The sale of Lions Christmas Cakes and Puddings is a national project of Lions Clubs of Australia.

We at the Burnside Lions Club use this annual promotion as an important fundraising project.  The profits raised are used to fund some of our many Community Projects.

It is also important, as it promotes our Club and Members throughout our Community.  This type of hands-on public awareness project continues to promote the ideals of Lionism, "We Serve".

The purchase of cakes and puddings are well supported by the community and business organisations.

Burnside Village has sponsord a site for this year and a stall will be set up in the Mall, (Southern end near Coles and our Donation Christmas Tree) 9.00am to 4.00pm each Thursdays commencing late November. We have also planned sales on two Saturdays before Christmas at the same times. Additional days may be planned as required - see this site.


For who may wish to use Lions Christmas Cakes and/or Puddings for Christmas bonuses.

To purchase a Lions Christmas Cake (or host a sales site (organisations) ) - phone Barry on 8332 7106 or email web support at


Buy your Cakes & Puddings at opur Bargain Centre Sales.  Sat May 1st,  Sat. June 5th and Sat July 3rd. from 7.45 am to 12.00noon, 1 Glebe Road, Glen Osmond

2021 Details of Cakes and Puddings

1.5 kg Premium Dark Christmas Cake

$17.00 each

1.0 kg Premium Dark Christmas Cake

$13.00 each

0.9 kg Traditioinal Christmas Pudding

$13.00 each

History of the Lions Christmas Cake Program

To view the full history of the beginnings of the Lions Christmas Cake Program in Austrlaia click on the this link .....

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