanup to the calendar.

September 23 - Removed Paws in the Park web page.

September 10 - Added SVOSH as program for Nov 17meeting.

September 7 - Added Ghost tour preview as program for Oct 6 meeting. Moved Luka Papalko to Feb 2 meeting.

August 31 - Update Nov 3rd meeting to be the night we go over the budget.

August 16 - Added Dogs in the Park page.

August 15 - Added Ghost Tour page.

August 14 - Added Governor's visitation in April to the calendar, put the Club Challenge page on the back burner.

August 12 - Club Challenge: Added Berger Health System as a gold sponsor.

August 5 - Club Challenge: Added Village Wines and Bistro as "in-kind" donations.

August 4 - Club Challenge: Added Fitness Firm as a bronze sponsor. Added All about Nailes, Dairy Queen & Jimmy Johns as "in-kind" donations.

July 27 - Changed first membership meeting in Sept to a zone meeting. Added ghost tour to calendar, added picnic to the calendar. Added speaker for Oct 6th meeting.

July 24 - Added Hoffman Auto Repair as silver sponsors to the Challenge page.

July 23 - Added Spence Funeral Home as silver sponsors to the Challenge page. Changed the district hyperlink from 13F to OH-5 on home page.

July 10 - Added Jack's Photography and Canal Winchester Chamber as silver sponsors to the Challenge page. Added note on home page about looking for help on the ghost tour.

May 14 - Removed circus web page. Added Challenge page.

April 14 - Updated circus web page, added on-line payments. Added flower sale to calendar.

March 19 - Added flower sale announcement to the home page, Paws in the Park and CW Club Challenge to the calendar.

March 11 - Changed the date of Feeding our Future to March 14. Added future conventions to the calendar.

February 8 - Added Linda Boving as our speaker for the April 21 meeting.

January 19 - Removed photography contest, replaced its page with circus page.

January 14 - Updated club projects page.


December 11 - Turned on the photography contest page

November 27 - Added speaker for Mar 17th meeting

November 20 - Added speaker for Feb 4th meeting

November 7 - Calendar updates - Updated location of Dec 03 meeting, added membership planning night Nov 18, added Christmas in the village Dec 4 & 5, added membership meeting Nov 19

October 14 - Added highway cleanup to the calendar for Oct 31. Removed "Paws in the Park" pages.

October 2 - Moved membership meeting to the Jan 7th meeting date, added the circus in on May 8th

September 27 - Added speaker for Oct 15th meeting.

September 18 - Added membership night for first meeting in November, added sight screening for October 16.

August 30 - Removed Club Challenge Page, added Paws in the Park page.

August 15 - Posted winners of the race.

August 13 - Added cyclistconnection to list of gold sponsors, Walgreens as an in kind sponsor

August 4 - Increased the cost of registration to the race, added note about T-Shirts,

August 2 - Added Drs. McClurg and Murray to list of gold sponsors

August 1 - Added Berger Health and Lawson Chiropractic as gold sponsors, Shades and Fitness Firm as silver sponsors.

July 29 - Added Discount Tire as gold sponsor of the race. Added start and finish times to the race.

July 28 - Added membership meeting dates to the calendar. Added speaker Jill Frost from ADAMH as speaker for Oct 1 meeting.

July 21 - Added Columbus Running Company & Westchester Golf Course as sponsors to the club challenge.

July 8 - Added Jack's Photography & Hoffman Auto Repair as sponsors to the club challenge. Removed 75th anniversary logo from the home page.

June 26 - Added Spence Funeral Home and York Law Firm as sponsors to the club challenge

May 20 - Turned on the 2015 Club Challenge Page.

March 30 - Added flower sale and highway cleanup to calendar.

March 26 - Added flower sale page.

March 5 - Added program for second meeting in April.

March 2 - Added program for first meeting in May.

January 30 - Added zone meeting to the calendar.(March 3th)

January 4 - Added cub scout's cake acution to the calendar.


November 27 - Changed the location and time of the December meeting. Removed photography contest page.

November 9 - Added link to Lion Jackie's campaign flyer to home page.

October 3 - Added meeting date for Nov 20th, removed meeting location for December meeting. Community center is booked.

September 30 - Added program for Oct 16th & Nov 6th meeting, changed location of April 2nd meeting, added highway cleanup to calendar. Turned on photography contest page.

August 15 - Changed the Sept 4th meeting into a zone meeting, added locations for the membership meetings for the year.

August 9 - Added more sponsors to Challenge page.

August 7 - Added membership meetings for the 2014-2015 calendar year.

July 20 - Fixed broken link to eye glasses drop off on home page.

June 8 - Fixed broken links on home page and removed "A little Lion in You"...under protest

May 13 - Added new Gold Level sponsors to club challenge page. [Jack's Photography, Shade on the Canal, Lawson Family Chiropractic Center]

May 4 - Removed Flower Sale Page, added Spence Funeral Home to list of Gold Level Sponsors of the club challenge.

May 2 - Updated club challenge and anniversary page.

April 23 - Added club challenge and anniversary page.

April 18 - Added highway cleanup to calendar. Added Kirk Henderson to Past Speakers list.

April 7 - Added DGe Richard Sweeney to the calendar, induction officers May 17.

March 30 - Turned on the flower sale page.Spring must be near!

March 6 - Added program for April 3rd meeting, added Scout's Food Drive to club calendar.

March 2 - Added program for March 6 meeting, Blues and Rib Fest, 75th Charter night, CW Club challenge & State convention to club calendar.


December 13 - Added program for Feb 20 meeting.

December 10 - Added program for January meeting.

December 7 - Canceled first January meeting because so close to New Years Day.

December 6 - Added Scout's cake auction and pinewood derby to calendar.

December 3 - Added news of photography contest winners.

November 28 - Added location for Dec 19 meeting.

November 22 - Removed photography contest from web site.

October 3 - Added SVOSH as program to our calendar.

October 2 - Added district bowling tournament Jan 25 to calendar.

September 6 - Calendar updates. Added shredded day and VOICECorps as a program on Nov 7.

September 1 - Replaced the "Club Challenge" page with the "Photography Contest" page.

August 16 - Added food sponsors to Amazing Race Page

August 11 - Added program for first September meeting. Added district convention and gold outing to calendar.

August 10 - Added Discount Tire as a gold level sponsor to the race.

August 4 - Added Zone meeting and additional 2013-2014 club meetings to the calendar..

July 22 - Added RE/MAX as a gold level sponsor to the race.

July 13 - Added more sponsors to the race.

July 8 - Cosmetic changes.

July 4 - Added Jack's Photography and Berger Health System as Gold Level sponsor to the race.

July 1 - Added Dr.s McClurg and Murray as Gold Level sponsor to the race.

June 29 - Added Hoffman Auto Repair as Gold Level sponsor to the race.

June 25 - Added list Spence Funeral Home and Ireland's Spa as Gold Level sponsors to the race.

June 8 - Added link to new email address on CW Lions Challenge page. Changed to new address on the contact page.

June 7 - Added entry form and PayPal button to CW Lions Challenge page.

May 30 - Updated meeting dates and location on home page. Added more information on CW Lions Challenge page.

May 27 - Turned off the flower sale page. Added several new past speakers to the past speakers page.

March 26 - Turned on the flower sale page. Changed the home page to advertise.

February 14 - Added program to March 21st meeting.

January 28 - Added program to Aprill 11th meeting.

January 26 - Modified the location for Feb 14 meeting.

January 20 - Modified the speaker for Feb 21 meeting.

January 9 - Added location of meeting for all second meetings of the month.


December 4 - Added speaker for meeting on the 13th.

November 28 - Location of December membership meeting to calendar.

November 25 - Added Christmas in the Village event to calendar.

November 6 - Sad to learn the Lithopolis Grill and Cafe closed. Moved November 8th meeting location to the High School.

October 24 - Added meeting location for November 8th meeting, added Gretchen Blazer as as speaker on past speaker's page.

October 21 - Featured prospective member night, added news about speakers.

September 24 - Changed meeting location for September 27th meeting.

September 13 - Added Dave Phalen as a "past speaker". Updated location for September 27 meeting.

September 12 - Added several programs to the calendar.

August 31 - Added program for Sept. 27 meeting.

August 25 - Added program for Oct. 25 meeting, conventions, flower sale date.

August 22 - Added program for Oct. 11 meeting.

August 11 - Added 2012-2013 meeting dates to the calendar.

March 22 - Updated flower sale page and updated main and calendar to spread the news.

March 9 - Added highway cleanup, food drive and rib fest to calendar.

February 25 - Updated link to Boy Scout's home page.

January 11 - Added governor's visit on Feb 9.

January 15 - Added news bean soup dinner and Pinewood derby to callendar. Come see us Feb 11


December 30 - Added governor's visit on Jan 12.

November 27 - Added "You've got a little Lion in you."

November 11 - Added Christmas in the village to the calendar.

November 3 - Added Franklin County recorder to past speakers list. Added SVOSH as a speaker for the 2nd January meeting.

October 12 - Added speaker for December membership meeting

September 20 - Added locations to remaining membership meetings. Added speaker for October 27th meeting.

September 18 - Removed electronic recycling page. Changed the meeting on the 22nd to be a zone meeting.

August 30 - Added times to most events in calendar.

August 28 - Added club membership meetings to calendar through May 2012.

August 22 - Removed link to Leo club. Anyone know where their page is now? Added link to the printer friendly version of the electronic recycling. I kinda like the irony of printing a recycling project's information.

August 20 - Added flyer on the electronic recycling. Enabled the electronic recycling page.

August 10 - Added facebook link. Fixed terrible formatting of this page. Added Google Translate.

May 29 - Added news about the Blues and ib fest money maker on the home page.

May 25 - Calendar updates: Electronic Recylcing Days at Farmer's Market

May 22 - Calendar updates: Added Blues and Rib Fest

May 9 - Calendar updates: May meetings, highway cleanup, Eye Bank night at Clippers

March 20 - Uploaded the latest flower sale order form

March 17 - Turned the flower sale page back on. Order form will be updated soon.

March 16 - Changed the location of the March 24th meeting. Changed "Officers" page to "CW Lion Leaders" and added past officers.

February 28 - Added Tony Zerkle to list of past speakers.

February 20 - Added Fairfield County Game Warden to Feb 24th meeting.

February 10 - Added Sgt. Kirk C. Kern, Fairfield County Sheriff's Office to past speakers list.

February 6 - Added some past speakers and fixed some broken links on the past speaker's page.

January 18 - Added Sgt. Kern as a program for the first Feb meeting. Fixed link to this page from the home page.

January 16 - Added "Landfill Lilly" as a program for the first April meeting.


December 25 - Fixed link to district site.

November 25 - Added news about Lion Joe on cover.

November 24 - Incorrect date of December membership meeting was corrected. Meeting is December 9th. Added Christmas in the Village in news and calendar.

November 4 - Added date for highway cleanup - November 13th

October 14 - Added recycling page. Added link to COLEB at bottom of home page.

October 12 - Added meeting dates, winter retreat and recycling dates to calendar.

September 12 - Added electronic recycling dates to calendar and added location to September meeting.

August 17 - Added zone meeting, picnic and first two membership meetings to the calendar.

August 12 - Updated front page showing Blues and Rib Fest

March 21 - Changed Eye Bank Night at Clippers to July 25th

March 12 - Moved highway cleanup to Match 20.

March 10 - Added flower sale page and flyer. Added speaker for May 13th meeting.

February 9 - Added district convention and removed bean soup dinner from calendar. Created this updates page.

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