Brooklyn Center Lions

PO BOX 29892

Brooklyn Center MN 55429

 Club Officers 2019-2020

President: Dan Ryan
1st Vice President: Sandy Becker
2nd Vice President: Lisa O'Keefe
Secretary:Sue Arneson
Treasurer: Erv Heisler
Fund Raiser/Marketing/Communications: Molly Merrimack
Service Projeck Chair: Edythe Dankert
Membership: Tom Shinnick 
Immediate Past Pres: Bob Dillon
2 Year Director: Myron Green
1 Year Director: George Larson

Presidents Committees:

Crime Prevention Liaison(s) -    B. Phillipp, Cheryl Jechorek



Supplies & Pins -        T. Shinnick

Club Historians:   T. Shinnick, Earl Simons

Calling: Chair: Bob Dillon and VFW Contact

Bob Dillon A thru D

Gordy Gunderson E thru H

Shawn Kuykendall J thru L

R/W Christensen M thru P

R to End – Edythe Dankert



1st Vice President Committees:    Sandy Becker

Civic Betterment Chair: Earl Simons

Convention:    Chair - Sandy Becker,  R. Christensen


Parade:                B. Dillon, Kuykendall, G. Peterson, T. Shinnick

Program:            Chair- S. Arneson and S Becker

Finance:            Chair-  Sorenson, Earl Simons, Tom Shinnick, Tresurer Heisler


2nd  Vice President Committees: 

Boys and Girls:            Lisa O'Keefe

Out of Sight:            Chairs – Becker, Heisler, T. Shinnick

Fire Truck Managers-        Mahigan, T. Shinnick

Health and Welfare -        S. Arneson

Newsletter Editor -         L. Shinnick

Tail Twister/Greeter: Bob Dillon

Scholarship:            Chair – T. Shinnick, C. Jechorek,  Mahigan, L. Shinnick

Socials:                Club Picnic, Golf Tournament, Mystery Night/Sweethearts, Christmas,

fun ideas for Meetings, .

Other? Leo Club Liaison -        G. Larson



Membership: The membership committee is charged with developing plans to recruit and retain new members. Activities include assisting all Lions with the recruitment process, developing materials to use in building interest in the club and Lionism, setting up and manning tables at Lions events for the purpose of providing information and answers to questions about becoming a Lion. The membership committee would also develop a plan for the induction of new members (training, etc.) and providing a “trained” mentor for each new member for a minimum of one year.


Publicity/Communication: This committee is responsible for creating and disseminating materials that promote Lioinism in general and BC Lions in particular. All promotional materials would be approved by this committee in order to assure a consistent message and to assure it is in keeping with all Lions International expectations. The work of this committee would include articles and photos for use in local publications, the BC Lion website and Facebook page. Overseeing the development of other promotional materials would also be a part of the role of this group. This committee oversees internal communication, also.


Program: This committee is responsible for finding interesting and pertinent programs to be presented to the club. This team also can work with the social committee to offer suggestions to make every meeting valuable and interesting.


Leadership: This committee is tasked with assisting the President with addressing issues and arranging for professional development in Lionism. The work of planning, organizational structure, increasing efficiency and efficacy of club functions are part of the responsibilities of this committee.


Governance/Convention: This committee has a broad range of duties in support of the club. They assure that club policies and by-laws are current and are followed. They also are tasked with the planning for club participation in district, multiple district meetings, including the mid-winter convention.


Parade: The Brooklyn Center Lions have been integral to the success of the Earle Brown Days Parade. This committee would lead in the planning and implementation of the parade. The planning and use of the Lions Firetruck are included in this committee's responsibilities. This includes its use in activities outside of the parade.


Finance: A strong Finance Committee is invaluable to the work of the club. This committee works with leadership in the development of the annual budget. They have the responsibility of monitoring expenditures, payment of bills and monthly reporting to the club.


Fundraising: This committee is charged with developing a plan to raise funds for the club service activities. They also are in charge of scheduling the activities and creating work lists for club members. Activities currently include Pancake/Waffle Breakfasts, Spaghetti Dinner, Nut Sales, and  Pop Wagon Concessions.


Out of Sight: This committee schedules and plans for the service to the blind in our area. They develop a list of drivers for each monthly event.


Social: Being a Lion is about service, but is also about fellowship and fun activities. This committee would plan “events” such as the Club Picnic, Golf Tournament, Christmas Party, and Mystery Night (or Sweetheart gathering). They also would work with the program committee in creating ideas to generate interest and fun at meetings.


Scholarship: This committee is responsible for developing criteria, accepting applications and selecting recipients of the scholarships offered to high school graduates in the BC Lions service area.


Service Projects and Civic Betterment: The Service Project Committee is responsible for planning and implementing service projects such as Salvation Army Bell Ringing, Food Drives, Bus Stop, Books, and work on specific activities in the areas of seeing (eyes), hearing (ears) and diabetes. It is their responsibility to arrange for worker for these projects. In addition, they also support civic betterment activities such as the bus shelter upkeep and the Quilters support as well as being tasked with seeking, developing and planning other projects for the club.


Boys and Girls: While much of the work of this committee is budget-related, there are responsibilities for receiving applications, vetting potential recipient groups and develop criteria for club participation with specific youth activities or programs.











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