Canal Winchester Lions' Flower Sale

Saturday May 4th, on the North side of the High School

The Canal Winchester Lion's flower sale is under way! We sell full and half flats of live flowers suitable for planting in your flowerbeds. Pots and hanging baskets are also available. We are taking orders now and will continue to collect orders until April 22nd. Some extra flats will be available on the day of the sale.

Think of us when planing your spring flowerbeds. All proceeds go to helping our community, you get a beautiful flowers and the community becomes a little brighter too.

Click here to get a copy of the order form. Pay on the day of pickup. Cash, checks are welcome, you can pay with a credit card, but we ask you to pay the credit card fees. (A little more than 3%)

Optionally, online ordering is available, hosted by Jack's Photography. Find "Lions Flower Sale" on her home page, browse the images (we do not have images of all flowers), and choose "Buy Now" (it's just a little shopping cart for mobile) to place an order. We recommending getting a copy of the order form so you can easily see all your choices before you go to this site.

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