1939  -   (Our 80th year of Community Service)  -  2020


 Roarin' Cal

  The Prez sez:

Hello Lions! 

    A ribbon-cutting for the Little Library installed at Calumet Memorial Park  was held on July 25 and the unit was filled with books.  We now have three libraries in use at Pulaski Park (across from City Hall), Memorial Park and Downey Park. When you're out and about, check them out. To view the ceremony and many other club activities click on this link: 

Lion Maria  

       Congratulations and many thanks for a job well done to outgoing President Katie Keilman for her guidance and leadership during our 80th year of Community Service. Despite very difficult conditions, she kept us together via teleconferencing as we continued to provide help to those in need.  ATTA GIRL, Lion Katie!!!

    And, best wishes to incoming President Maria Valencia as she assumes the reins of control in the challenging times that lie ahead.

     International Director Bob Block inducted four new members during a teleconference meeting on June 16.  Congratulations and a warm welcome to: 

     Lions Regina Huston; Xochitl Munoz; Anita Rice; and Tamara Young. All four new Lions were sponsored by Lion Maria Valencia!!!  Their contact information has been added to the club online Directory. 

 When we are all able to gather safely again, a dinner reception will be held in honor of our new officers and members.

    PLEASE NOTE:  Lion Lou Torres passed away on Friday morning, May 22, at Community Hospital in Munster IN.  Funeral services were private. A celebration of his life will be held at a later date. Visit  for further details and to access the online guestbook. Please keep Lion Lou and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Show them the money!      

    Despite the tough times, all 500 tickets were sold!!!  This year's annual fund-raiser was a “roaring” success.  Kudos to Chairman Steve Drew and all ticket-sellers and buyers!!!

    Because of YOU, we can keep supporting many worthwhile community causes.  Because of YOU, we can provide much-needed assistance to those less fortunate.  Because of YOU, we can continue to serve!

Thanks for helping us help others!

    The winning ticket numbers are posted on the Club Events page (click on link at upper left).

                                     In other news . . . 

Want to learn more about Lionism?  Click on this link (and, don't blink). You may recognize some Cal City Lions at the bottom right in the opening scene at the Art Institute!  

Go to --

Well done! Fellow Lions!

Because of YOU . . . we were able to: 
* Provide needed financial aid to: LARC; Guide Dog Foundation; Hadley Institute for the Blind, the Chicago Lighthouse and Second Sense.
*  Donate approximately 2,000 pairs of eyeglasses to Lions International to be reconditioned and given to those in need;
*  Provide necessary eye care for those with vision needs.
AND . . . that's what LIONISM is all about!!!

Used glasses collection locations

    The Calumet City Lions collect used eyeglasses, which are reconditioned and then used to help those less fortunate.
   Local drop-off locations include: America's Best, Bernadin Manor, Calumet City Hall, Calumet City Library, Four Eyes, Lens Crafters, Midwest Eye Care, Our Lady of Knock, Sand Ridge Fitness Center, St. Andrew's, Wittam Eyecare.
   If you have used glasses to donate or know of a potential drop-off location, contact Eyeglass Collection Chairman Katie Keilman (708/868-1026).
Between the Lions . . .
   *** Congratulations and best wishes to Lion Krista (nee Boehm) TenClay and husband Max as they prepare to welcome a new addition to their family in November. And kudos to Krista's proud parents -- Lion John (and Jan) Boehm. 
  *** Condolences to the family of Lion Don Shuton, who passed away recently in Arizona. Don joined the Calumet City Lions Club in 1966 and served as Club President in 1970-71. Please keep Lion Don and his family in your thoughts and prayers.        
 Do you have some news to share with the club? An interesting vacation? New addition to the family? Sports achievements, awards? Special memory? A favorite recipe? Items to sell/trade? Contact Lion Denny and let's get the word out on the website.
Happy Birthday       

Aug. 6 -- Tom Stefaniak

Aug. 10 -- Tom Backofen

Aug. 10 -- Lou Hartnett

Aug. 11-- Denny Halloran

Aug. 18 -- Esther Rothstein

Aug. 22 -- Mike Woolsey

Happy Anniversary

Aug. 28 -- Bob/Kathy Schneider

The Lighter Side

*  What do you call a banker who wears a white hat and a black mask?  The loan arranger!
*   I had nothing to do so I called Jake from State Farm.  He wanted to know what I was wearing!
*  It's time to get another job when you discover that there are parking meters in downtown Chicago making more per hour than you do!
*  Problem:  Getting too many parking tickets?
    Solution:  Remove your windshield wipers!
*  Robber with a gun:  Gimme me all your money!
Victim:  But, I'm a politician.
Robber:  Then, give me all MY money!
*  I told my wife that she needed to embrace her mistakes. She gave me a great big hug!

*  Since hockey has been canceled, no one has seen the Zamboni driver, but I'm sure he'll resurface eventually.

*  Most useless purchase of 2019:  a 2020 planner.

Did you know?:

 -- There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar.
 --  The only domesticated animal not mentioned in the Bible is the cat.
--  Comedian Charlie Chaplin once entered a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest anonymously.
He came in third!!!
Hi, Fellow Lions -- 

Welcome to YOUR very own club website where you can keep up-to-date on the latest club functions, view photos of recent events, make comments, share stories, etc. The link is --

 Just ciick on the menu in the upper left-hand corner to accesss information.

The site will be updated after every club function. It's where you need to go to find out what's happening and how you can help. It's your link to our club, our District and Lions Clubs International. Add it to you Bookmarks. Make it a part of your daily routine. And, above all,   ENJOY!!!

Lion Denny

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