Newsletter December 5, 2019

TT LaDawn and Lion Bob S. were the fun game hosts for our program today. We all tried our best at playing Pictionary. They had to coax many of the Lions to get out of their comfort zone and draw in front of a tough crowd. The drawings were funny and sometimes hard to figure out. We did find out that Larry K. has a phobia about drawing. We also learned the Lions in the room have limited art talent. It was fun for all!  (download the newsletter for all the news fit to print)


Newsletter November 20.2019

Wade Beus the Outreach Coordinator for the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline spoke about a very sad subject. Idaho ranks 5th in the nation for suicides per 100,000 people. Why does ID rank so high? Lack of access: people don’t know where to look for help. Stigma: there is still a stigma surrounding mental illness. Lack of education on how to access resources. The ISPH is nationally accredited through Contact USA. Their volunteers go through 50 hrs of training. Follow up calls and texts are initiated to the people they have been working with. To see how things are going and if they are making it to appointments etc. A grant was awarded to St Luke’s who will be working with ISPH to research follow-up care. Anyone can call, text or chat (on their website) to get help! 208.398.4357, (Download Newsletter for more information)

Newsletter November 13, 2019

Lindsay Meloy did a great job teaching Solar Energy 101. What is solar energy? Radiant energy from the sun. The sun produces 23,000 TerraWatts of solar energy. We need to utilize that more. Solar photovoltaic panels convert sunlight (photo) to electricity (voltaic). An inverter is installed with the panels to convert DC (direct current) to AC (alternating current). Boise averages 5.19 solar hours per day and Idaho does not get too hot which helps the solar panels. Costs are going down for solar panels. It also helps to increase the value of your home as Boise is committed to clean energy by 2035. There are still tax credits available and I believe ID Power is helping as well if you choose to go Solar. More information at: (download newsletter here)

Newsletter November 6, 2019

The lovely and very well spoken Miss Idaho Grace Zimmerman spoke to us about her path to becoming Miss Idaho and about the Miss America scholarship competition. Grace helped charter the Leo club and was the president of the club at Weiser H.S. her senior year. She is currently a member of the Moscow Central Lions club. She feels connected to service and will serve in her community wherever life takes her. While traveling the state, Grace speaks about her social impact initiative “Wholesome Health”. She has raised approx. $1600 for the Children’s Miracle Network with her ceramics. She will be demonstrating her ceramics at the competition. We learned about some new updates in the competition. It will be held in December in Connecticut on NBC. Tune in to support our Miss Idaho.  (download the newsletter here)

Newsletter Oct 30, 2019

Justin Whatcott spoke about “Project Safe Childhood” which is 14 yrs old. The state has worked to get all agencies on the same page regarding threats to children. He talked about online enticement of children which is a big problem and child exploitation thru the use of inappropriate images being viewed on the internet. Child victims are the most vulnerable members of our society. They have life long effects of sexual abuse! ICAC is a federally funded task force dealing with internet crimes against children. They are overwhelmed with the tips they receive at their CyberTipline. 18.4 million in 2018!! That is approximately 50,000 in one day. No one agency can handle that. In one weekend, their task force apprehended 12 criminals who were trying to entice children online. He said we should all know who our children are talking to online.  (download the newsletter for more club information)

Newsletter Oct 23, 2019

PID Gary is pleased to represent our International President Jung-Yul Choi and PIP Gudrun Yngvadottir. These members were presented with the 4th highest award the Presidential Certificate of Appreciation for their undying support and commitment to the tenets of Lionism and most importantly to the Boise Bench Lions! Congratulations goes to: PP Larry Kidd PP Dan Frison Dr Lavon Shelton PP Larry Locklear  download the newsletter for more information


Newsletter Oct 16,, 2019

Col Shannon Smith is the 124th fighter wing commander at Gowen Field. He has received numerous awards but his main focus is work-ing with the men and women at Gowen Field. He has logged in more than 4156 flight hours and has deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan many times. Col Smith answered numerous questions mostly about the F-35. He stated this plane is the future of the AF and ANG. There are 5 guard bases being considered for this jet using the environmental impact study or EIS. You can read the draft at The record of decision is set for February 1, 2020 if all goes as planned. Gowen Field has been a part of this community since 1946. He stated we must continue to prepare and modernize for the future. The F-35’s technology gives us air superiority. Regarding the noise, the pilots have very strict rules on when they can go supersonic   Link to the newsletter for the rest of the story.  


Newsletter October 9, 2019

Kevin Zielinski is the program manager for the non-profit ID anti-trafficking coalition. The coalition is fairly new but they are very busy. Their mission is to work alongside community members in providing awareness, education, services and safe housing for victims of human trafficking in Idaho. They opened Solace House which is ID’s first safe house for minor children who are victims of sex trafficking. They also have Harbor House which is an emergency transition home for adults who are trying to flee from sex trafficking. In the past 2 weeks they have helped over 30 victims of sex trafficking. The national stats show 15 year old females  (download the newsletter here for the complete news)


Newsletter Oct 2, 2019

Our very own Lion Curt Kelley took us on a picturesque tour through Southern England, Ireland and Iceland. Curt and his wife Pat both won ribbons for their photos from their trip at the fair. Beautiful photos of cathedrals, huge 100+ year old trees and rhododendrons. He spoke of the murder of Saint Thomas of Canterbury. They learned next year will be the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower and founding of the Plymouth colony. They stopped in Reykjavik, Iceland on the way home. Summers with temperatures only in the 50’s. The Vikings cut down all the trees so it seemed quite barren. The cathedrals they saw in Iceland seemed pretty plain compared to the ones they saw in England. They rode on 8 trains and 7 airplanes on their trip. The driving was very scary. A Magical Trip for them both.  (download newsletter here for more club news)

Newsletter September 25, 2019

Christi King a member of the Ride for Joy Therapeutic Riding Program was our speaker for today. The program is for individuals with special needs and veterans. Safety is their #1 concern. This program gives the riders a safe space and room to grow. It also gives them freedom from whatever is holding them back. Fundraising, grants and donations keep the lessons affordable. They have many volunteers but need more as their waiting list is quite large. They have a lift for individuals in wheelchairs. Their riders start at 4 yrs. old to 80! Their horses have to be “bomb” proof as there is a lot going on around them. They are located in Caldwell on 250 acres with an indoor/ outdoor arena, barn and stalls. For more information go to:  (download the newsletter for more information)


Newsletter September 18, 2019

Ken Harris from the Boise Blues Society was our speaker. He started the program with the crowd clapping while he played the harmonica and sang a ditty about Blues. He said the creators of the harmonica didn’t realize what all it was capable of. He played a “melodica” a cousin of the accordion which brought in the “bent note” which was a new way of listening to the previous straight notes. The melodica is a small keyboard that you blow into. He is a member of the BITS “Blues in the Schools”. A volunteer organization focused on bringing blues into the schools. He explained Blues music is a combination of Methodist Church music and African American slave music. Blues influence has touched nearly all music. Every Monday night KRBX has a blues radio show from 5-10 pm.
For more information go to    download newsletter here


Newsletter September 11, 2019

The GOTEAM Therapy/Service Dogs — Idaho was the program today. They are a non-profit established in 2012. They are all loving volunteers who spend hours training their dogs. Once they pass the tests, they are certified and insured. The owner/dogs have to re-certify every year. They train on buses, in airports, with first responders etc. They are Red Cross volunteers. They are fairly new to the Boise area with 65 members. Most of the owners use Positive Pets dog training to get their dogs ready for the tests they need to pass. The GOTEAM will be in the Veteran’s Parade Nov 2. If invited, the owners/dogs will go almost anywhere. Lots of schools, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, the VA hospital, airports, conferences etc. The colors on their patch have meaning: Red honors our first responders, Black honors our fallen military, Blue honors our law enforcement officers and white honors the special people in our lives that are no longer with us. (download the newsletter here for the rest of the news from our meeting)

Newsletter September 4, 2019

Cathy Oliphant from ISU spoke to us about Narcan (brand name)/Naloxone (generic name) the drug that can reverse an opioid overdose. A study shows marijuana is #1 for drug use, #2 is prescription drugs. More than 70,000 Americans died in 2017 of drug overdose. 130 Americans die every day from opioid overdose. ID stats were below the national average. She said ID has a very strong involvement through their pharmacies regarding education and helping people with their drug interactions. Narcan reverses heroin and opioid overdoses. If it is administered and that is not why a person is nonresponsive it will not hurt them. Always call 911 after administering Narcan. She has been speaking to the schools as the nurses do not have Narcan, the resource officers do so they are working to fix that. She mentioned 2 incidents with elementary students overdosing on their parents medications! (download newsletter for all the news you need to know)

Newsletter August 28, 2019

Jenna McCullock and Brent Taylor CEO from the Wyakin foundation spoke about their work with veterans. Wyakin is a conduit connecting wounded and injured veterans to their successful and fulfilling futures through education, development and guidance. They have 6 tenets: mentorship, professional development, educational/financial assistance, community impact, strategic networking and Wyakin for Life. The rate of suicide, divorce, substance abuse and unemployment run significantly higher for wounded veterans. Veterans are typically in the program for 3 yrs. Over 90% of their veterans are actively engaged in their chosen career or pursuing post-graduate degrees. Wyakin works with anywhere from 18-20 veterans a year. Wyakin is a local program for Treasure Valley veterans. More information go to their website:   (download the newsletter for more information on club activities)


Newsletter August 21, 2019

Ron Hixson from Earthcraft Construction told us about their custom green homes. Ron promised his granddaughter the company would leave the Earth a better place one house at a time! One way their homes are cost effective is to orientate the structure towards the sun. They build a 30% overhang to protect from the harsh sunlight. There is active solar (solar panels etc) and passive solar using natural sunlight. The 3 dirtiest areas in most homes: the crawl space, carpeting and air ducts. They eliminate the crawl space and the air ducts. They can use natural materials like straw bale construction. Our area high desert is the perfect location for straw bale construction. Lots of great info!   download newsletter here


Newsletter Aug 7, 2019

Mai Nguyen legally blind told her story. She was born in 1980 in Hanoi, Vietnam. She had a cornea transplant but it failed. When she was 12 she learned about braille and school. She traded school food for other kids to do things for her. She heard English on the radio, one of her teachers tutored her in English. She realized she had to learn to do things for herself. It was a long journey but she made it to America. After a story ran in the newspaper a couple paid for her college tuition. She is now degreed, taught at the Gooding school for the Deaf and Blind, owns a home, has a mortgage and is a US citizen! Wow what a story   (download newsletter here for all that is happening with the club)


Newsletter July 31, 2019

James Earp is the bureau chief of the state run Veterans cemetery which was established in 2004. He encouraged everyone to visit the cemetery and consider adopting a grave site to visit once a year and leave flowers. The “Wreaths across America” is a very popular project. The groundbreaking has already happened in Buhl where they are building a rural veterans cemetery. There will be another state run veterans cemetery built in Blackfoot to serve all the surrounding communities. Veterans and spouses can share a burial spot, it doesn’t matter who predeceases who. Visit the cemetery or their website.  (download the newsletter for the rest of the story)


Newsletter July 24, 2019

DG Jim Spanberger spoke about his trip to Milan, Italy for his swearing in with 750 other DG’s. He gave some history of the painting of “The Last Supper”. He shared the new IP’s motto “We Serve Through Diversity”. LCIF continues their focus on vision, diabetes, hunger, childhood cancer and environment. DG Jim and the district are working on getting a $25,000 grant thru LCIF for Camp Hodia who works with children with diabetes. DG Jim said his goals for the year are training and recruitment at Lions events. We have to ask people if they would like to join. Save the Date: Mid-Winter Feb 21-22, 2020.  (download the complete newsletter here)


Newsletter July 17, 2019

Zac Hill has been the offensive coordinator/QB coach at BSU for 4 years. They have 6 guys in the QB mix. He said it is a huge challenge to develop a new QB. Many local players are on the team including Keegan Duncan from Declo. BSU is considered a national power in football. Coach Harsin uses DTC = Discipline, Tough with Conviction. The team has a 3.1 core GPA. Goal of course is to get to the Fiesta Bowl again! 3 games in a row on the new blue field. (download the newsletter for the rest of the story)


Newsletter July 10, 2019

Dr. Dan Prinzing the executive director of the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights here in Boise spoke about the center’s mission. Which is to promote respect for human dignity and diversity through education and to foster our individual responsibility to work for justice and peace. He also talked about the Anne Frank Memorial which is the only one in the US right here in Boise! If you happen to visit the memorial, Anne Frank’s statue is looking at a chestnut tree. That tree is a sapling from the tree in the courtyard Anne Frank could see out of the attic window where she and her family were hiding until they were captured. He spoke about educating students to be upstanders to interrupt the spiral of injustice. He was a dynamic speaker.  (download newsletter for the rest of the story)


Newsletter June 26, 2019

ROCKS, ROCKS, ROCKS. A Rock is just not a rock anymore. Dr. Terry Panhorst from the Idaho Museum of Geology explained some of the various local rocks. Dr. Panhorst is from Mississippi and could not wait to “Go West Young Man” and did that in 2017 and is very happy with the State of Idaho. There are two kinds of rocks – intrusive and extrusive (volcanic-lava). He passed around several rocks to look at – Granite, Pegmatite, Rhyolite, Basalt, and Vesicular Basalt.- and explained where each could be found. Another great program you had to be here to enjoy because I cannot write his whole program. (download the newsletter here)

Newsletter June 19, 2019

In the late 90's Kevin Holtry joined the Sheriff's Department and later joined the Police Department. He was on the SWAT Team, became a sniper, was an undercover police officer, and now sits in a wheel chair from answering the call of a serious criminal on the loose. He told of his story that we are all too familiar with. On the Bench the police cornered the suspect in a neighborhood that was older with lots of out buildings, bushes and trash. After going from yard to yard they narrowed down the location and Police Officer Kevin was the first to go in and did not see the suspect hiding behind a large garbage can. He was shot 6 times (3 bullets are still in his body) and at the same time the police dog Jardo leaped in to assist and was shot also. The suspect was also shot and killed after shooting other officers. Officer Kevin lost his left leg below the knee and Jardo died a few days later. We do not give enough credit for the police who protect our community with their lives. In 2016 there was 8 police officer shootings. We applauded Officer Holtry for his service and wished him a happy retirement shortly. He has a great attitude and still hunts and fishes. (download the newsletter here for the rest of the story)


Newsletter June 12, 2019

Diane Deal was a shy girl in high school graduating from Meridian High in 1983. She didn't like to communicate with humans so she communicates with non humans – Border Collies. She trains and judges trails throughout the US and has dogs shipped in to train. Today she has 22 dogs and 200 sheep. Border Collies are born with herding in their makeup from puppies to trial stage. She trains dogs to gather stock as far away as 900 yards. Dogs are trained by body motion and whistles. Border Collies trials have four divisions – Nursery, Novice, Pro-novice and Open/Premier. Diane breeds one or two litters a year and one of her dogs could sell from $10,000 to $20,000 but she is very selective where one of her dogs go to live. Border Collies are the closest dog to wolves. Diane had a great video of working dogs and answered so many questions. She showed how her whistle works to give dogs directions. She even used it on her proud Dad, Tedd Foote. Click here to read about upcoming speakers, programs and projects

Newsletter June 5, 2019

412 pounds of potatoes sold every second, 13 billion every year. Idaho potatoes are known world wide and ships to 17 other countries. Mark Combs is a local farmer on the commercials. The brand from Lamb Weston is “Grown in Idaho”. Potato chips are sent to Washington, D.C. And both Democrats and Republicans agree they are great. Idaho Potatoes appear on numerous programs such as Kelley, The Price is Right and Ryan Sechrist from American Idle will have a show filmed in Coeur D'Alene. Eddy's Restaurant on State Street is included in some commercials. When ordering a meal that includes potatoes, it is a known fact, the potato is the first bite taken. The 6 ton potato and truck have had an eight year trek across America resulting in 210 thousand miles. A 4 ton, fiberglass potato has replaced the 6 ton potato which is now a B & B in Boise. The truck drivers are all women. Super fans drive for hours just to take a photo with the Potato Truck. Many statistics are shown on the photo at the bottom of the page. Over all, the video and the presentation from Frank Muir of the Idaho Potato Commission was super informative about things we usually don't think about but found to be very interesting..   download the newsletter here for more interesting information 


Newsletter May 29, 2019

What is Virtual Reality? That is the term used to describe a threedimensional, computer generated, environment which can be explored and interacted with by a person. That person becomes part of this virtual world or is immersed within this environment and while there, is able to manipulate objects or perform a series of actions. The headsets available are Oculus Go, Samsung Odyssey, HTC Vive Pro to name a few. Annie Marley gave several great demonstrations using virtual reality such as Sports, Medical, Teaching & even games. Several Lions tried on the headset and let a large whale & Manta Rays swim around them while they were standing on a wrecked ship. The future is really virtually scary!  download the newsletter here for all the news you need to know


Amber's Light Tales April, 2019   newsletter from Camarillo Amber's Light Lions Club, interesting reading from another Lions Club 

Newsletter May 22, 2019

STWT – SERVE THE WORLD TODAY – The goal being to give people in “developed” countries the chance to give back, by participating in a bottle school trip to Guatemala. It is called “Hug it Forward” and by building bottles schools, entire communities work together to build a sustainable school for their future. In the past 5 years Hug it Forward has built 48 bottle schools. Bottle schools are built using the post and beam construction. The component that gives bottle schools their name, making them environmentally-friendly, is the use of “eco-bricks” in place of cinder blocks or bricks. Eco-bricks are plastic bottles densely filled with inorganic trash (plastic bags, chip packets and polystyrene) collected by community members. Masons then sandwiched the eco-bricks between chicken wire and covered them with cement to form the walls. Gets rid of trash and builds a school! The bottles also become insulation. (download the newsletter here for the rest of the story)


Newletter May 15, 2019

ENVISION supporting the work of Lions Clubs. The new emblem is two hands holding an eye in their hands. Lion Jay Lugo gave a complete accounting on the reason for the name change. The main reason was the word “foundation”. People were reluctant to put money into a “foundation” because they thought the Lions were putting money into an endowment and living off the interest and would give money out every so often. Also the word “Idaho” was a problem. Why ask for money, say in New York, when you could get money from “Idaho”. A need to re brand was important. The Board picked the new sign and tag lines. The word Envision means seeing future possibilities. 

Jay Lugo and Sally Kurdy started the eye bank 25 years ago being hired by Lion William Hallock who, along with George Wehmann, had the vision to start this much blindness. (The Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation) A 50 yr celebration will be coming soon. In trying to get the new name out to the public they have 80 spots on 3 radio stations per month. Jay put so much more information in his program than I can include here. The program was GREAT!  (Download newsletter)

Newsletter May 8, 2019

STOP! Don't be a victim of a scam. Ed Fritz, Supervisor of the Crime Prevention Unit of the Boise Police Department made it very clear on what scams we are hearing about. Did you receive a phone call from someone demanding that you purchase a gift card to: avoid being arrested? Bail someone out of jail? Pay a utility bill? Pay a ransom to save a loved one? Pay a fine? Or pay your taxes? These are Scams. Hang up!. (download newsletter here)

Newsletter May 1, 2019

Where horses abound.....healing is found! That is Dreamhaven Ranch in Eagle, Idaho. It is a faith-based 501(c)3 charitable organization founded by Susan and Terry Thayer. Susan had been bullied as a child and this was her dream to help others. The ranch serves numerous families in the treasure valley by offering hope, peace, and love of God through horses. Susan and Terry provide a variety of programs for children, teens, adults & seniors. (download newsletter here)

Newsletter April 24, 2019

A small introduction to Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District – A water storage, drainage, conveyance & distribution system founded in 1904 that supplies irrigation water to some 69,000 acres of farms, lawns & gardens in Ada and Canyon Counties. NMID interacts with 5 cities: Nampa, Meridian, Boise, Kuna & Caldwell and is one of 5 districts that make up Boise Project Board of Control. In 2001 the District concluded a transfer of title with the Bureau of Reclamation. Currently Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District has 79,898 tracts of land, (download newsletter here)

Newsletter April 17, 2019

Somehow in the miss communications we did not have a speaker today. Greg Curtis from Nampa-Meridian Irrigation District will be speaking next week. Tail twister LaDawn filled some space with her memory questions for the club and Lion Patty Frison entertained the Club with tails of being an airline stewardess in some strange circumstances. Curt Kelley brought three Lion guests from California – Chuck Cassy from the Ventura Downtown Lions Club est. 1923 and has never repeated a president. Mary-Catherine Henggeler and daughter Leslie Oney are from the Camarillo Amber's Light Lions Club est. 2011. They have all held several club and district leadership positions. Curt Kelley also won the attendance drawing. No card money given out   (download newsletter here)


Newsletter April 10, 2019

Food Service of America is part of Services Group of America, ranked by Forbes as one of the largest privately held companies in the U.S. And can provide everything regardless of the size or scope of a food service operation. Besides serving locally, they can provide custom solutions to customers across the nation regardless of the region, geography or market. The logo – wheat stands for food, harvest, hope and “amber waves of grain”, The star stands for service and excellence. The Flag stands for America, equal opportunity and the American Dream. The colors, gold and teal, differentiate them from their competition. Mark Florance the V.P. Of Operations has been in the food service for 35 years starting out with McDonalds in California and then Arizona. Joined FSA in 1995. He explained the 24/7 work done by 200 employees locally showing the set up of merchandise, the loading of and the unloading of same merchandise and the delivery. Developing and increasing supplier diversity is an important goal. We don't realize the hours spent in delivering food that we just walk in the store and purchase. It is mind boggling.   download newsletter here

Newsletter April 3, 2019

With tears in her eyes Brandie Thompson explained Camp LOLO, a two-day bereavement camp for children and teens who are grieving the death of someone close to them. { LOLO stands for loss of a loved one.} They need time with peers and interactions with others who identify with their loss. The Camp is open to anyone ages 6-17 who has experienced the death of a family member or someone close to them. Priority is given to new campers, but returning campers are welcomed as space permits for 2 years. The Camp is in (Download the newsletter for the rest of the story)


Newsletter March 27, 2019

Can you hear me now? Lion Dr. Gayle Chaney explained the purpose of a test for hearing loss is to determine not only if you have a hearing loss, but how mild or severe it is. A thorough hearing test can also help define the type of hearing loss you have: conductive, sensorineural or mixed and whether it will respond best to medical treatment or hearing aids. When you visit a hearing healthcare professional, their first step is to get to know your personal hearing health and medical history and find out what concerns you have. (download the newsletter for the rest of the story)


Newsletter March 20, 2019

After Soccer & the Super Bowl the number 3 most popular tournament in the world is eSports! And, it is at Boise State since 2017 when they hosted competitive video game teams (eSports) as an officially sanctioned varsity activity for undergraduate and graduate students. Teams competed in the NACe regular season against member schools and selected tournaments. With more than 50 schools, BSU will compete nationally against schools like Utah, UC Irvine, Arizona State, Miami and others. Games selected for the inaugural season included League of Legends, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and Rocket League. Other games will be added. The program and eSports Arena (Education Building) will be hosted by the Dept. of Ed. Technology with directors Dr. Chris Haskell and Dr. Brett Shelton, our (download Newsletter here)


Newsletter March 13, 2019

Our own Lion Henry Cardinale was the surprise speaker for the week. Henry has been with the club for 21 years and the Club knew little about him. Henry married Liz in 1959 and they went to college in the LA area. He started out as a box boy for the Gateway Stores, worked his way up at Safeways and then purchased his own produce open front store which he had for 6 months. Henry wanted to do more and while on vacation in Idaho decided to move to the State and eventually went to work for Intermountain Gas Company as a credit manager which he kept until retirement. He and Liz have toured Italy, Spain, Portugal, & Sicily. (download newsletter for the rest of the story)


Newsletter March 6, 2019

He is a guitarist, a song writer, a great musician that had the honor of going to Borah High in the 50's with our own Lions Gary D'Orazio and Lavon Shelton. Terry Miller is with the Idaho Songwriter's Association and gave a great presentation that I cannot begin to do justice to. The Association's aim is to nurture the creative art of song writing among the youth. Together with Steve Eaton, who has written 100's of songs, they hold a songwriter (download newsletter here)



Newsletter Feb 27 2018   almost the end of the longest month of the year!!!

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in Idaho. Vicky Jekich from St. Lukes MSTI and Community Health Dept. gave a very broad program on this subject. To reduce your risk eat low-fat, highfiber foods, eat fruits and many colors of veggies each day, no smoking and no more than one alcoholic drink a day. Maintain a healthy weight and be active and get a screening at 50 years old and each ten years. Warnings are blood in or on the stool, change in bowel habits, unexplained weight loss. Supportive Oncology is an integral part of the St. Luke's MSTI philosophy that healing comes from caring for the whole person, not just the (download newsletter here)


Newsletter Feb 20, 2019

Twenty two Lions challenged the elements and attended the meeting where David McCallister fom AARP brought the Club up to date on the different avenues of “fraud”. I am sure we are all aware of the dangers of identity theft & investment fraud but David covered lots more that I will try to explain. Fake Checks- people trying to sell merchandise on craigslist or eBay – offering to pay more than you ask so you can send them a refund of the over payment. The cashier's check clears the bank but eventually is determined to be no good and you have no money or merchandise. Tech Support -We have all received an email claiming to be from Microsoft with a problem in your computer and after they “prove” there is a problem you will be left with a virus and even charge you for it. Disaster Related Charity Fraud - They come out of the woodwork sending emails to raise money for victims. Grandparent Scams -I had a call from my “grandson” saying he needed money to get home from vacation – (download newsletter for the rest of the story)



Newsletter February 13, 2019

Albertsons - The favorite local supermarket from coast to coast! That was stressed by Dennis McCoy who has been with Albertsons 24 years working his way up the corporate ladder to Community Outreach. Dennis came to Boise in 1999 after graduating from Indiana University. Attached is a Company Fact Sheet that will give all of the facts presented much better than I could do. The Albertsons Companies are amazing...................... Thirty one members came for the program and enjoyed it immensely. Even the President enjoyed the meeting because he took home (download the newsletter for the rest of the story)

Newsletter February 6,2019

Tom Scott, who has a sports program on KTVB, explained the progress BSU has made and is making in football. Tom attended BSU and has nearly 50 years in broadcasting. He was a public announcer for 11 years before partnering with Paul J. Schneider on KTVB for 14 seasons. Tom announced Kellen Moore's first game. He reminded the Club of BSU'S 50th anniversary of 4 year football. First was with Pokey Allen with a win/loss of 2 & 10. Then came Houston Nutt for one year for a win/loss of 4 & 7. Dirk Koetter came next in 1998 with BSU'S first winning season in 1-A   (download newsletter)


Newsletter Jan 30, 2019

Thirty two members and two guests were at the Club to hear Sherry Iverson, Director of the Children's Advocacy & Community Education at St. Luke's Hospital explain the workings of the Children's Cancer Care facility. It is a hospital within a hospital and is the most rural hospital in the country with families coming from Montana, Nevada, Colorado, Washington and Oregon. The kids are not transported in wheelchairs, they ride in red wagons, going to imaging & labs. The kids sleep in beds built for kids. Upon arrival they are given a pillow case, a fluffy blanket and a stuffed toy to make them feel more like home. There are 65 dogs and handlers that visit with sizes from Dachshunds to Great Danes. There are 132 pediatric specialists to care for the kids on any given day. Families can stay at the Ronald McDonald House. Sherry and her crew (download the newsletter for the rest of the story)


Newsletter January 23, 2019

3000 teens have been seen at THE CLOSET since it was established January, 2010 by Kelly McMurry. It only covers Ada County allowing children from 6th to 12th grades. Each teen is offered a one hour private session to receive 12 free items of clothing along with deodorants, tooth brushes and other toiletry items. Teens are referred by school counselors in West Ada and Boise school districts, homeless shelters, churches, and wordof-mouth. Kelly works with juvenile corrections seeing those kids 30 days prior to their release. Teens that come to THE CLOSET are sometimes in difficult and desperate situations. There are no dollars involved (download the newsletter for the rest of the story)

Newsletter January 16, 2019

It happened in 2001. In response to the overwhelming needs of women coming out of incarceration and addiction Marsha Tennyson founded Chrysalis. Chrysalis has been helping women take the necessary steps away from their former destructive lifestyle. Marsha has three homes and provides 6 month and 18 month programs. She insists the women find a church and attend regularly. She has started a new program – Day Program – at which time the prospective inhabitants are met in one location. The definition of the word Chrysalis is a stage of development where something or someone is still protected. The homes are that protection and allows a woman the opportunity to become a person God created her to be. (download newsletter for the rest of the story)



Newsletter January 9, 2019

Before the meeting 15 members of the Club attended a vision and hearing screening training program by Chris Randall from the Foundation. 34 members listened to the very informative program from Rick Ohnsman from the Boise Camera Club. Rick takes the photos of the cars for sale at Kendall Ford. He stressed the words from photographer Ansel Adams “Make photographs, not snap shots”. Beauty can be seen in all things and seeing and composing the beauty is what separates snap shots from photographs. Rick suggests you study the work of photographers you admire. George Eastman, Eastman-Kodak, says learn to love the light. Other quips Rick (download newsletter)


Newsletter Jan 2, 2019

Who better to write about Idaho Historical Markers than a retired antique dealer! So here goes.....Douglas Mac Arther Eld from the Parma Lions Club brought the 29 Lion members a great program on the how and why he photographed nearly 280 historic markers that are scattered around the entire state of Idaho. These signs cover all aspects of Idaho history, from ancient geologic events to relatively modern human activities. “Mac” includes these markers in his “Trips Back in Time” history along Idaho roads. He has covered the oldest Mission of the Sacred Heart which was founded in 1842 to the College of Southern Idaho founded in 1964.These are included in his 2019 Calendar that can be purchased for a crisp ten dollar bill. The signs are the property of the Idaho Transportation Dept and the Idaho Historical Society. Each sign includes a brief history of the location. Many suffer from the lack of attention, which is why he took the problem public. Great program to start off 2019.

Download the newsletter for the rest of the story and some great pictures


Newsletter Dec 19, 2018

HAVE A MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR! That started out our last meeting of 2018 as sung by the Centennial High School Choir – Camerata. They serenaded 35 members & three guests with several more Christmas lively tunes. Thanks Aarda Justin for a great program. “I NEVER WIN ANYTHING” Larry Locklear cried just before he won about $30 in the attendance drawing. (download the newsletter for everything you need to know and more)


Newsletter Dec 12, 2018

IDACORP, Inc. is a holding company incorporated in 1998. Its principal operating subsidiary is Idaho Power Company, headquartered in Boise and locally operated since 1916, providing reliable, low-cost energy services to over 545,000 residential, irrigation, commercial and industrial customers across 24,000 sq. miles in southern Idaho and eastern Oregon. Whether you are an investor, a customer or just interested in Idacorp, you likely know that the company's largest source of electricity is hydroelectric generation a (download newsletter for the rest of the story)


Newsletter Dec 5.2018

The Idaho Conservation Leagues is Idaho's leading voice for conservation. They have offices in Boise, Ketchum and Sandpoint and they work hard and smart to protect the air you breathe, water you drink and wild places you and your family love to go to. Ben Otto, our speaker, protects Idaho's air quality and climate stability by helping our state transition from fossil fuels to clean energy. He engages directly with utilities and state regulators to advocate for replacing fossil fuels with clean energy options. (for newsletter click here for the rest of the story)


Newsletter Nov 28, 2018

Thirty two members came to learn about Idaho's Noxious Weeds, pests & mosquitoes. Adam Schroeder and Sam Brockway presented a great video. Idaho's 57 noxious weeds include species that make significant modifications to the landscape.  Purple loosestrife can change stream
velocity, which increases  (download newsletter)


Newsletter November 14, 2018

What a great meeting! Thirty-one Lions and ten guests enjoyed the program
from Rachel Myers, a registered dietitian from the Humphries Diabetes
Center educating the Club on Diabetes. This week was bring a vet to lunch and we did just that. Dwaine Hibbs brought brother-in-law Jerry Simon, Larry Locklear brought neighbor Joe
Theisen, Shirley Brooks brought friend Bill Crane, Gary D'Orazio brought
friends Mike Carey and Jim Brandt, M.J. Thompson brought friend Kelly
Mc Clinton, Dan Frison brought fellow real estate partner Van States, Joyce
Schram brought niece Joyce Hartley, and Louie Pfleger (who was not in
attendance) sent Tom Byrns, a vet and a lion prospect. Our speaker, Rachel
Myers was also a navy veteran.  download the newsletter here for the rest of the story

Newsletter Nov 7, 2018

Largest business-first organization that advocates for the advancement
of business and community and is a non profit established in 1883. It is
the Boise Chamber of Commerce located in its new location in the
parking garage at 1101 W. Front, Suite 100. Sarah Cortez has been with
the Chamber for 7 years as the account manager handling any revenue
that comes in. She explained the various fields covered under their
umbrella such as the Convention and Visitors Center, Urban Renewal,
Highway projects, air service. local and state buildings and museum.
Great program to start the month of November download newsletter for the rest of the story


Newsletter Oct 31, 2018

Richard “Dick” Eardley (12/23/28 – 06/30/12) served three terms as mayor
of Boise, Idaho from 1974 to 1986. He served as mayor for total of 12 years,
longer than anyone else in Boise history until David Bieter won a fourth
consecutive four-year term in 2015. During his term he had the Senior
Center building built. Thus the name The Dick Eardley Boise Senior Center.
It is a meeting place where older adults can participate in monthly programs,
classes, activities and services focused on health, life-long learning,
recreation and nutrition. Older adults can take classes, share a meal and
socialize. Lunch is served daily for $4.00 for 60 yrs and older, $6.00 under
age 60 and is open to the public. The center features a craft boutique where
locally hand crafted items are for sale and a thrift store.(download newsletter for the rest of the story)


Newsletter Oct 24, 2018

Let's Make Something Happen - D.G.Joe Jara visited the Club with his annual visitation. He stressed signing up for the Mid Winter Convention and covered several of the new ideas for the upcoming convention. It is important that enough early registrations come in because it is dollars and cents whether an International Speaker will be invited or entertainment will be included.  Another factor is Justin and Patrick from “I'll Push You” will speak at 8pm Friday night and Joe would like a large group attending. Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray are 2 best friends – one in a wheelchair – who relied on faith to hike Spain's 500 Mile El Camino (download newsletter)


Newsletter Oct 17, 2018

35 Species of mushrooms – who knew! Bob Chehey from the U of I
Extension Office knew and told the Club about every one. He had a great
video of the good, the bad and the ugly mushroom. It was a great program,
but not one I can include in the newsletter because it was too broad.
33members did learn about mushrooms as (download newsletter for the whole story)



fNewsletter Oct 10, 2018

Jeffries, Ada County Emergency Management, made believers of the Club by
providing the statics on some disasters. The #1 hazard is extreme weather.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency ranks Idaho fifth highest in the
nation for earthquake risk. In the last 50 years Idaho has experienced two of
the largest earthquakes in the continental US. Alaska, California, Hawaii,
Nevada, Washington and then Idaho. Wildfires, which 86% are human
caused and since more people are making their homes in the foothills and
outlying areas they face the real danger of wildfires. Floods - On the average,
the Boise River reaches 7,000 cubic feet per second, or flood state, once
every 5 years and results in some minor inconveniences and damage each
time. Three out of every 5 years certain creeks and gulches in Ada County
also pose a threat. Highest risk  (download newsletter for the rest of the story)


Newsletter Oct 3   2018

He graduated from Borah High and attended the U of I( where he had a big
brother by the name of Larry Kidd.). He received his doctorate in Philosophy,
Bachelor of Arts and Science and received his Master of Arts at BSU. He is
Dr. Don Coberly, the Superintendent of the Boise School District which was founded in 1865 and covers 1072 miles. District #1 was the greatest in the State but now is 2nd to District #2, West Ada. District #1 is the second oldest system in Idaho, the oldest being in Lewiston (founded 3 days earlier). He described the construction and reconstruction  (download newsletter here)


Newsletter Sept 26, 2018

They were not “horsing around” when Bruce Newcomb and Todd Dvorak came to the Club from the
Idaho Horse Racing Association to give their view on Prop 1.They want to bring back an Idaho tradition.  When live and historical horse racing terminals were repealed in 2015, more
than 500 jobs were lost and many breeders, trainers, jockeys, and others
left to work in neighboring states.  (download newsletter)

Newsletter Sept 19, 2018

Boise has been in hot water for a long time! That was the topic for John
Gunnerson from the Boise Geothermal System. John is a BSU graduate with
a degree in Civil Engineer. The first 5 years working for Boise he was
dealing with the sewer system and transferred to Geothermal where he is
today. In 1890-1891, the Boise Water Works Company completed two
geothermal wells on the east side of Boise. Within a couple years, the
nation's very first district heating system was born in a geological and
geographical region known  (download the newsletter for the rest of the story)


Newsletter Sept 12, 2018

Mark Breske the Marketing and Communications Officer and Liz
Hobson the Museum Administrator came to the club presenting 111 years
of museum history. In 1907 legislature approved the creation of the first State
Historical Museum and construction at the current location started in 1941.
There was a delay due to WW2. Construction was completed in 1950
with added programming space added in 1980.  (download newsletter for the full story)


Newsletter Sept 5, 2018

Homeless in Boise, Idaho. This and Affordable Housing was the topic of
Jerry Brady, Attorney and Statesman contributor and member of
“Compassionate Boise”. Jerry also owned the Idaho Falls newspaper. He
says over 8000 have no home in Idaho and half of that number are kids.
30,000 are spending more than 50% of their income on housing. One
solution is to look into more trailer houses. There are 5300 trailer houses in
Boise and 3500 in Garden City. ROCC in Idaho is looking into having the
residences own their own trailer park instead of a single owner not even in
the State. He says they are looking into making affordable housing out of
storage units and building up instead of out. This is a large problem and not
easily solved. Terry Brady started off September with another great program.

download newsletter here for the full story


Newsletter Aug 29, 2018

“GONE FISHING” This guy gets paid to fish! Jordan Rodriguez is the
Fishing Guide for the Idaho Statesman. He caught his first fish nearly 30
years ago in Michigan. He remembers it like yesterday. He got dressed in
the wee hours of the morning  (download newsletter here)


Newsletter August 22, 2018

There was gold in them thar hills! That is what Eliza Schultz from the Idaho
Museum of Mining told the Club. She had a video on several Idaho mines.
Pierce Mine is the oldest in the State established in 1818 had 6000 people
getting there with no roads. In 1883 Chinese worked there. The Pierce
courthouse, built in 1862 is Idaho's first and is still standing and hung 5
Chinese who were accused of murdering a local business owner. It is located
30 miles East of Orofino and is the birthplace of gold mining. Silver Valley
Mine is in northern Idaho near Kellogg/Wallace area. It started 125 years ago  (download newsletter for the rest of the story)


Newsletter August 8, 2018

Zoo with a new view! Bobby Gene Peacock, Boise Zoo Director, really
summed up the new construction at the Boise Zoo. The Centennial Plaza at
the front of the zoo has been demolished and they are currently digging
footings for the new Gibbon building. The Gorongosa Exhibit is moving
along at a good pace. The foundation for the Wild Dog/Hyena building has
been poured. A new water line is nearing completion. Quotes are in for the
Giant Anteater building and shop. The front plaza redesign was necessary to
replace outdated exhibits and it will add valuable public space for special
events and will be themed on the (download newsletter for the rest of the story)


Newsletter August 1, 2018

Speaker did not come so no report here.
We had 34 members and 4 guests attending this
week. Guests were Jill Judd, Darlene Storck's sister,
Zane Shelton, Blas Ortez and Janeisha. Sarah
Kohler missed the attendance drawing and no one
took home the card money.
Bob Brewton was welcomed back after gall bladder
surgery last week.
The Club thanked the Frisons for a great party last
Saturday. Last minute preparations for the Jackpot
Golf Tournament – still need golfers - if you have an item for the raffle or silent auction please get it to Edie no later than Thursday. If it is Friday, take the items to the Eagle Hills Golf Club.
The Club collected $23 and 14 cans (download the newsletter here)


Newsletter July 25, 2018

Designed to be Kind! That is the vision of the Idaho
Humane Society which provides shelter for more
lost, abandoned and abused pets than any other
animal welfare organization in the Pacific Northwest.
It also provides much-needed services including a
Veterinary Medical Center and humane education
program. One great supporter is Bench Lion Dr. Roy
Ellsworth and wife Frances. In the new $15 million
facility animals will be housed in roomier, calm
spaces to keep them healthy, happy and behaving.
The new facility will grow from 24,000 sq. ft. to
42,000 sq. ft. on 10 acres and includes a public dog
park. It will contain large (download newsletter here)

Newsletter July 18, 2018

From Banff Alberta, Canada to Antelope Wells, NM an amazing ride on a
bicycle, 2700 miles which crosses the great divide 30 times. That is what
Michael Devitt, of Focus Physical Therapy, did for “fun” in 2016. It took
him 24 days, 6 hours and 7 minutes and the winner did it in 13 days, 22 hours
with little or no sleep. The video showed sunshine, rain, daylight and dark.
They went through crushed lava, dusty roads, riverbeds that are now roads
and mud sometimes nearly a foot deep. Remember this is “fun”. The cyclers
encountered grizzly bears, moose and at night saw many eyes watching the
race. Michael did try to sleep from midnight to 4:30am. Spent some nights
in motels and some along the road covered in mud he fell in. Great video
from the handlebars of his $5000 bike. His book about the race is Divided by
Two Wheels. Next race coming up is Bend, OR - a 100 mile mountain bike
race.  (Download newsletter)


Newsletter July 11, 2018

Thirty four members and two guests were treated to an enjoyable program
presented by “Scout” and his handler Lance Nickerson from the Boise Police
Department. Some people think Scout is a “mutt” but he is a purebred
German Wire-Haired Pointer. He was a rescue dog that had lived on his own
for several months because he could not be caught. Someone decided he
may like steak and he was captured. He is a scrappy, shaggy dog but friendly
and goodhearted. He was recruited as an outreach mascot in 2015 by the
BPD. He will be 4 years old on July 26th. Spent 3 months (download newsletter for the rest of the story)


Newsletter June 27, 2018

What a dynamic speaker! Lindsay Randolph, chief creative officer for
Scentsy came to Boise from living in many, many places in the USA and
abroad. She went to college in New York and attended art school for
sculptors in France, speaks fluent French & other languages. She learned to
be a welder. She became a high wire artist, worked for Mattel and came from
working for Walt Disney. Her older brother was the founder of Netflix. Her
father is Austrian and Sigman Floyd is a great grandfather. Lindsay is a
product designer with a fresh perspective. She tries to have others see with
fresh eyes what may have been normal for the past ten years. Some call her a
creative disrupter. And for the past 4 years has been doing just that at
Scentsy and from all reports it is really working.(download newsletter)


Newsletter June 20, 2018    Big Bird paid a visit

Oliver, the African Eagle Owl, spread his wings and
landed at the Club with handler Mike Garrett. Oliver is 5
months old and came from the Atlanta Zoo. He weighs 4
pounds & has 14 vertebrae in his neck so he can turn it
270 degrees. Young owls are fed for 6 months in the wild
and the oldest on record was 16 years old. Horned owls
live to almost 30 years and can weigh as much as 10
pounds and can take down large birds like cranes. There
are 460 species of raptors who have big eyes, hooked
beaks and powerful feet. Oliver was quite curious 

for the rest of the story download the newsletter (here)


Newsletter June 13, 2016

Alzheimer's is the 6th leading killer with no prevention or cure! An estimated 23,000 Idahoans are currently living with Alzheimer's and other dementia. By 2025 the incidence is expected to reach nearly 33,000. Dementia is an umbrella term for lots of disorders but Alzheimer's makes up 75%. The Alzheimer's Foundation of America was founded in 2002 by Bert E. Brodsky who was a caregiver whose mom had Alzheimer's from 1980-1992. It has since grown to unite 2600 member organizations nationwide with a goal of optimal care and service for those with dementia and families and caregivers. Their mission is to eliminate the disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health. Christine Bubb delivered a great program and explained a lot of questions we posed. She can be contacted at 1-800-272-3900 (Download newsletter here)

Newsletter June 6, 2018

What is Pet Peace of Mind? For many in hospice care, a decline in physical
conditions impacts a patient's ability to have a relationship with the family
pet. Pets often fill the relational void as they offer unconditional love and
companionship when it is needed most. Pet Peace of Mind enables patients
to keep their pets at home throughout their end-of-life journeys, Local
hospice partners provide pet food, veterinary care, and other pet-care needs at
no cost to patients. If the pet already has a veterinarian, the pet would remain
under his or her care. The program helps St. Luke's hospice (Download newsletter here)


Newsletter May 30, 2018

International Convention Chair, Global Service Team Coordinator, PDG from Indiana are a few of the titles of Rich Davis who is also a member of the Meridian Lions Club. Rich has been a Lion since 1982. He brought the proposal of having a service coordinator at the club level to have the
responsibility of reporting projects to LCI instead of putting the burden on the club Secretary.

(download newsletter for the rest of the story)


Newsletter May 23, 2018

Linda Penwarden, an Oncology nurse from St. Luke's Hospital presented a
very informative program on a subject that seems to interfere with the lives of
many of our loved ones – Cancer. Linda has been in cancer care for the past
20 years, but a nurse for 30 years. The five leading cancers are breast,
prostate, lung, colon and melanoma. Melanoma is on the rise in Idaho.
Linda explained the symptoms of each type, which I will not include. She
also said to stay healthy by using healthy oils like olive and canola, eat more
veggies {potatoes and french fries don't count}eat plenty of fruits of all colors
and drink water, tea or coffee with little or no sugar, but limit milk/dairy to 1-
2 servings/day and juice drink only 1 small glass a day, and, of course, no
sugary drinks. Eat a variety of whole grains like whole-wheat bread, wholegrain
pasta and brown rice. Choose fish, poultry (Download Newsletter)


Newsletter May 16, 2018

Speaker Brett Rumbeck came with a great program on Blue Cross of Idaho
which is a not-for-profit mutual insurance company. That means they do not
earn profits for shareholders or send money to a huge corporation located
somewhere else. They are owned by the policyholders and their highest
obligation is to act in the vest interest of members. They use the premiums to
pay claims and operating expenses, and invest in our community.
(download newsletter for the rest of the story)


Newsletter May 9, 2018

Dr. Tracy Farnsworth President of the proposed Idaho College of Osteopathic
Medicine presented a very informative program. The ICOM mission is to
train osteopathic physicians prepared for caring for persons in Idaho,
Montana, North and South Dakota and Wyoming. Dr. Farnsworth said there
are two types of physicians that practice medicine. Most physicians hold the
Doctor of Medicine degree (MD), while osteopathic physicians hold the
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree (DO). Both lead the health care team
and are licensed in all 50 states. (download the newsletter)

Newsletter May 2, 2018

R U HOT- That was on the front of the t-shirt worn by Paul Coffee and his
wife Jere. They are with Solar Sunscreens. He explained there is no fading
with the screens, they provide privacy and are removable and washable with
soap & water.  (download newsletter for the rest of the story)


Free2succeed April 25, 2018

Twenty six members and one guest came to listen to Sterling Williams from
Free2Succeed, a community Mentor Program for the Idaho Department of
Correction. Sterling is from Maryland, was in the Air Force and went to BSU
for his degree in Social Science. Sterling pairs a mentor with someone being
released from prison – a mentee. The mentor will (download for the rest of the story)


Lunch April 18, 2018

Bob Storm won the attendance drawing and John Howe won the card money. Congrats to both! President Dan reported a thank you card for the donation to the K9 project for veterans. Our club has been entered in the pot for a $2000 prize. The Hit the Jackpot Board meeting will be the 24th at 6:00pm at the Lions Foundation Building.
Curt Kelley reported the name for the Alzheimer walk will be Boise Valley Lions Team which hopefully will have participants from all the local Lions Clubs.  download for more news here


Membership Lunch April 11, 2018

Ambrose School

Owens Davies, from the Ambrose School, brought Senior Student Dillon
Thompson who gave an eloquent program about his life at the school.
Ambrose School, K – 12, develops Christian leaders who possess the
qualities of a deep faith, have a heartfelt moral compass, have a strong
command of language and are well read. The students score (download newsletter for the rest of the story)


Membership Luncheon April 4, 2018


LIONS KIDSIGHT USA. That was the program presented by Star Lion Kathy
Donahue. To find kids to screen the club should reach out to community agencies
that work with children to offer screenings.  Head Start, Kindergartens, Religious
Schools, Private Schools, Day Care Centers & Preschools are some. Each club needs
access to a screening device, have HIPAA compliant system permission & result
forms, have a system for follow up and provide follow-up exams or care and keep a
list of the results such as number screened, number referred, age group. The club
should maintain a list of number screened, number referred, ages and a diagnosis if
possible. No names are to be kept by the Club, only the School. Important for Lions to be familiar with Myopia –near sighted, Hyperopia – far sighted, Amblyopia - Vision in one eye reduced because the eye & brain are not working together, Strabismus – Misalignment of the eyes (4% of US population has it).  Astigmatism – is caused by a deviation from spherical curvature. (download newsletter for the rest of the story)


Member Lunch March 28, 2018

Elli Brown, the policy and outreach specialist with INL and John Revier, the State Director for Government relations with INL presented a very informative program about the Idaho
National Laboratory. It is 800 sq. miles, has 1350 miles of roads and 21 miles of railroad lines. 112 miles are of electrical transmission and distribution lines. Located on the premises are 4 reactors, 400+ buildings, 3 fire stations, mass transit system, explosive range and a museum. It is manned by 4256 employees. The INL is positioned to address the world's most challenging problems and are much more technical than I could keep up with and report on. A great one of a kind program that was enjoyed by all 32 attendees.  (download newsletter for the rest of the story)

Member Lunch March 21, 2018

Lion member Jim Kreller came to talk about a very popular topic – Guns. Jim
graduated from Pendleton High in 1962 and being a farm community guns were always in view. Many students had guns in their vehicles to go hunting after school or just practice shooting, not to shoot at other students. Disputes back then were settled with fists, not guns. (download newsletter)


Member Lunch March 14, 2018

Preventing child abuse in Idaho. Roger Sherman from the Idaho Children's Trust Fund explained the five steps to protect children from child abuse.  ICTF was established in 1985 to support efforts designed to prevent child abuse and neglect with the state. In additional to sex abuse childhood experiences can include emotional and physical abuse. They can experience emotional and physical neglect. The household can have substance abuse or mental illness, or violence to the Mother. This is a growing concern and we should all pay close attention and report anything that seems out of order. It could save a child. (read more here)

Member Lunch March 7, 2018

They may not wear the uniforms anymore, but they still wear the colors! In other words, once
a Bronco – always a Bronco. The Club wa svisited by past BSU Quarterback Bart Hendricks
who was inducted into the Boise State Hall of Fame in 2007. Bart is presently Director of
Development VARSITY B Coordinator for the Bronco Athletic Association which is the fund
raising arm of Boise State Athletics that strives to provide the necessary support and resources
for BSU Student-Athletes to be successful in the classroom and (download newsletter)


Member Luncheon Feb 28, 2018

Another great program that brought 29 lions and one guest to hear what Kelly
McDonnell had to say about the Boise Bicycle Project. They make quality
refurbished bicycles and parts are available to the community at affordable
prices. They provide an open workshop and have experienced mechanics to
help work/learn to work on your own bicycle. There are 3 ways to fix your
bike: 1. Membership: for as low as $50 a year, you can become a Member
and use the shop whenever it is open at no additional cost. 2. Hourly: If not
a member it costs $10/hour to use the shop. (download newsletter)


Member Luncheon February 21, 2018

Evelyn Mason, Audio Describer from Gem Arts Center, was late to the
meeting because her car broke down and she had to take Uber and arrived
with 15 minutes to present her program. She did an artful presentation talking
about the new location at Vista and Overland. Third floor offers 22 art studio
spaces, middle floor is for classrooms, the main floor is 7000 sq. feet for
gallery displays. They will work with other groups in the community like the
Veterans Administration, local church & Little Theater. Short and sweet but
full of information.
(download Newsletter for more information)

Luncheon February 14, 2018

{208} 398-HELP {4357}. If you are feeling down, contemplating suicide that
is the number to call! Meg Roberts from the Idaho Suicide Prevention
Hotline presented a great program on a problem getting bigger and bigger.
The suicide rate per 100,000 is 20.8%. Some factors leading to suicide are
mental problems, bullying, feeling hopeless, feeling trapped in an unbearable
pain or the increasing use of alcohol and/or drugs. Since Idaho is such a rural
state firearms are easily accessed and used. Someone is available 24/7 to
answer phone calls and all have had qualified training. If someone you know
is in a crisis or emotional distress call the help line.  (download newsletter)

Luncheon February 8, 2018

Who are you and where did you come from? That was the topic that JuVanne Martin from the Idaho Genealogical Society tried to explain. Records of the events in the lives of our ancestors generally fall into three categories – those kept by government offices, by churches, and by individuals, businesses or organizations. Many of the key records essential for genealogical research were created by local county or city governments. County records include court, land and property  (download newsletter)


Lunch January 31, 2018

She drove a “Scam Chaser” Jeep to the meeting. She is Rebecca Barr, the community and outreach contact for the Better Business Bureau. BBB was formed in 1902 by a Coca Cola Distributor who first advertised the company under the name Advertiser Club of America but later changed it to BBB and checked on the standards of independently operated business to be fair and honest in dealing with the public. She named the 3 most used scams: No. 1 – Cell phones. Company One Plus reported 40,000 credit card breaches. No. 2 – Delis – Chain Jasons Deli had 2 million breaches on the Black Web for credit card pmts and No. 3 is job applications. Flag Ship (download newsletter for the rest of the story)


Membership Luncheon Jan 24, 2018

ABIGAIL'S HOPE is a non profit organization founded by Sarah Mahy. It's mission is to benefit families who experience pregnancy and infant loss, provide support and share hope. They
partner with hospitals and provide them with care items like handmade (for the rest of the story, please download the newsletter here)


Lunch Jan 17, 2018

TIP – Trauma Intervention Program – of the Treasure Valley. This was the
program presented by Rachyl Cadwallader. TIP was founded in 2015 as a
partnership between local officials, community leaders, residents and the
national office of TIP. The purpose is to provide immediate emotional and
practical support to survivors of tragedy. Local residents are trained to be
volunteers and they respond on a 24/7/365 day basis to requests for assistance
from police officers, firefighters, paramedics, deputy coroners and hospital
personnel. Volunteers respond to support survivors of all types of tragedy
including sudden deaths, suicides, auto accidents, drownings, fires and
sudden infant deaths. Volunteers also support travelers when tragedy occurs
in the Treasure Valley when they are far from home. Rachyl is a social
worker at St. Lukes. She tells volunteers don't cry harder or longer than the
people you are with!  (download Newsletter here)


Lunch Jan 10, 2018

Awards, Awards and an Eye Opening demonstration

ESIGHT a comfortable, wearable and hands free device, allowing legally
blind individuals to use their hands while they use it to see. They get instant
sight between short-range vision to mid-range vision, (seeing faces in a
room) to long-range vision (looking down a hallway) without any appreciable
lag time. Esight enable independence and choice as the legally blind engage
in virtually all activities of daily living. Students can view the board from
any seat in the classroom and move independently between buildings and
events .Average cost is $10,000. Luke Williams presented this “eye opening”
program to the Club.  download for the rest of the story



Lunch Jan 3, 2018

How to build a bunk bed! President Dan Frison and Patty demonstrated the building of bunk beds that the Club has been constructing and delivering for “Sleep in Heavenly Peace”.  A lot of times Dan has to drill new holes, cut slats to fit among
other things before putting the bed together. See photos of Dan, Patty, Curt Kelley, Tom Carperon and Warren Packard from the start to the finish. Dan says you get such a great feeling when the
kids see their bed for the first time. It is a very rewarding payment after the work is done.
Thirty three members were on hand to learn how to build a bed. Tedd Foote was not one of them and missed out on the attendance drawing. Card money stayed in the bag. Lorne Jackson from Saskatchewan. Canada was on his usual winter visit. Always good to see Lorne who has visited our club for at least the past 8 years. PDG Dennis Burks was also a visitor.
(download newsletter)


Lunch Dec 20, 2017

Gayle Chaney was not one of the 32 members and she missed out on the attendance drawing {Her
name has been drawn 3 times in a row } The card money stayed home. Austin Kidd, Blas & Lucia Ortiz were guests and Michelle brought Lion Louie to join us. Great to see Lion Louie.
Happy Olsen presented Lidia and (download newsletter)

Lunch Dec 14, 2017

Madeline Donfro visited the Club to explain CATCH of Ada County {Charitable Assistance to Community's Homeless}. It was officially launched in January 2012 by founder and director, Greg Morris. He developed and implemented the original CATCH pilot program in 2006 while working for the City of Boise. Under his leadership from 2006-2011 the program grew and received national recognition. CATCH covers both the Ada and Canyon County Programs.(download newsletter)


Lunch Dec 6, 2017

Stephanie Grover and Sam Murray
brought an interesting program from
Big Brothers, Big Sisters. The
organization has been in Boise for 30
years and has ten staff members and
at this time have 250 matches. In the
past two years they have been in the
top ten in the nation. They  (download newsletter here)


Lunch November 29, 2017

“Are you smarter than our club President”. President Dan Frison, V . P. Sarah Kohler
and New Member Tom Caperon surprised Lion Curt Kelley by answering his questions
correctly I was delighted to say the rest of the Club seemed to know the answers too.
We had 38 members and one guest this week. Stevie Packard won the attendance drawing and Patty Frison won the card money with a card she thought would never get picked. Guest Sammi Tucker presented a fund raising video to the members of the Board.  (download newsletter)

Lunch November 15, 2017

Director Matthew Clark, presented a “one act” program for the club. He
began producing theater in Boise in 1996 and performed in Lone Star by
James McLure in the basement of the Mode in Downtown Boise. When
Matthew saw there was an audience for professional contemporary theater in
Boise, BCT was born. (newsletter)


Member Lunch Nov 8, 2017

When Dr. Bruce Newcomb says “open wide” he was talking to his first
patient of the Zoo, a snow leopard, in need of a good dentist. The leopard
was sedated thank goodness. His other patients, 2 sloth bears, an ocelot,
lions, tigers and bears, all needed tooth repair such as root canals which is Dr.
Newcomb's specialty on humans. He says a tooth is a tooth is a tooth.
Multiple procedures are done on the animals  (download newsletter for the rest of the story)


Member Lunch November 1, 2017

Karen Ellis, with friend Brigid Kelly, reported on the past year of Sprouts at
the Boise Family Market. In May, 2018 will start the 5th summer for Sprouts.
The Market runs from May to October outside and from Nov. 1st will be
indoors at 8th and Fulton. The location is too small for activities. This year
they came up with a new mascot “Eggbert” and the kids had to find Eggbert
in a booth and then report on that particular booth.  (download newsletter for the rest of the story)

Luncheon Meeting October 25, 2017

COL. TIMOTHY DONNELLAN is the Commander of the 124th Fighter
Wing. He is a Combat Veteran A-10 “Thunderbolt II” pilot and Air Liaison
Officer who served the Idaho Air National Guard as Director of Staff during
2014 until assuming command of the 124th Fighter Wing in June 2015. Tim
commanded the 124th Air Support Operations Squadron (ASOS) in 2013-14.
He was born in Tampa, Florida and graduated from Purdue University in
1990 (but now supports Go Broncos). He had 5 combat deployments
covering Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan from 1998-2008. His program was
that of a very dedicated Airman who was so full of information about what
has and is happening at the Air National Guard and answered all the
questions thrown at him by the Club. WOW! WHAT A PROGRAM. download newsletter


Luncheon Meeting October 18, 2017

Mark Wheeler, Entrepreneur, Fitness and Professional Coach, Motivational
Speaker, Adventurer, Elite Endurance Racer, Husband and Father spoke to
the Club and left us all breathless and wondering what achievements we had
done in our lives. Download Newsletter


Member Lunch Oct. 11, 2017

Wednesdays guest speaker was Christine Hahn, MD, Idaho Division of Public Health & Welfare. She explained the differences between Opiates and Opioids and why the increase in consumption in America more than any other country.

Also this meeting we had a great turnout induction of 4 new members by C.C.Jay Lugo. – Linda Wright, Dave Chaney, Tom Caperon and Sharon LoSasso.


We had three visiting Lions – James Condon and Nikki Gerhard from Wood River Lions and Robin Gurrola from Lodi, CA. (download newsletter)

Member Lunch Oct 4, 2017

Guardian Spirit – that is the Nez Perce meaning for Wyakin. The Wyakin Foundation is an independent nonprofit organization. They raise funds solely for their program and the wounded veterans they serve. They are always seeking veterans in need of the services Wyakin provide.(download the newsletter for the rest of the story)

Member Lunch Sept. 27 ,2017

It isn't even Halloween and our program was “creepy” and “crawly” and a little bit “scary”! Ariel Agenbroad, from the U of I Area Extension Education Department, thrilled and chilled the club with the good, the bad and the ugly insects mostly from the vegetable garden.  There are 200 million
species of insects and most wear their bones on the outside. They multiply because they hide and live where others cannot live, fly and can migrate when (download newsletter)


Member Lunch Sept 20, 2017

Never has diet been so important for brain health and reducing the risk of
Alzheimer's. 5,4 million living in the US are suffering with AD. One in three
seniors die with the disease each year and it is the 5th leading cause of death
for the elderly. AD deaths have increased by 75% in the past decade and by
2050 projections are for a person to die every 33 seconds with AD. Foods that
nourish and protect your brain: 2c. Leafy greens, 2-3c vegetables/fruits, 1/2 c
legumes, 1 oz nuts/seeds, Protein-Fish 3-4 times week, 1/2 c fermented foods
and use herbs and spices daily. Further questions can be sent to Sue Linja,
RDN,LD at 208-861-3998 or Sue presented a
great program and was able to answer all questions thrown at her.(download newsletter)


Member Lunch Sept 13, 2017

Bill Manny, Community Engagement Editor for the Idaho Statesman spoke to the club about the future of a paper newspaper. When Bill started at the Statesman, 15 yrs ago, they had 90 reporters. They have less than 30 today. Fewer reporters have more to report.  â€‹(download newsletter)

Lunch Meeting 9/6/17

Thirty three lions and two guests enjoyed the program from Bryan Wewers of Idaho Power. His topics were right in line with the Club's interest – hunting, fishing, & camping. Bryan's topic was the sustainability report. Improving water quality is a primary goal of Idaho Power's Snake River Stewardship Program. read more here


Club Meeting Aug 30, 2017

Clint and Glenda Randall entertained the club with a video and personal information about their medical journey to Honduras with the Faith and Humanity Missions. (download newsletter for the rest of the story)


Lunch Meeting Aug. 16, 2017

Erin Anderson, Executive Director of IBG, but she sure did have her facts and figures about the Idaho Botanical Garden. 

The Garden is a non profit 501C-3 garden located on 50 acres at 2355 N. Old Penitentiary, Boise, ID. Only 15 acres are developed at this time. It was established in 1984 to do tours, education and events. A botanical garden is a garden dedicated to the collection, cultivation and display of a wide range of plants labeled with their botanical names. It may contain specialist plant collections such as cacti and other succulent plants, herbs, and plants from particular parts of the world and IBG has 10 different gardens. (Read more here)


Newsletter August 9, 2017

Thirty two members and guests listened to Lion Gayle Chaney,who was an Audiologist at the Gooding School for the Deaf and Blind, explain the systems of hearing loss in children and adults. Hearing problems are serious and if you think a loved one has a hearing problem see a doctor who
specializes in the ear, nose, and throat, or an audiologist . We all had our “listening ears” on to this very informative presentation​   (download newsletter for the rest of the story)



Newsletter Aug. 2, 2017

Truth 208 – Straight talk about medicine abuse. What is medicine abuse? It is taking medicine that is not yours or taking your own prescribed medication in a way that is not what your doctor prescribed. (Read more here)


Newsletter July 26, 2017

West Nile Virus found in Ada County. When the Ada County Mosquito
Abatement has a positive result like this, they address it immediately. They
constantly stay on top of the county's mosquito population and continue to
keep a close eye on these positive locations, in addition to their regular
treatment efforts throughout all of Ada County. West Nile Virus is a
potentially deadly virus. Mosquitoes are most active between dusk and dawn
and residents should take measures to protect themselves and their families
and pets from mosquitoes that could carry it. Remember the D's.....DRAIN
any standing water on your property that may produce mosquitoes. DRESS
appropriately by wearing light colored, loose long sleeves and pants when
outdoors. DEFEND yourself against mosquitoes by covering up exposed
skin and apply DEET or another EPA -approved insect repellent. The
program was presented by Sam Holt, a 6 year employee who is the program
education process Download Newsletter for the rest of the story


Newsletter July 19, 2017

Doug Hardman, Director of the Ada County Emergency Management gave a great program that was filled with so much information and humor at the same time that everyone was fully involved.(download newsletter for the rest of the story)

Newsletter July 12, 2017

Josh White, Cindy Do, Jaelahna Coursey and Janelle Gilson presented a very informative program of their trip to National History Day national competition at College Park, Maryland. They provided an 11 minute video of various sites they visited. 14 students from Renaissance High School visited the Holocaust Museum, The National Galllery of Art, the Newseum, African American Museum as well as several other museums in the mall. They visited Congressman Labrador at the Capitol. They took a bike ride to tour the Arlington National Cemetery and the Vietnam Memorial Wall. Seven of the 14 students were first generation Americans. Josh received the best Idaho
entry award for the State of Idaho.  (download newsletter for the rest of the story)


Newsletter July 5, 2017

Past President Larry Locklear couldn't wait to pass the gavel to President Dan
Frison. It is the end of “CHAOS” and the beginning of a new direction –
Fund Raising – so we can continue on the path - “Where there is a need, there
is a Lion”.
We had Chris Volmer, Disaster Director for the American Red Cross and Jess
Gowman presenting facts about the flooding on Eagle Island and how
21families stayed with the 18 inches of water and how several organizations
stepped up to assist those families. The Human Society kept family pets at
no cost and the Idaho Food Bank provided food. This was just 2 of many
along with the American Red Cross.
(download newsletter)

Newsletter June 28, 2017

This was a really fishy program! Joni Sullivan and Nathan Hall from the Boise
Aquarium gave a great program. The Aquarium has exotic fish, sharks and an
array of sea creatures, plus kid friendly touch ponds. Established in 2011 it is
now located at 64 N. Cole Road in Boise, It is a 501c non-profit aquarium.
(download newsletter)


Newsletter June 21, 2017

Kathleen Griffin explained to the Club about the Brain Injury Alliance of Boise, (BIAID).  It promotes awareness, understanding and prevention of brain injury through support, advocacy and education based on the expressed needs of persons affected by brain injury.  Every 19 seconds someone in the US sustains a traumatic brain injury {TBI}. That adds up to 1.7 million brain injuries each year.  Injuries range from mild to moderate to severe.  Every brain injury is different, but when your brain is injured, it can affect everything – your ability to speak, focus, remember, and relate to others. (click here to download newsletter)

Newsletter June 14, 2017

Captain Roy Boehm, Boise Fire Department, talked about the flooding, the
reservoirs, why water was and was not released and it was so complicated I
could not type fast enough. It was very interesting and the club asked
numerous questions that were answered completely.  download newsletter here



Newsletter June 7, 2017

Alex McNish, Volunteer Coordinator for the Senior Corps, Retired & Senior
Volunteer and Foster Grandparent Program {RSVP} was our program. RSVP was established in 1971 and now is one of the largest senior volunteer organizations in the nation. It engages more than 296,000 people age 55 and older in a diverse range of volunteer activities. (download newsletter)


Newsletter May 31, 2017

great way to end the month of programs with Lions Information Day
program from Gary Spackman, Director of the Idaho Department of Water
Resources. He was concerned that the public was more concerned about
getting on the greenbelt or floating the river than realizing the severity of the
high, fast waters. Flood control is a federal control, pre empted from the
State. Gary explained so many factors about the rivers, the reservoirs, and
answered questions by the Club that I could never get it all in this newsletter.
You had to be here to enjoy this program fully and 30 Bench Lions did just
that. (download newsletter)


Newsletter May 24, 2017

Mike Van Hise, Assistant General Manager of the Boise Hawks presented a
great program to 34 lions and guests Mike came from New Jersey, came in
June, 27 days from opening of 70 home games. This is the Hawks 30th
season and they have had a 31% increase in attendance since 2014. The
season will start June 20th. They have spent $250,000 updating the field,
including a 600 sq. ft. LED Video. They also have added more netting for
foul balls. He informed us tomorrow will be ground breaking for the new 1st
bye sport facility on 11 acres at Shoreline (download newsletter here for the rest of the story)


Newsletter May 17, 2017

Jennifer Claassen from the Miss Amazing Pageant opened the Club's eyes to
an organization many of us had never heard of before today. It was started in
2007 by a 13 yr. old. They have had participants from 5 to 105. Miss
Amazing provides opportunities for girls and women with disabilities to
build confidence in a supportive environment. They are a cultural force that
dispels stereotypes and shapes the world into one that values and invests in
the abilities of women and people with disabilities. 19% of the world's girls
and women have a physical or intellectual
disability. 2000 volunteers have (download newsletter here)


Newsletter May 10, 2017

The Boise Rescue Mission Ministries is so much more than we thought it
was! Kelsey Verbanac, Event Coordinator,gave a very passionate program
and opened our eyes as to the various services offered by the BRM. They
have a New Life Recovery Program, Veteran's Ministry, Emergency Services,
Little Lights program for (download here for the rest of the story)


The news you need to know  May 3, 2017

Eagle Lion Shane Bauges, graduated from BSU, is a veteran and has taken on the task of Camp River Run.  The camp provides a medically supervised summer camp experience for children with life threatening or ongoing medical conditions.  They invite children from 7 – 17 years.   All camp counselors are CRP/First Aid certified and have passed a recent background check. The camp was started (download for the full story and other great information)

Newsletter April 26, 2017

A permanent home of a growing collection of contemporary realism, modern and contemporary ceramics is what you will find at the Boise Art Museum located at 670 Julia Davis Drive in Boise.  It opened in 1937 as the Boise Gallery of Art which was a partnership between the Boise Art Association, the City of Boise and the Federal Works Progress Administration.  (download for the full story)


Newletter April 19, 2017

Expand your vision of “Life after 50” and continue your lifestyle your way---here's how! That was the message Brossy Reina conveyed to 33 members and guests. (Read more here)

Newsletter April 12, 2017

Thirty One members came to listen to Colonel Ralph Powell, Superintendent of the Idaho State Police, who presented another great program.  I am just going to provide some of the statistics because there were so many from the 18 different positions and programs of ISP.  They work patrol, commercial vehicle safety inspections, training – for 16 wks, capitol mall security, legislature security, liquor licenses, sex offender registries, vehicle inspections.  Here are some statistics from 2016 – collisions  6148, fatalities (download newsletter here)

Newsletter April 5, 2017

When you have a good program, they will come.  Forty members and guests came to listen to Dennis McLane, V.P. Of Friends of Idaho State Parks.  (download newsletter for the rest of the story)


Newsletter March 29, 2017

Lion Chris Randall, AmeriCorp Volunteer, from the Sight and Hearing Foundation gave a presentation on using the PlusOptix.  (download the newsletter for the full story)


Newsletter March 15, 2017

Karen Morrison, founder and director of Aquability, along with Halleh McCullough, presented a program that touches many lives, including the Gooding School for the Blind.  They serve people with Amputation, Cerebral Palsy, Aspergers, Autism, Spinal cord injury, paralysis and stroke to name a few.  Founded in 2010 it is a chapter of Disabled Sports, USA and a Paralympic Sport Club.

(download newsletter for the rest of the story)


Newsletter March 8, 2017

What an informative, but scary, program!  Lindsay Meloy explained in great detail the effects of Alzheimer's (download newsletter here)

Newsletter March 1, 2017

BSU Wrestling Coach Mike Mendoza came with his two assistant coaches, Riley Orozco, from Bakersfield, CA., and Levi Jones.  He was supported by members of the BSU Wrestling Lions Club – Tom Dilulo, John and Deseree Dewey and Kim Gonzales.   (download newsletter here)


Newsletter Feb 22, 2017

Get up, get out, go beyond!  The motto of Limbitless which was born out of a desire to assist individuals with limb loss, paralysis and other physical adaptations, to take an active role in gaining a more positive and proactive approach to life through the exploration of sports and physical activity.  Their vision is to create a community where people find resources, recommendations, feedback and friendship with others who share their unique perspective. The program was presented (download newsletter for the whole story)


Newsletter Feb 15, 2017

Terraces of Boise is a bit of a senior living trailblazer.  It has 161 residential living apartments, 40 assisted living apartments,  24 memory care suites and 48 skilled nursing suites. It is a nonprofit continuing care retirement community nestled in the midst of 12 acres of what was once a 2000 acre ranch owned by Dallas Harris. (download newsletter for the rest of the story)


Newsletter Feb 8, 2017

Now it's your call...anytime, anywhere with Idaho Relay Service. Emilie Banasiak, Regional Outreach Coordinator for Idaho and Montana, from Hamilton Relay, provided the club with a very educational and informative program. The service makes telephone conversations possible for individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind or have difficulty speaking on the phone.  It is free, and available 24-hours a day, every day. Emilie can be reached at 208643-2633 or (download newsletter)


Newsletter Feb 1, 2017

CHAOS - Lion President Larry Locklear's Motto Caring, Helpful, Active, Outreach and Service to others

We had 37 lions and guests to witness a terrific program from 16 year old Josh White, with the assistance of his teacher, Janelle Gilson.  The subject was about a local resident, Ray O. Coffey, who served in WWII as a combat engineer in the 2nd Infantry.  He was 39 years old at the time of his death. Josh and Janelle traveled to Normandy to observe the actual location where Ray Coffey died, visited his grave and gave a eulogy for him.  In researching Ray Coffey they discovered no photos were had anywhere.  He had to drop out of school as a Junior, so no Senior photos. When asked some of the family members for photos they said they didn't have the time. Ray grew up near the fairgrounds, (download newsletter)


Newsletter Jan 25, 2017

Greg Kaltenecker received his BS in Biology in 1989 and his MS in Raptor Biology in 1997, both from BSU.  He co-founded the Inter-mountain Bird Observatory {IBO} with his major professor, Dr. Marc Bechard.  It was created when he and his colleagues discovered that the Boise Ridge is a significant migration concentration point and they decided that a long-term study of bird migration was in order.  This brings  Heidi Ware, our program speaker, into the picture.  She is a 5th generation Idahoan, living in Boise her entire life.  She got “hooked” in 2008 when she visited Lucky Peak for the first time.  She has been an IBO addict ever since.  She conducts breeding season bird surveys all over the state, and banded (download newsletter)

Newsletter Jan 18, 2017

Have you seen any suspicious activities in your neighborhood? Two very fun & informative speakers from the BPD Neighborhood Watch/Home Security program filled the Club in on what to watch for. Speakers were Carrie Demirelli and Guy Bourgeau. Slow moving vehicles, going slow, without lights, appears aimless or repetitive. Vehicles being loaded with valuables – may be parked in front of a closed business  (download newsletter)


Newsletter Jan 11, 2017 (First newsletter of the year because we had a SNOW DAY last week)

We were visited by Tracy Wasden, COO of the Gibney Family Foundation,
who was filling in for Billy Henry of the NW Association for Blind Athletes
who was stuck in the snow in Washington. The association provides ongoing
programs, Paralympic Experiences, clinics and camps to individuals of
all ages and abilities with visual impairments in communities of all sizes
across Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.(download the newsletter for the rest of the story)

Click on the link below for more information on the North West Association of Blind Athletes


Newsletter December 28, 2016

If you didn't come to the meeting you missed a fantastic program about the Idaho State Historical Museum complete with 10 minutes of videos of the renovating and expanding of the facility and developing world-class exhibitions that inspire learning and invite an engaged discussion of Idaho's
past and its impact today. Heidi Wiesner is the Education Specialist at the Museum who presented the program (download the newsletter for the whole story)


Newsletter December 21, 2016

SWEET ADELINES QUARTET entertained 38 Lions and guests with great songs of Christmas for about 20-25 minutes, {which was not nearly enough}. Everyone please thank Darlene Storck for getting us such a fun program.  (download the newsletter for even more news)  MERRY CHRISTMAS


Newsletter December 14, 2016

Seventeen point two million pounds of food are distributed every year. That
was the report from Julia Angelen Joy, Director of Strategic Gifts of the
Idaho Food Bank. The Food Bank was founded in 1984 by a Vista volunteer
and now have 3 warehouses – Boise, Pocatello and Lewiston. 60% of food
stays in the Treasure Valley, 30% goes to Pocatello and 10% goes to
Lewiston.  (download newsletter for the rest of the story)


Newsletter December 7, 2016

We all prefer Idaho but what is Idaho Preferred? Leah M. Clark is in the
Idaho Preferred division of the Idaho State Department of Agriculture. Their
mission is to promote the quality, diversity and availability of Idaho food and
agriculture products and is funded through ISDA funds. They are in the 13th
year of promoting Idaho products. Here is the explanation of Idaho
Preferred: Must be 100% grown and raised in Idaho. Processed foods must
contain a minimum of 20% agricultural content that has been grown/raised in
Idaho and must be processed in Idaho. What is Buy Idaho: All items must
have “roots” in Idaho – must have some percentage of inputs that are
produced in Idaho. Some food companies can not qualify for Idaho Preferred
(coffee roasters, nut companies) but they (download newsletter)


Newsletter November 30, 2016

Lion Curt Kelley spent countless hours reworking the Bench Lions Web Site
and presented this to the Club for information day. Curt will be sending the pass word to the club members only along with some instructions on the use of the web site. Members having question are invited to contact Curt at 208-859-3642 or He also reported on several facets of the Sight & Hearing Foundation & the Vision Clinic.  for the rest of the story download the newsletter


Newsletter Nov 16, 2016

Do you have a mobility impairment? Can't handle stairs or slippery surfaces!  Do you use a wheelchair, crutches, or a walker and it is hard to get in or out of your home?Who're you gonna call? James Turner from LINC is your savior. LINC is living independence network corporation. Based in Boise, LINC has a number of no cost loan programs to promote greater
independence for people with disabilities and other functional needs. The Durable Medical Goods Loan Program provides things such as walkers, canes, shower chairs, bed wedges, transfer boards to name a new. Accessibility Ramp and Rail loan program provides portable modular aluminum ramps and rails for temporary use. Assistive Technology loan
program offers devices for the deaf and hard of hearing, blind and other
disabilities. LINC can help getting Medicaid for workers with disabilities.
(download newsletter for the full story)

Newsletter Nov 9, 2016

GO BRONCOS! Dusty Clements came to BSU in December 2014 from University of Oklahoma. He is a graduate of Wyoming College. He handles external areas such as fund raising, & marketing. I will hit some of his report in this newsletter. Season tickets are down this year, but headway was made selling mini packages. In cross country the men won first ever championship and the women finished third. In volley ball this year they are 20/6 and in the conference 11/2 tied with Colorado State (that has always won in the past).Gymnastics team
won the conference and have a 3.8 GPA average. Academically, which (download the newsletter for the rest of the story)


Newsletter Nov 2, 2016

This week we went looking for Salmon with Greg Stahl from Idaho Rivers
United. Greg has been with Idaho Rivers United for 8 years and is now the
communications director. He explained the results from closing various
dams. The Club posed many questions, as most are veteran fishermen, and Greg could answer them in an informative manner. I could not keep up with him, so you had to be at the meeting to enjoy the program, as did 33 members.
(Download Newsletter for the rest of the story)


Newsletter October 26, 2016

You are the perfect target for a scam. We update our phone and
computer software on a regular basis. However, the human brain
has never had a software update. Scam artists know it and know
how to use your brain against you. Those were the opening words
of Dale Dixon from the Better Business Bureau. Scam artists use
psychology and technology to rip us off.  (download newsletter)


Newsletter October 19, 2016

Lion Jill Wagers, with her husband Dave, presented a program of videos on their journey to Guatemala where they worked with Habitat for Humanity to build and reconstruct
homes. They arrived in Chichicastenango and worked with Founder of Pray America Ron Morin.
His ministry is called Monte Flor (Flower Mountain). They stayed in an (download newsletter)


Newsletter Oct 12, 2016

K-9 Dog Rook brought his handler, Deputy Morgan Case of the Ada County
Sheriff's Office, to show off his skills in drug detection. As usual the Club
enjoyed all of the demonstrations from Rook. At the end of the program the
Club was allowed (download newsletter for the rest of the story)


Newsletter Oct 5, 2016

CASA: Guardians ad Litem are volunteers appointed by the court to work for
the best interest of abused or neglected children involved in the child
protection system. We were happy to be visited by an old friend, Nicole
Hanson, who is the Advocate Coordinator of Family Advocates. She
explained in great detail the workings of CASA and showed videos of some
successful recipients of their work. (download newsletter)


Newsletter Sept. 28, 2016

We don't do boring!  That was the message that Sharon Prosch stressed during her program of Teen Renovation.  It is a 5 day training program designed to help teenagers  discover their true identity and significance in a culture that continually confuses both. Read the full story here

Newsletter Sept 21, 2016

It isn't even snowing yet and we have Kerry McClay from Winter Wildlands Alliance Snow School visit the club. Kerry is the National Snow School Director with 60 sites throughout the U.S. They teach 4th and 5th graders the art of snow shoeing and it is a program that is an unforgettable winter adventure that combines hands-on science education with snowshoe-powered outdoor exploration. (download newsletter)

Newsletter Sept 14, 2016

It is not Wishing Upon a Star, It is Wish Granters! Kelly Gibbons, the
Development Coordinator, spoke to the club about the working of the Wish
Granters. They grant wishes to adults with terminal illnesses. They are
similar to Make a Wish Foundation (download newsletter)

Newsletter Sept 7, 2016

If you are going through a divorce – who do you call – Troy Hooper from
Passage. He was a pastor for 20 years and was divorced himself about 5
years ago. He and his new, divorced wife want to help those in a divorce that
do not know where to turn by being the (download newsletter)


Newsletter August 31, 2016

Our new dynamic District Governor, Dennis Burks, visited the Club with all of his projects for the upcoming year. Dennis informed the Club that the International President, Chancellor Bob Corlew, will be visiting Boise on the 6th of October and will arrive at 10am. He will be ushered around the area to the Sight and Hearing Foundation, & Centennial projects among other things and a dinner will follow in the evening.  More information will be available shortly from PDG Jay Lugo. (download newsletter)

Newsletter August 17, 2016

His mission is to be the guardian of the people who are silenced, to lift them up from despair, so they can live a normal, peaceful life.  He being Russell (Thor) Wade a large man that carries a big stick!  He is the founder of RADAR – Riders against domestic abuse & rape.  (download newsletter)

Newsletter August 10, 2016

Gil Maiuro the Industry Relations Manager from NW Lineman College gave
two powerful videos of the workings on the campus. NLC is an industry leading
institution that provides power-delivery educational services. It has revolutionized training methodology in the industry since its founding in 1993. It's purpose is to ensure graduates are highly qualified for initial employment. There are 3 campus at present - Idaho, California & Texas and soon to be in Florida.   (download newsletter)


Newsletter August 3, 2016

Caring, Helpful, Active, Outreach and Service to others
CHAOS - Lion President Larry Locklear's Motto
Winner - Lion Robert Storm

Rosemary Reinhardt explained to the Club the OSHER Institute is a lifelong
learning institute at BSU. It is a membership-based, lifelong learning
program that offers a wide variety of college-level, non-credit lectures, short
courses, and special events for intellectually curious adults over age 50   (download newsletter)


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