May 20, 2020 Newsletter   Still no meetings, but lots of news so read all about it.


Thank you to Lion Curt for the beau-tiful flower pic.
We Need Program Chairs: The Boise Bench Lions Club prides itself in the way the meetings are run. The meet-ings start on time, have a great for-mat and they are complete with an assortment of wonderful speakers. If you would like to be a monthly program chair the following months are availa-ble: July, September, October, and December of 2020. Please contact Lion Curt at 208-859-3642 or Of course a lot de-pends on when Casa Mexico reopens the meeting room, social distancing, and whatever else may come into play. This is a very big part of the success of our club, so volunteer to-day! If there are no programs our meeting would lose a big draw. Ques-tions? Please feel free to contact me at any time. Lion Curt Kelley
Farmers Market update: They are surveying patrons to determine how they might partially open and maybe still have drive thru. No Sprouts plans yet and possibly not his summer.
Bragging Rights: Lion Curt and Pat’s granddaughter, Morgan Chase, gradu-ated from Timberline HS Tuesday. The graduates arrived by vehicle in a designated time slot, they wore their caps and gowns, got their diplomas, had time for pictures and said good-bye to the teachers. A COVID gradua-tion! Morgan will be attending U of Montana in the Fall. Lion Curt you owe TT LaDawn a $1 at the next meeting.

TT Corner: Hi Good Lions! This week you get to pat yourself on the back once or twice for each of the following activities:
Got your Star card: Lions Rob, Nancy, Lar-ry K. and Lynne
Got your shingles vaccine: Lions Rob, Nancy and Larry K.
Completed and submitted your 2019 taxes?
Looked at a Lions magazine this month?
Sent a letter or handwritten card to some-one this month?
Given someone a compliment in the last week?
Saved a pull tab from a drink can?
Smiled or laughed really hard this week?
Answers from last weeks newsletter:
Whose parents owned a bar in Murtaugh, Idaho? Lion Sharon Marchetti
Which Lion was born in Rupert, Idaho? Lion Curt Kelley
Which Lion has never been a patient in a hospital? Lion Patty Frison
Which Lion stomped grapes barefoot to help with grandpa’s wine making? Lion Ken Marchetti
Which Lion is a twin? Lion Sam Storck

We have sold 30 tickets for the dinner raffle. We need all club members to talk to their family, friends, and past golfers and sponsors about this fundraiser. Patty will get tickets to you if you need them. Any club members who would like tickets can send a check made out to Envision for $50 each to Patty. She will get the receipt back to you. If every-one sold 1 extra ticket we would sell all 100 tickets which means $5,000 for Envision! Let’s do this!

Download the newsletter here to read all the rest of the GOOD NEWS!

May 13, 2020 Newsletter.

Aha, Still NO MEETINGS YET, But lots of news, so read all about it.

Lion Curt’s picture taken in Hana, Maui. This is what happens when you quarantine too long in Hawaii!
Lion Bob Storm had hand surgery on Tuesday. He is doing fine just needs a couple days for the inci-sion to heal.
Lions Liz and Henry are doing well. They keep their masks in the car at all times. They both need haircuts really bad!
TT Corner: Hi Good Lions! Hope you are all well and enjoying the beautiful weath-er. TT LaDawn
Whose parents owned a bar in Murtaugh, Idaho?
Which Lion was born in Rupert, Idaho?
Which Lion has never been a patient in a hospital?
Which Lion stomped grapes barefoot to help with grandpa’s wine making?
Which Lion is a twin?
Answers to come next week.
Interviewer: “So, tell me about yourself.” Me: “I’d rather not. I kinda want this job.”
Cop: “Please step out of the car.” Me: “I’m too drunk. You get in.”
If you’re sitting in public and a stranger takes the seat next to you, just stare straight ahead and say “Did you bring the money?”
Information: Need Volunteers
The BB Lions Board met thru Zoom on Tuesday evening. The subject of when/if we will be able to meet was discussed. An idea was suggested while the weath-er is nice we could meet at a park. Eve-ryone would bring their own chair and lunch. We would social distance and have the speaker meet us there. On these lines, we need monthly chairs to get speakers for these meetings and future meetings. July, September, October and December are still available. Please con-tact Lion Curt Kelley if you have any questions or would like to volunteer. 208.859.3642 or
The BB Lions sent a $2000 check to Envision for Parade of Checks.
A few Lions will be cleaning out the storage space this Saturday. Lion Tom has offered his garage for storage so we can save the monthly rent. Hopefully we can have our annual yard/garage sale For even more fun stuff about the club download the newsletter HERE!


May 5, 2020 Newsletter

Still no meetings until further notice, but read the latest gossip about the Bench Lions in another NO MEETING Newsletter!!!  Enjoy

2020-2021 Officer elections complete! A note from soon to be President Lion Aarda Justin: Thank you Boise Bench Lions and all those that have continued working to keep the club operating and connected, not an easy thing to do with all that has been happening. A new Lion's year will be upon us soon, our club elected our new officers electronically and it appears to have been an honest election. I want to say thank you from me and your new slate of officers for electing us, we will give it our best. Hopefully we will able to resume a more normal routine soon and get back to getting together, sharing ideas, finding ways to help others and having fun while we are at it. Until then, stay safe and take care. Do ask for help if you need it. GO LIONS! See you soon. 

Lion Curt’s picture taken in Maui in 2017. (see on Bench Lions Facebook page.) What a beautiful lucky shot to see the whale leap out at that moment! The Storck’s did a drive by Lion Shirley’s house which has just been recently painted. Shirley is doing well and plans to have a couple ladies over for lunch. Social distancing gals!! Picture to follow on Pg. 3. She also gave them freshly baked molasses cookies! They also spoke with Lion Tedd. He is doing well at his place. Meadowlake has stringent rules for their residents. He has a patio so the family can visit 6 ft apart. He gets his meals served at his door and works on puzzles.

Lion Aarda is now in the firewood business due to the high winds last week at her Prairie cabin. One tree started a domino effect down the side of the mountain. She also has a concrete floor in her barn.

Much, Much more to read if you download the newsletter HERE.

Newsletter April 29, 2020

Another newsletter for your perusal, still no  meetings yet. although there is a board meeting on May 12th on ZOOM!

Please send an email or text to me with a couple sentences about what you’ve been doing during this shelter in place time. Things are opening up soon so be safe! There might be a possibil-ity we can start meeting by June 3rd but we will have to wait and see.
Lion Curt’s picture taken last fall of Akaka Falls in Maui. Beautiful! We will all need some type of vacation. Hope-fully sooner than later.
The Storck’s delivered seven masks donated by Patty's friend, Lyn, to the Idaho Food Bank which they appreci-ated very much as some people forget theirs, don't have any or just like to have an extra one around Thank you Lyn!! We drove on down Bergeson and saw Sharon Marchetti walking so we visited for a bit and we beeped at Olie's house !! Am definitely going to have to buy some hair cutting scissors today!!
The Anno’s are all good. Their daugh-ter started maternity leave so she’s safe and sound! BTW Lion Pres. Rob how was your golf round?
TT Corner: Hi Good Lions!
Thank you Dan and Aarda for playing my name game from last week. They each get a candy bar. Just send me your list of either the magazine ti-tles or the names from the last two newsletters, and you too, could be the owner of a candy bar of your choice in the future!
There are hundreds of interesting sayings we hear, and we may not know how they originate. Here are a few below that I thought were fun. Do you or your parents have some sayings that you have heard over the years? They may have been endear-ing or may have driven you crazy? Let’s share some of those sayings – one of my Mom’s was “Let your con-science be your guide.” It was an-noying, but is a very true statement for life! Stay well Lion friends, I miss you!
Go the Whole Nine Yards
Meaning: to try one’s best History: World II Fighter Pilots received a 9-yard chain of ammunition. There-fore, when a pilot used all of his am-munition on one target, he “gave it the whole 9 yards”.
TT continued: Eat Humble Pie
Meaning: Making an apology and suffering humiliation along with it. History: During the Middle Ages, the lord of a manor would hold a feast after hunting. He would receive the finest cut of meat at the feast, but those of a lower standing were served a pie filled with the entrails and innards, known as “umbles”. Therefore, receiving “umble pie” was considered humiliating because it in-formed others in attendance of the guest’s lower status.  even more information and pictures if you download the newsletter HERE!!

Newsletter April 22, 2020

Another newsletter for your reading pleasure, still no meetings have been scheduled due to the Stay at Home Order.

Check out our own Lion Linda D’s art-work. This one made me think of hitting the beach sometime soon! Thanks for sharing them with us!
Lion Jan B. said they are doing lots of yardwork. Hoping to use their new camp-er soon. Hubby Lion Terry is helping Lion Patty F. at the Lions storage unit.
The Frison’s have been keeping busy delivering masks to many Lions. She has talked with Lions Dwaine and wife Rose-mary, Aarda, Gayle and David, Dar and Sam, Sharon and Ken, Shirley and Olie. All are well and hibernating.  DOWNLOAD THE NEWSLETTER  HERE FOR ALL THE NEWS FIT TO PRINT

Newsletter April 15, 2020  Formerly known as Tax Day.

Another newsletter for your reading pleasure, still no meetings have been scheduled due to the Stay at Home Order.

Lion Curt sent this beautiful picture tak-en at the Oregon coast last fall. Doesn’t this make you smile! Thanks Curt!
Lion Aarda called and we had a nice long chat. She is doing well and was so happy to share that her daughter, Lion Angel, is back from Singapore. They did the 2 weeks of quarantine and they are healthy! What a blessing!
Lion Shirley according to Lion Aarda is still doing well. She just went through a remodel so doesn’t have too many pro-jects around the house. She misses being around everyone!
TT Corner: TT LaDawn said hey good Lions last week there were some scrambled magazine titles. If you email me the unscrambled titles at I will buy you a candy bar and deliver it when we get back to meeting again.
Knock, Knock, Who’s there? Leon, Leon who? Leon me when you’re not strong!
Knock, Knock, Who’s there? Annie, Annie who? Annie thing I can do for you?
Knock, Knock, Who’s there? Lena, Lena who? Lena little closer and I’ll tell you another joke!
Knock, Knock, Who’s there? Quiche Quiche who? Can I have a hug and a quiche?
I thought these were appropriate for the times. Take good care!
Nominations for 2020-2021 officers: 2nd notice
President Lion Aarda Justin
1st VP Lion Tom Caperon
2nd VP Lion Lynne Burks
3rd VP Lion Gayle Chaney
Secretary Lion Dennis Burks
Treasurer Lion Cliff Ogborn
2yr Directors (all 2nd yr of 2) - Lions Larry Locklear, Ken Marchetti and MJ Thompson
1yr Directors Lions Larry Spencer, John Howe and Sharon LoSasso
Tail Twister Lion LaDawn Kidd
Lion Tamer Lion Stevie Packard
Administrative Secretary Lion Sharon Mar-chetti
Membership Lion Patty Frison
Past President Lion Rob Anno
Club LCIF Coordinator Lion Dennis Burks
Marketing Communications Lion Curt Kelley

for more reading please download the newsletter HERE!!!

Newsletter April 8, 2020

Still no meetings scheduled yet, but another newsletter for your perusal.

Lion Curt sent this pic of the Pink Super Moon taken at its peak on Tuesday night. He said he is doing some photography to keep busy.
Lion Bob S. and lovely wife Maggie are doing ok with this self isolation. They have been putting in new tile in their kitchen and working around the house. They are glad it is spring so they can work outside. They will be glad when we can meet as Lions again!
TT Corner: TT LaDawn said she miss-es your faces, handshakes, hugs and good natured jabs! Have fun with the following and stay healthy! She would like us to decipher the following mag-azine titles. If there are two words in the title they are presented in order.
Nominations for 2020-2021 officers: 1st notice
President Lion Aarda Justin
1st VP Lion Tom Caperon
2nd VP Lion Lynne Burks
3rd VP Lion Gayle Chaney
Secretary Lion Dennis Burks
Treasurer Lion Cliff Ogborn
2yr Directors (all 2nd yr of 2) - Lions Larry Locklear, Ken Marchetti and MJ Thompson
1yr Directors Lions Larry Spencer, John Howe and Sharon LoSasso
Tail Twister Lion LaDawn Kidd
Lion Tamer Lion Stevie Packard
Administrative Secretary Lion Sharon Marchetti

Membership Lion Patty Frison
Past President Lion Rob Anno
Club LCIF Coordinator Lion Dennis Burks
Marketing Communications Lion Curt Kelley

Club Service Chairperson Lion PID Gary D'O razio

Download the newsletter for more news and pictures.

Newsletter April 1, 2020

Still no meeting scheduled yet (not an April Fool's Joke unfortunately)  but we do have a newsletter!!!

Last we heard Lions Larry and Kari Spencer are still hanging out in Sun City, AZ. Things were closed/closing when they emailed. They were able to still golf on 6 courses. They watched as toilet paper and hand sanitizer flew off the shelves! They watch TV/read books and occasionally talk to each other. They hope to see us all in May. We need an update from the Spencer’s!
Lion John Howe chats with neighbors across the fence about the school bus drivers still driving their routes to deliver meals! School is often times a child’s only meal. He also men-tioned neighbors in Eagle meeting at the end of their driveway in their cul-de-sac. We need an update Lion John?
Lion Cliff Ogborn and wife Kathy self-quarantined themselves when they returned from Hawaii. They have not had any symptoms and are doing well.  Download the Newsletter here for even more information


Newsletter March 25, 2020

No Meeting as meetings are cancelled indefinitely, however the newsletter will continue

In 25 years Lion Happy only missed one meeting and that wasn’t even her fault. When she was president, the club sent her to the USA/Canada forum so she missed a meeting. She was a very dedi-cated Lion who held many positions in the club and at the district level. Per Lion Happy’s wishes there will be no service. She was cremated and asked Lion Olie to sprinkle her ashes in the Boise River along with two of her fa-vorite pups. Olie said maybe when this crisis is over and we’re all together again we can raise a glass in her honor. Olie wanted me to tell you all how over-whelmed with love and gratitude he is with the outpouring of calls and visits from everyone! His fridge is packed with food from everyone. He said it gets a bit easier to talk about his be-loved wife without choking up. He looks forward to seeing you all again at our next meeting. Love to you all! download the newsletter for even more information


Newsletter March 18, 2020

No Meeting as meetings are cancelled indefinitely, however the newsletter will continue

What a great bunch of Lions! We are in crazy times but that won’t stop Lions from doing what they do! Reach out to your fellow Lions and others who are in need of as-sistance. If you are out doing that take a pic and send it to me so I can share it with the club. Even if you give someone a call, let me know how everyone is doing! Take care BB Lions, family and friends.

Someone help me here: Has a weekly meeting ever been cancelled?
Food Bank: Cancelled for this month due to the ages of our volunteers.
Serve the Veterans: Cancelled for 2 months due to the veterans ages and COVID-19.
Envision: The eyeglass packing party was cancelled due to COVID-19.
Red Cross needs blood donors if you are looking for an activity to help.
SHP: A big thank you to The Shelton’s and Aarda for helping The Frison’s load their trailer with all the bed stuff. The delivery of beds has been put on hold.
Vision/hearing screening: The April 3 vision/hearing screening is still happening as of now. Of course, eve-rything is changing daily. Lion Jan S. has volunteered.
Members Update: Lion Aarda doing good, Lion Shirley a bit under the weather NOT COVID-19 re-lated, The Cardinale’s doing good, The Storck’s doing good, The Frison’s doing good.
President Rob’s quotes: St Patrick’s Day 3-17
Irish Alzheimer’s; you forget everything but the grudges.
Drinking gives one a very clear sense of who’s to blame for everything.
Science has never drummed up quite as effective a tranquilizing agent as a sunny spring day.
Tail Twister Corner: TT LaDawn sent me an email with some ideas:
What soon to be International President came to our MidWin-ter convention a couple years ago and where is he from? ISVP Brian Sheehan from Bird Island, MN
At MidWinter we had the pleasure of hearing Lion Daniel Elkins speak about partnering with other successful organiza-tions to accomplish a common goal. He is mentioned twice in the winter 2020 Lions maga-zine. Can you find the articles?
Knock Knock, Who’s there? No-bel Nobel who? No bell that’s why I knocked.
Knock Knock, Who’s there? Kanga Kanga who? Actually it’s Kangaroo

What a great bunch of Lions! We are in crazy times but that won’t stop Lions from doing what they do! Reach out to your fellow Lions and others who are in need of as-sistance. If you are out doing that take a pic and send it to me so I can share it with the club. Even if you give someone a call, let me know how everyone is doing! Take care BB Lions, family and friends!
Members Update continued:
The Shelton’s cruise was can-celled. Luckily they hadn’t left Boise yet. Enjoying grandsons at the cabin.
Lion Sharon L. would be happy to pick up/deliver items if needed. You can call her or email her to set this up! There are others willing to help with this as well. Just email me.
Club.  (download the newsletter to keep up to date with even more information)

Newsletter March 11, 2020

Jessica Knare is a Boise Police Refugee Liai-son officer. Boise has been a refugee settle-ment city since the 70’s but it wasn’t until 2006 when this position was started. There have been many refugees who have come to our fair city from many countries speaking many different languages. Most of the inter-preters are former refugees which is a great help to the department. She works with the agencies who work with the refugees to cre-ate a strong relationship. Education is key to building that relationship. In many countries, they cannot trust their police so they are afraid to reach out and ask for help. From feuding neighbors, drug houses, learning American laws to working the stove and how our banks work. She is a member of count-less committees and attends many meetings to keep the lines of communication open! She is also involved with the Police Ac-tivties League which focuses on activities with the police and underprivileged kids. download the newsletter for even  more great stuff.


Newsletter March 4 2020

Dave Wagers is a trustee on the Boise School
District board which started in 1865! He and
friends shared great information about the
BSD. There are 25,527 students. 42% qualified
for free & reduced lunches. There are
100+ languages spoken in the district. The
largest bond in Boise history passed at the
last election for $172.5 million. The district’s
budget is $260 million. Do the math on that!
They have a 91% student graduation rate!!
Anna a junior at Borah HS told her story
about working toward her certified nursing
assistant certification in HS! 14 years is the
average teacher’s experience. 72% hold master’s
degrees. There is so much more than
teaching the ABC’s to their students. Children
bring in lots of baggage to a classroom. The
teacher’s do their very best to teach, guide
and comfort their students. The BSD has
come on board with the city’s kindness initiative
program. They are also tackling opioids,
vaping along with educating! Teacher’s Rock!


Newsletter Feb 26, 2020

Monique Smith is the Executive Director of the Learning Lab and Education Center which is housed in the Boise Library. They have 14 staff and 260+ volunteers teaching 14 classes a week in the morning and even-ing. They serve the Boise/Garden City area. This lab/center helps adults improve their literacy skills to help them become active adults and hopefully make it possible for them to obtain employment. They added a family literacy component for children 2 mos to 5 yrs. The children go to their class-room while their family members go to their classroom. They target their students indi-vidually and technology is a big component. 80% of their students are language learn-ers. They immerse their students in English in a structured way as the tutors usually only speak English. They are funded by grants, donations and their biggest fund-raiser is “Lunch for Literacy

download the newsletter here



Newsletter Feb 19, 2020

Sue Walker from the ID Commission for Libraries spoke about their talking book service. If you have difficulties reading 14 font or smaller print you may be eligible for the talking book service. This is a com-pletely free program. They provide all of the materials a user would need which are sent to the users home. They have 100,000 titles of books in digital/audio formats. They do have books in braille and 100 mag-azines. They have 4 reader advisors to help you choose a book. This is a public library service which has partnered with the Na-tional Library Service and the USPS. They are continuously narrating books for public use. If you would like to be a volunteer narrator, you can call the talking  (download the newsletter here for the rest of the story)

Newsletter February 12, 2020

Any child 0-18 that has been abused, ne-glected, abandoned or other circumstances that meet the criteria of the Child Protec-tion Act come into the foster care pro-gram. There are 1,659 children in foster care in ID. About 1/2 are children in our area. 65% of the children who enter foster care are reunited with their families! There is a great need for foster parents. The Locklear’s have trained and are li-censed foster parents. The children have Medicaid for their medical needs. There are many resources available to help with foster care but the main resource is Love! There is a Love Box program through the Boise Angels organization. The Love Box program was created to walk alongside children in the foster care system, as well as their caretakers, by offering consistent support through intentional giving, rela-tionship building and mentorship. Not eve-ryone is called to foster or adopt but (download the newsletter here for the rest of the story)


Newsletter Feb 5, 2020

Carla Draper is a volunteer for ESGR which is Employer Support of the Guard and Re-serve. It is the only government run all vol-unteer organization. ESGR was established in 1972 at the end of the Vietnam war. A total force policy was started which basi-cally meant the US would never go to war again without guard and reserve troops. Educating the employers is their main fo-cus. They bring employers to Gowen Field and show them just what their employees are doing when they are deployed. They have military outreach programs. They have presented awards to ID Power, the Fire department, ISP and CH2M-Hill to name a few for outstanding employer to their guard/reserve employees. They also have an Ombudsman program to help with legal questions and misconceptions for em-ployers. Their motto “We all serve” is very similar to our motto! Get more information at    for all the news fit to print download the newsletter here!


Newsletter January 29, 2020

Our fellow Bench Lion, Tom Caperon was our program chair and speaker.  As a member of the Edward Jones group, Tom shared their program on Outsmarting the Scammers.  Most of us are familiar with the common scams out there but Tom presented statistics that show more people than you can imagine fall for scams.  His message was to be calm and rational, don't be pressured by someone to give out personal information or pay them money or purchase gift cards in payment.  No government office or business will call and threaten you with having you arrested or cut off things like utilities if you don't pay right now.  The IRS is not going to call, the jury system is not going to call and threaten you.  You will not win a lottery that you didn't enter and lotteries do not request payments up front in order to collect your winnings.  The new love you met on-line shouldn't be asking for money, for anything. Very unlikely one of your grandchildren will call and ask you to wire them money to bail them out of jail and tell you to keep it a secret. If you think something might be real, check it out, call the company yourself, directly, using their publicly listed phone number.  Report any scams and talk with others about it, have a person you can confide in to help you decide on a proper action.  If it's a phone call and it appears to be a scam, just hang up, don't entertain them.  Main message, talk with someone else, verify before giving anyone you don't know any information or money. 
Two guests today, Arden Smith came with Gayle Chaney.  Don Newman, Past President of the Elko Host Lions moved to Meridian and is looking to join a club here.  He has participated in our golf outings and Olie invited him to check out our club.
Chad Majors name was drawn for the attendance money but he was not present.
Henry Cardinale asked for help getting card board boxes for packing eye glasses at the Envision office.  He is looking for the ones that have a slide on top, like fruit boxes.  The top lid slides down over the bottom portion of the box, not the type where the lid is folded down.  Most stores that sell produce have these available.  Henry and Liz plan to have an eye glass packing party at the Envision office next Wednesday at 1:30 following our noon meeting.  Please come and help sort glasses, we have glasses stacked to the ceiling down at the Envision office and could really use some help getting them sorted and packed.  Also need newspapers for packing material.
Mid Winter convention coming up February 21st and 22nd.  



Newsletter January 22, 2020


The director of Touchmark Chad Mundy and Kari DePaolo the manager of their health and fitness club spoke about Touchmark’s focus. The goal of Touch-mark is to enrich people’s lives thru a full service retirement center. Touchmark is family owned. They have independent liv-ing, assisted living, memory care or memory support, home health and home care. Their independent living options in-clude cottages, villas and the lodge. In their health and fitness club you can workout with people your own age. They feel there are 7 dimensions of wellness: emotional, environmental, intellectual, oc-cupational, physical, social and spiritual. Keeping their members active/healthy helps with all facets of their lives. One statistic they shared: falling down is the leading cause of senior injuries and death. You are welcome to stop by and take a tour of their campus across from St. Lukes Meridian.  (Download the newsletter for even more club news)

Newsletter Jan 15, 2020

Chris Mai will be finished with her Ameri-Corp commitment this year. She has been offered/accepted the position of Eye Bank Quality Assurance Coordinator! The BB Lions are so happy for her and Envision! The magical duo of Chris and Edie will con-tinue. Chris handed out feedback forms and Envision’s 50 for 50 Fight for Sight project flyer. They are hoping for 1,000 donators of $50 which will raise $50,000. They plan to use those funds to update the eye recovery transplant service equip-ment. The equipment needs to be kept at an optimum level to provide the services that are much needed in our community. They average 7 cornea surgeries a week. Chris thanked all the volunteers from our wonderful club who work in the eyeglass recycling program. Envision/Lions can screen but they have no resources to provide follow up care. See page 2 to find out what they are doing to fix that.  (download newsletter HERE for lots of very good information)

Chris also tried to bribe us with these really nice cupcakes  haha


Newsletter Jan 8, 2019

Chadd Cripe is the assistant editor of the Idaho Statesman. He has been with the Statesman for 23 years mostly covering sports. He has loved sports his whole life. He mentioned BSU needs a new offensive coordinator. He covers the BSU games which takes many hours long into the night and early morning with the late games. He runs a live blog throughout the game and attends the press conference after the game. The Statesman has downsized as most have had to. Their focus is the digital paper. The paper copy is printed in Twin Falls along with approximately 30 other pa-pers. Your digital subscription will see much more than the printed paper as it is so easy to add/update etc. The digital subscribers are about 1/3 of the subscribers and in-creasing every year. He mentioned there are deals online for a digital subscription. He also mentioned the Salt Lake Tribune is a non-profit.

(download the newsletter for all the news fit to print)


Newsletter December 18, 2019  last newsletter for 2019!

The quartet “In Treble Again” performed for the club. PID Gary wanted to join them so they drug him up there. After the song, they said they would contact him if there ever was an opening. They sang some fun songs like “Funky Red-Nosed Reindeer” and a Christmas song to everyone who has ever taken piano lessons “Chopsticks”. They sang traditional Christmas songs as well which were beautiful! A great last program of the year! (download complete newsletter here)



Newsletter December 11, 2019

Lions Patty and Dan gave us a beautiful and informative program about Normandy. The Normandy Invasion called “Operation Overlord” was planned for over a year and as we all know happened June 6, 1944. The Frison’s stayed in the lovely little town of Bayeux. It sits in the middle of the five beaches that were invaded. The Bayeux Cathedral is bigger than Notre Dame. They visited the Utah Beach Museum and were mesmerized by the history. The Germans spent 3-4 yrs building the “Atlantic Wall” which ran along the coastline for 2,000 miles. The allies breached it in less than 24 hrs! The masterminds behind this huge undertaking were Gen. Eisenhower and Gen. Montgomery. It was believed if this invasion was not successful the war could have been lost. The Germans were so angry they decimated an entire town on their way out. The town was not rebuilt to show the horrors of war! The Normandy American Cemetery overlooks the ocean at Omaha Beach. All the graves face the U.S. (download the newsletter for even more news)


Newsletter December 5, 2019

TT LaDawn and Lion Bob S. were the fun game hosts for our program today. We all tried our best at playing Pictionary. They had to coax many of the Lions to get out of their comfort zone and draw in front of a tough crowd. The drawings were funny and sometimes hard to figure out. We did find out that Larry K. has a phobia about drawing. We also learned the Lions in the room have limited art talent. It was fun for all!  (download the newsletter for all the news fit to print)


Newsletter November 20.2019

Wade Beus the Outreach Coordinator for the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline spoke about a very sad subject. Idaho ranks 5th in the nation for suicides per 100,000 people. Why does ID rank so high? Lack of access: people don’t know where to look for help. Stigma: there is still a stigma surrounding mental illness. Lack of education on how to access resources. The ISPH is nationally accredited through Contact USA. Their volunteers go through 50 hrs of training. Follow up calls and texts are initiated to the people they have been working with. To see how things are going and if they are making it to appointments etc. A grant was awarded to St Luke’s who will be working with ISPH to research follow-up care. Anyone can call, text or chat (on their website) to get help! 208.398.4357, (Download Newsletter for more information)

Newsletter November 13, 2019

Lindsay Meloy did a great job teaching Solar Energy 101. What is solar energy? Radiant energy from the sun. The sun produces 23,000 TerraWatts of solar energy. We need to utilize that more. Solar photovoltaic panels convert sunlight (photo) to electricity (voltaic). An inverter is installed with the panels to convert DC (direct current) to AC (alternating current). Boise averages 5.19 solar hours per day and Idaho does not get too hot which helps the solar panels. Costs are going down for solar panels. It also helps to increase the value of your home as Boise is committed to clean energy by 2035. There are still tax credits available and I believe ID Power is helping as well if you choose to go Solar. More information at: (download newsletter here)

Newsletter November 6, 2019

The lovely and very well spoken Miss Idaho Grace Zimmerman spoke to us about her path to becoming Miss Idaho and about the Miss America scholarship competition. Grace helped charter the Leo club and was the president of the club at Weiser H.S. her senior year. She is currently a member of the Moscow Central Lions club. She feels connected to service and will serve in her community wherever life takes her. While traveling the state, Grace speaks about her social impact initiative “Wholesome Health”. She has raised approx. $1600 for the Children’s Miracle Network with her ceramics. She will be demonstrating her ceramics at the competition. We learned about some new updates in the competition. It will be held in December in Connecticut on NBC. Tune in to support our Miss Idaho.  (download the newsletter here)

Newsletter Oct 30, 2019

Justin Whatcott spoke about “Project Safe Childhood” which is 14 yrs old. The state has worked to get all agencies on the same page regarding threats to children. He talked about online enticement of children which is a big problem and child exploitation thru the use of inappropriate images being viewed on the internet. Child victims are the most vulnerable members of our society. They have life long effects of sexual abuse! ICAC is a federally funded task force dealing with internet crimes against children. They are overwhelmed with the tips they receive at their CyberTipline. 18.4 million in 2018!! That is approximately 50,000 in one day. No one agency can handle that. In one weekend, their task force apprehended 12 criminals who were trying to entice children online. He said we should all know who our children are talking to online.  (download the newsletter for more club information)

Newsletter Oct 23, 2019

PID Gary is pleased to represent our International President Jung-Yul Choi and PIP Gudrun Yngvadottir. These members were presented with the 4th highest award the Presidential Certificate of Appreciation for their undying support and commitment to the tenets of Lionism and most importantly to the Boise Bench Lions! Congratulations goes to: PP Larry Kidd PP Dan Frison Dr Lavon Shelton PP Larry Locklear  download the newsletter for more information


Newsletter Oct 16,, 2019

Col Shannon Smith is the 124th fighter wing commander at Gowen Field. He has received numerous awards but his main focus is work-ing with the men and women at Gowen Field. He has logged in more than 4156 flight hours and has deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan many times. Col Smith answered numerous questions mostly about the F-35. He stated this plane is the future of the AF and ANG. There are 5 guard bases being considered for this jet using the environmental impact study or EIS. You can read the draft at The record of decision is set for February 1, 2020 if all goes as planned. Gowen Field has been a part of this community since 1946. He stated we must continue to prepare and modernize for the future. The F-35’s technology gives us air superiority. Regarding the noise, the pilots have very strict rules on when they can go supersonic   Link to the newsletter for the rest of the story.  


Newsletter October 9, 2019

Kevin Zielinski is the program manager for the non-profit ID anti-trafficking coalition. The coalition is fairly new but they are very busy. Their mission is to work alongside community members in providing awareness, education, services and safe housing for victims of human trafficking in Idaho. They opened Solace House which is ID’s first safe house for minor children who are victims of sex trafficking. They also have Harbor House which is an emergency transition home for adults who are trying to flee from sex trafficking. In the past 2 weeks they have helped over 30 victims of sex trafficking. The national stats show 15 year old females  (download the newsletter here for the complete news)


Newsletter Oct 2, 2019

Our very own Lion Curt Kelley took us on a picturesque tour through Southern England, Ireland and Iceland. Curt and his wife Pat both won ribbons for their photos from their trip at the fair. Beautiful photos of cathedrals, huge 100+ year old trees and rhododendrons. He spoke of the murder of Saint Thomas of Canterbury. They learned next year will be the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower and founding of the Plymouth colony. They stopped in Reykjavik, Iceland on the way home. Summers with temperatures only in the 50’s. The Vikings cut down all the trees so it seemed quite barren. The cathedrals they saw in Iceland seemed pretty plain compared to the ones they saw in England. They rode on 8 trains and 7 airplanes on their trip. The driving was very scary. A Magical Trip for them both.  (download newsletter here for more club news)

Newsletter September 25, 2019

Christi King a member of the Ride for Joy Therapeutic Riding Program was our speaker for today. The program is for individuals with special needs and veterans. Safety is their #1 concern. This program gives the riders a safe space and room to grow. It also gives them freedom from whatever is holding them back. Fundraising, grants and donations keep the lessons affordable. They have many volunteers but need more as their waiting list is quite large. They have a lift for individuals in wheelchairs. Their riders start at 4 yrs. old to 80! Their horses have to be “bomb” proof as there is a lot going on around them. They are located in Caldwell on 250 acres with an indoor/ outdoor arena, barn and stalls. For more information go to:  (download the newsletter for more information)


Newsletter September 18, 2019

Ken Harris from the Boise Blues Society was our speaker. He started the program with the crowd clapping while he played the harmonica and sang a ditty about Blues. He said the creators of the harmonica didn’t realize what all it was capable of. He played a “melodica” a cousin of the accordion which brought in the “bent note” which was a new way of listening to the previous straight notes. The melodica is a small keyboard that you blow into. He is a member of the BITS “Blues in the Schools”. A volunteer organization focused on bringing blues into the schools. He explained Blues music is a combination of Methodist Church music and African American slave music. Blues influence has touched nearly all music. Every Monday night KRBX has a blues radio show from 5-10 pm.
For more information go to    download newsletter here


Newsletter September 11, 2019

The GOTEAM Therapy/Service Dogs — Idaho was the program today. They are a non-profit established in 2012. They are all loving volunteers who spend hours training their dogs. Once they pass the tests, they are certified and insured. The owner/dogs have to re-certify every year. They train on buses, in airports, with first responders etc. They are Red Cross volunteers. They are fairly new to the Boise area with 65 members. Most of the owners use Positive Pets dog training to get their dogs ready for the tests they need to pass. The GOTEAM will be in the Veteran’s Parade Nov 2. If invited, the owners/dogs will go almost anywhere. Lots of schools, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, the VA hospital, airports, conferences etc. The colors on their patch have meaning: Red honors our first responders, Black honors our fallen military, Blue honors our law enforcement officers and white honors the special people in our lives that are no longer with us. (download the newsletter here for the rest of the news from our meeting)

Newsletter September 4, 2019

Cathy Oliphant from ISU spoke to us about Narcan (brand name)/Naloxone (generic name) the drug that can reverse an opioid overdose. A study shows marijuana is #1 for drug use, #2 is prescription drugs. More than 70,000 Americans died in 2017 of drug overdose. 130 Americans die every day from opioid overdose. ID stats were below the national average. She said ID has a very strong involvement through their pharmacies regarding education and helping people with their drug interactions. Narcan reverses heroin and opioid overdoses. If it is administered and that is not why a person is nonresponsive it will not hurt them. Always call 911 after administering Narcan. She has been speaking to the schools as the nurses do not have Narcan, the resource officers do so they are working to fix that. She mentioned 2 incidents with elementary students overdosing on their parents medications! (download newsletter for all the news you need to know)

Newsletter August 28, 2019

Jenna McCullock and Brent Taylor CEO from the Wyakin foundation spoke about their work with veterans. Wyakin is a conduit connecting wounded and injured veterans to their successful and fulfilling futures through education, development and guidance. They have 6 tenets: mentorship, professional development, educational/financial assistance, community impact, strategic networking and Wyakin for Life. The rate of suicide, divorce, substance abuse and unemployment run significantly higher for wounded veterans. Veterans are typically in the program for 3 yrs. Over 90% of their veterans are actively engaged in their chosen career or pursuing post-graduate degrees. Wyakin works with anywhere from 18-20 veterans a year. Wyakin is a local program for Treasure Valley veterans. More information go to their website:   (download the newsletter for more information on club activities)


Newsletter August 21, 2019

Ron Hixson from Earthcraft Construction told us about their custom green homes. Ron promised his granddaughter the company would leave the Earth a better place one house at a time! One way their homes are cost effective is to orientate the structure towards the sun. They build a 30% overhang to protect from the harsh sunlight. There is active solar (solar panels etc) and passive solar using natural sunlight. The 3 dirtiest areas in most homes: the crawl space, carpeting and air ducts. They eliminate the crawl space and the air ducts. They can use natural materials like straw bale construction. Our area high desert is the perfect location for straw bale construction. Lots of great info!   download newsletter here


Newsletter Aug 7, 2019

Mai Nguyen legally blind told her story. She was born in 1980 in Hanoi, Vietnam. She had a cornea transplant but it failed. When she was 12 she learned about braille and school. She traded school food for other kids to do things for her. She heard English on the radio, one of her teachers tutored her in English. She realized she had to learn to do things for herself. It was a long journey but she made it to America. After a story ran in the newspaper a couple paid for her college tuition. She is now degreed, taught at the Gooding school for the Deaf and Blind, owns a home, has a mortgage and is a US citizen! Wow what a story   (download newsletter here for all that is happening with the club)


Newsletter July 31, 2019

James Earp is the bureau chief of the state run Veterans cemetery which was established in 2004. He encouraged everyone to visit the cemetery and consider adopting a grave site to visit once a year and leave flowers. The “Wreaths across America” is a very popular project. The groundbreaking has already happened in Buhl where they are building a rural veterans cemetery. There will be another state run veterans cemetery built in Blackfoot to serve all the surrounding communities. Veterans and spouses can share a burial spot, it doesn’t matter who predeceases who. Visit the cemetery or their website.  (download the newsletter for the rest of the story)


Newsletter July 24, 2019

DG Jim Spanberger spoke about his trip to Milan, Italy for his swearing in with 750 other DG’s. He gave some history of the painting of “The Last Supper”. He shared the new IP’s motto “We Serve Through Diversity”. LCIF continues their focus on vision, diabetes, hunger, childhood cancer and environment. DG Jim and the district are working on getting a $25,000 grant thru LCIF for Camp Hodia who works with children with diabetes. DG Jim said his goals for the year are training and recruitment at Lions events. We have to ask people if they would like to join. Save the Date: Mid-Winter Feb 21-22, 2020.  (download the complete newsletter here)


Newsletter July 17, 2019

Zac Hill has been the offensive coordinator/QB coach at BSU for 4 years. They have 6 guys in the QB mix. He said it is a huge challenge to develop a new QB. Many local players are on the team including Keegan Duncan from Declo. BSU is considered a national power in football. Coach Harsin uses DTC = Discipline, Tough with Conviction. The team has a 3.1 core GPA. Goal of course is to get to the Fiesta Bowl again! 3 games in a row on the new blue field. (download the newsletter for the rest of the story)


Newsletter July 10, 2019

Dr. Dan Prinzing the executive director of the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights here in Boise spoke about the center’s mission. Which is to promote respect for human dignity and diversity through education and to foster our individual responsibility to work for justice and peace. He also talked about the Anne Frank Memorial which is the only one in the US right here in Boise! If you happen to visit the memorial, Anne Frank’s statue is looking at a chestnut tree. That tree is a sapling from the tree in the courtyard Anne Frank could see out of the attic window where she and her family were hiding until they were captured. He spoke about educating students to be upstanders to interrupt the spiral of injustice. He was a dynamic speaker.  (download newsletter for the rest of the story)


Newsletter June 26, 2019

ROCKS, ROCKS, ROCKS. A Rock is just not a rock anymore. Dr. Terry Panhorst from the Idaho Museum of Geology explained some of the various local rocks. Dr. Panhorst is from Mississippi and could not wait to “Go West Young Man” and did that in 2017 and is very happy with the State of Idaho. There are two kinds of rocks – intrusive and extrusive (volcanic-lava). He passed around several rocks to look at – Granite, Pegmatite, Rhyolite, Basalt, and Vesicular Basalt.- and explained where each could be found. Another great program you had to be here to enjoy because I cannot write his whole program. (download the newsletter here)

Newsletter June 19, 2019

In the late 90's Kevin Holtry joined the Sheriff's Department and later joined the Police Department. He was on the SWAT Team, became a sniper, was an undercover police officer, and now sits in a wheel chair from answering the call of a serious criminal on the loose. He told of his story that we are all too familiar with. On the Bench the police cornered the suspect in a neighborhood that was older with lots of out buildings, bushes and trash. After going from yard to yard they narrowed down the location and Police Officer Kevin was the first to go in and did not see the suspect hiding behind a large garbage can. He was shot 6 times (3 bullets are still in his body) and at the same time the police dog Jardo leaped in to assist and was shot also. The suspect was also shot and killed after shooting other officers. Officer Kevin lost his left leg below the knee and Jardo died a few days later. We do not give enough credit for the police who protect our community with their lives. In 2016 there was 8 police officer shootings. We applauded Officer Holtry for his service and wished him a happy retirement shortly. He has a great attitude and still hunts and fishes. (download the newsletter here for the rest of the story)


Newsletter June 12, 2019

Diane Deal was a shy girl in high school graduating from Meridian High in 1983. She didn't like to communicate with humans so she communicates with non humans – Border Collies. She trains and judges trails throughout the US and has dogs shipped in to train. Today she has 22 dogs and 200 sheep. Border Collies are born with herding in their makeup from puppies to trial stage. She trains dogs to gather stock as far away as 900 yards. Dogs are trained by body motion and whistles. Border Collies trials have four divisions – Nursery, Novice, Pro-novice and Open/Premier. Diane breeds one or two litters a year and one of her dogs could sell from $10,000 to $20,000 but she is very selective where one of her dogs go to live. Border Collies are the closest dog to wolves. Diane had a great video of working dogs and answered so many questions. She showed how her whistle works to give dogs directions. She even used it on her proud Dad, Tedd Foote. Click here to read about upcoming speakers, programs and projects

Newsletter June 5, 2019

412 pounds of potatoes sold every second, 13 billion every year. Idaho potatoes are known world wide and ships to 17 other countries. Mark Combs is a local farmer on the commercials. The brand from Lamb Weston is “Grown in Idaho”. Potato chips are sent to Washington, D.C. And both Democrats and Republicans agree they are great. Idaho Potatoes appear on numerous programs such as Kelley, The Price is Right and Ryan Sechrist from American Idle will have a show filmed in Coeur D'Alene. Eddy's Restaurant on State Street is included in some commercials. When ordering a meal that includes potatoes, it is a known fact, the potato is the first bite taken. The 6 ton potato and truck have had an eight year trek across America resulting in 210 thousand miles. A 4 ton, fiberglass potato has replaced the 6 ton potato which is now a B & B in Boise. The truck drivers are all women. Super fans drive for hours just to take a photo with the Potato Truck. Many statistics are shown on the photo at the bottom of the page. Over all, the video and the presentation from Frank Muir of the Idaho Potato Commission was super informative about things we usually don't think about but found to be very interesting..   download the newsletter here for more interesting information 


Newsletter May 29, 2019

What is Virtual Reality? That is the term used to describe a threedimensional, computer generated, environment which can be explored and interacted with by a person. That person becomes part of this virtual world or is immersed within this environment and while there, is able to manipulate objects or perform a series of actions. The headsets available are Oculus Go, Samsung Odyssey, HTC Vive Pro to name a few. Annie Marley gave several great demonstrations using virtual reality such as Sports, Medical, Teaching & even games. Several Lions tried on the headset and let a large whale & Manta Rays swim around them while they were standing on a wrecked ship. The future is really virtually scary!  download the newsletter here for all the news you need to know


Amber's Light Tales April, 2019   newsletter from Camarillo Amber's Light Lions Club, interesting reading from another Lions Club 

Newsletter May 22, 2019

STWT – SERVE THE WORLD TODAY – The goal being to give people in “developed” countries the chance to give back, by participating in a bottle school trip to Guatemala. It is called “Hug it Forward” and by building bottles schools, entire communities work together to build a sustainable school for their future. In the past 5 years Hug it Forward has built 48 bottle schools. Bottle schools are built using the post and beam construction. The component that gives bottle schools their name, making them environmentally-friendly, is the use of “eco-bricks” in place of cinder blocks or bricks. Eco-bricks are plastic bottles densely filled with inorganic trash (plastic bags, chip packets and polystyrene) collected by community members. Masons then sandwiched the eco-bricks between chicken wire and covered them with cement to form the walls. Gets rid of trash and builds a school! The bottles also become insulation. (download the newsletter here for the rest of the story)


Newletter May 15, 2019

ENVISION supporting the work of Lions Clubs. The new emblem is two hands holding an eye in their hands. Lion Jay Lugo gave a complete accounting on the reason for the name change. The main reason was the word “foundation”. People were reluctant to put money into a “foundation” because they thought the Lions were putting money into an endowment and living off the interest and would give money out every so often. Also the word “Idaho” was a problem. Why ask for money, say in New York, when you could get money from “Idaho”. A need to re brand was important. The Board picked the new sign and tag lines. The word Envision means seeing future possibilities. 

Jay Lugo and Sally Kurdy started the eye bank 25 years ago being hired by Lion William Hallock who, along with George Wehmann, had the vision to start this much blindness. (The Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation) A 50 yr celebration will be coming soon. In trying to get the new name out to the public they have 80 spots on 3 radio stations per month. Jay put so much more information in his program than I can include here. The program was GREAT!  (Download newsletter)

Newsletter May 8, 2019

STOP! Don't be a victim of a scam. Ed Fritz, Supervisor of the Crime Prevention Unit of the Boise Police Department made it very clear on what scams we are hearing about. Did you receive a phone call from someone demanding that you purchase a gift card to: avoid being arrested? Bail someone out of jail? Pay a utility bill? Pay a ransom to save a loved one? Pay a fine? Or pay your taxes? These are Scams. Hang up!. (download newsletter here)

Newsletter May 1, 2019

Where horses abound.....healing is found! That is Dreamhaven Ranch in Eagle, Idaho. It is a faith-based 501(c)3 charitable organization founded by Susan and Terry Thayer. Susan had been bullied as a child and this was her dream to help others. The ranch serves numerous families in the treasure valley by offering hope, peace, and love of God through horses. Susan and Terry provide a variety of programs for children, teens, adults & seniors. (download newsletter here)

Newsletter April 24, 2019

A small introduction to Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District – A water storage, drainage, conveyance & distribution system founded in 1904 that supplies irrigation water to some 69,000 acres of farms, lawns & gardens in Ada and Canyon Counties. NMID interacts with 5 cities: Nampa, Meridian, Boise, Kuna & Caldwell and is one of 5 districts that make up Boise Project Board of Control. In 2001 the District concluded a transfer of title with the Bureau of Reclamation. Currently Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District has 79,898 tracts of land, (download newsletter here)

Newsletter April 17, 2019

Somehow in the miss communications we did not have a speaker today. Greg Curtis from Nampa-Meridian Irrigation District will be speaking next week. Tail twister LaDawn filled some space with her memory questions for the club and Lion Patty Frison entertained the Club with tails of being an airline stewardess in some strange circumstances. Curt Kelley brought three Lion guests from California – Chuck Cassy from the Ventura Downtown Lions Club est. 1923 and has never repeated a president. Mary-Catherine Henggeler and daughter Leslie Oney are from the Camarillo Amber's Light Lions Club est. 2011. They have all held several club and district leadership positions. Curt Kelley also won the attendance drawing. No card money given out   (download newsletter here)


Newsletter April 10, 2019

Food Service of America is part of Services Group of America, ranked by Forbes as one of the largest privately held companies in the U.S. And can provide everything regardless of the size or scope of a food service operation. Besides serving locally, they can provide custom solutions to customers across the nation regardless of the region, geography or market. The logo – wheat stands for food, harvest, hope and “amber waves of grain”, The star stands for service and excellence. The Flag stands for America, equal opportunity and the American Dream. The colors, gold and teal, differentiate them from their competition. Mark Florance the V.P. Of Operations has been in the food service for 35 years starting out with McDonalds in California and then Arizona. Joined FSA in 1995. He explained the 24/7 work done by 200 employees locally showing the set up of merchandise, the loading of and the unloading of same merchandise and the delivery. Developing and increasing supplier diversity is an important goal. We don't realize the hours spent in delivering food that we just walk in the store and purchase. It is mind boggling.   download newsletter here

Newsletter April 3, 2019

With tears in her eyes Brandie Thompson explained Camp LOLO, a two-day bereavement camp for children and teens who are grieving the death of someone close to them. { LOLO stands for loss of a loved one.} They need time with peers and interactions with others who identify with their loss. The Camp is open to anyone ages 6-17 who has experienced the death of a family member or someone close to them. Priority is given to new campers, but returning campers are welcomed as space permits for 2 years. The Camp is in (Download the newsletter for the rest of the story)



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