Reading Glasses at the Boise Public Library

Yes, if you are at any of the Boise Public Library's branches or main library you can obtain a pair of readers, complements of the Idaho Lions.  This project is spearheaded by our very own Lion Henry as another member of the team read a short article in Lion Magazine about a club providing readers.  The Boise Public Library has had a limited supply of readers and now is able to expand the program thanks to the availabilty of lots of readers at Envision.  Kudos to the Eye Glass Sorting team.  Pictured is the box in the reading area of the Bown Crossing branch.



Eyeglass Sorting

Boise Bench Lions spend time every week at the Envision Office, sorting and distributing donated used eye glasses.  This is recycling for good, and many people in 3rd world countries benefit from the donation of these glasses, usually distributed through medical missions.  The typical year sees upwards of 80000 pairs of glasses from Idaho, ROAR!




Found Kids Booth at the Western Idaho Fair  August 16 to 25, 2019

Once again the Boise Bench Lions staffed the Found Kids Booth at the Fair.  We volunteered from noon to 11 PM during the fair.  Parents can bring their kids to the booth to be registered, 1290 kids got a numbered arm band and we record contact information for the parent or guardian.  If the kids are separated from the the adults, they can go to any security staff or vendor and will be brought to our booth.  We or security will call the adults to recover the kids.  We often end up with unregistered kids who are reunited with their parents, so it all works well in the end.

Boise Bench Lions Club Kids Cancer backpack project  By Aarda Justin, Boise Bench Lions


     Like seeds in the wind, throw out some ideas among a group of Lions and some take root and grow. In Boise, a group of Lions were working at the Envision office sorting eye glasses and an idea  was suggested for a Kids Cancer project which grew into a project approved by the club.  We wanted to give our St Luke’s Children’s Hospital enough bags and items to create 100 sling backpack bags for kids in treatment for cancer.  This gives the kids items to occupy their time and be useful going forward.  We ordered bags with our club name and Lions International logo on them, then club members donated items that hospital staff could give to the kids undergoing treatment. 


     The hospital had a wish list they created so we made their list available to our club members for

suggested donation items.  Club members donated a variety of items for various age groups and

genders, including items like books, Play Doh, hot wheels and trucks, Barbie type dolls, coloring

books, activity books, Fidgit toys, stuffed animals, games, puzzles, pencils, colored pencils,

crayons and various activity items.  We collected enough items to average at least 3 per bag and

individually bagged a lot of the items for ease in selecting plus keeping the items clean and

preventing contamination. 


     We designed the project so that staff members were able to select the items they felt fit the child

receiving the activity bag and the bags and items could all be used after the treatment day in the

hospital.  The hospital can contact us for additional items if they run short of a particular sort

before the backpacks are all used.


     As a club, we may consider continuing this project, depending on how it goes.  We also learned that

each child is given a pillow case each visit which they get to keep.  Most are cheerfully decorated,

either purchased or hand decorated, giving us another idea for a future project. 


     As a separate project, we gave them 32 homemade blankets, each individually bagged, which the

hospital staff was thrilled with.  We are now putting together some additional activity bags for

diabetes patients, geared toward adults.


     Not all seeds or ideas grow, but Lions do well at finding ones that show Lions to be people helping people and we like it.  (pictures by Lion Olie Olsen)


Vision and Hearing Screenings

The Boise Bench Lions are proud to be able to offer Vision and Hearing Screenings at local schools.  The methods have evolved over the years to we now are able to use electronic vision screeners which are a lot faster and easier to use than charts of various sorts.  We also are able to use portable audiometers for school screenings.  Great stuff  A recent training session by a Idaho Lions Sight and Hearing Staff member is pictured below.


Found Kids Booth at the Western Idaho Fair.

The club has worked at the Found Kids Booth for the last several years.  In 2018 36 lions and 7 guests volunteered 231 hours at the Found Kids Booth at and banded 1329 children.  We also have lost adults show up too.



Borah Lions 60th Anniversary and scholarship spaghetti feed fundraiser on May 9, 2018

Scholarship fundraiser sponsored by the Boise Bench Lions. Conveniently the sports teams are the Borah Lions, as PID Gary D'Orazio, a Borah Grad, puts it, "Once a Lion, always a Lion." There were over 250 people in attendance and distinguished speakers included Boise School Superintendent Dr Dan Coberly, Idaho Superintendent of Education Lion Sherri Ybarra, Council Chair Lion Jay Lugo and the student body President and incoming Presidents. The Borah High Choir also provided some great entertainment, even the cheer leaders gave a rousing performance. The dinner was successful and raised money for multiple scholarships for graduating seniors!!!!


Sleep in Heavenly Peace partnership

Newest partnership for the Bench Lions in 2017.  The club has built some beds for Sleep in Heavenly Peace and will be also active in delivering and setting them up,  We were all surprised by the sheer need for beds.The Bench Lions and Sleep in Heavenly Peace have an ongoing  working relationship. The club delivers and assembles beds for families in the area in need of beds. Several Lions inspected recently built beds to get them ready for delivery.




Whether you are moving into a smaller home, a retirement home, or faced with the loss of a loved one, the Boise Bench Lions can provide an quick and worry free solution to handling the estate.  

With extensive experience in resale that has equipped us with a vast knowledge of antiques, collectibles and common household items.  We have earned a reputation for integrity, the ability to price items accurately and expertise in selling.  The Boise Bench Lions Club offers a complete liquidation service.  

This is a fundraiser for the Boise Bench Lions and proceeds are returned to the community through a variety of projects and donations.

A Boise Bench Lions Representative will be happy to meet with you to explain our format and procedure.  Please send an e-mail to or call 208 344-9931.

Rake Up Boise

About 20 staunch Boise Bench Lions members turned out to rake two homes for Rake up Boise on December 6, 2014.  The project had been delayed several weeks due to snow and holidays, but a little rain did not slow us down that day.  Over 50 bags of leaves were raked up and dropped off at a couple of collection points.  Good coffee and donuts bring volunteers in.







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