President Tim Ellis with PDG Bill Hendy - after his installation by the latter as President for 2005/06The Brisbane Ekibin Lions Club was formed in 1966 in the then District 201K.  Mother or sponsoring club was the Lions Club of Sunnybank Inc. Its first Charter President was a local Pharmacist - Ken Fox.  The Bne Ekibin Lions currently serve the communities to the south of Brisbane (Capital of Queensland) in the suburbs of Yeronga, Tarragindi, Highgate Hill, Annerley and Stones Corner.

Over the years it has in turn sponsored the formation of seven other Lions Clubs - the latest being in 2001 of the Lions Club of Brisbane Hellenic.  Its was awarded the prestigious award of Top Club in District in 1968/69 and 1972/73.  Ekibin has also sponsored a contestant in the Queensland Miss Personality Quest since its inception in the seventies.  Its contestants have had success in 1973 (Miss Sue McDade as Miss Charity) in 1978 1990 and 1995 (Miss Adrienne McDonald, Miss Simone Delaney and Miss Sharon Jordan winning the prestigious Miss Personality award in their respective years).

Ekibin along with two sister clubs, Moorooka and Yeronga built the Yeronga Meals on Wheels Kitchen situated at School Road, Yeronga. This kitchen still provides an excellent service by providing meals to local elderly residents so that they may continue to reside in their own homes (alternative being Nursing Homes).

Vehicles have also been donated to the Blue Nurses (Nurses visiting the homes of the elderly) and to date  number five cars. The Yeronga Pre-School for the Deaf have profited through the donation of computer hardware and software needed to help in the education of the deaf.  The club also install Home Alarms in the homes of the elderly/frail living alone. These alarms are activated by the elderly pressing a button on a wristband or pendent supplied to activate an alarm mounted on the outside of the house to alert neighbours that there is a problem. Local Schools are encouraged by the Ekibin Lions to participate in the Lions Youth of the Year Contest and Painting/Peace Poster Projects.  Trophies are also periodically awarded for local sports activities.

Ekibin members also serve/served on the Boards of several foundations and have actively participated at District and Zone level of the Lions Organisation.  They have been awarded various honours for community service on a regular basis by the Government of Queensland or Australia and the Lions Clubs International Movement.

Fund raising by the Ekibin Lions is mainly through Barbecue and Hamburger Stalls at various festivals, Meat tray raffles at the local RSL, Sale of Christmas Cakes and Lions Mints and Lions personalised Vehicle number plate sales.

The Lions have always been ably supported by their Ladies who actively participate in all fund raisers.

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Ekibin Lions & the den


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Diary of EkibinActivities
  • (Photo - President Tim Ellis (Lionistic Year 2005/2006 with PDG Bill Hendry on Tim's installation as President on 23/06/2005)


Ekibin have 2 Trading Pins - same image and size with silver or red background. The silver pin is shown above and is approx. 5cms by 3.75cms. Limited stocks are available and can be obtained from the Webmaster at US$2 or A$4 each plus postage. The Club too has some active Pin Traders who will gladly exchange/swop pins. For the benefit of Pin Collectors, we have included a link to a catalogue of all Australian MD/District Lion pins, the work of Lion DG Ted Watts




Communication has shrunk this wonderful planet of ours that we call earth to enable people living in the most remotest parts of our World to contact each other in a twinkling. It has enabled the transfer of knowledge,  friendship and co-operation to be established between diverse races, cultures, religions etc.   A Guest map has been introduced to find out which part of the world you, our guests/visitors are from.  Please take a minute, Click on the guest map image on the right of the page and when the map appears, click on POST to highlight/identify the country you live in and then leave us a message. .




The Brisbane Ekibin Lions Club has the SOLE AUTHORITY to sanction the issue of personalised "LION" VEHICLE NUMBER PLATES in the STATE OF QUEENSLAND. A Personalised plate comes at a cost of approx. A$325 (over 90% of which is paid to Personalised Plates Qld). Lions have the option of choosing a five digit number (two letters plus three numbers or vice versa -ICU22 or 21CUZ-) and features that well known phase * LIONS - WE SERVE * across the bottom with the Lions logo at the end. A photo of a (dirty) plate off our Secretary's unwashed vehicle is shown above. Lion Neil says Lions are a busy lot and do not waste time washing their own cars!!!!!!


Breakfast with White Bear LionsIn the year 2000, the Brisbane Ekibin Lions Club twinned with a great and wonderful club of sixty members and over 50 years of active community service/assistance - THE WHITE BEAR LAKE LIONS CLUB OF MINNESOTA, USA.
The first informal meeting between members of the two clubs took place on the 27th May 2002. Lion Nihal Goonetilleke of the Ekibin Lions visited Minnasota and met Lions Chuck Draheim, Doug and Rene Shepard, Lyn and Carol Farley and Beth Cherryholmes of the White Bear Lake Lions (see Photo). They swapped yarns and gifts over breakfast with resulting happy and lasting memories. The possibility exists of a reciprocal visit to Brisbane in the Australian Summer. Do visit their unique web site by double-clicking on the photograph

Quezon City Bahaghari Executive Lions Logo

In early 2003, the QUEZON CITY BAHAGHARI EXECUTIVE Lions Club of the Philippines (MD301/D1) twinned with the Brisbane Lions.  The Bahaghari Executive Lions are one of the more active Lions clubs in Central Philippines and have a membership of over fifty.   A contingent of Quezon City Lions led by their President Lion Arnold Tolentino will be visiting Brisbane to say - KAMUSTA KA -to the Ekbin Lions in February 2004.  Visit their site by clicking on their logo.




In December 2005, a Fibulator was donated to the Air/Sea rescue arm of the Surf Life Saving Association at the Gold Coast. It is an article that the Lions hope will never need to be used but if the need arises it will definitely save a life. The President of the Surf Life Saving Association gratefully accepted the gift and in thanks gave the Lions of Ekibin a ride in their copter. Photo below show the Lions after the presentation and about to commence on their joy flight.
This is the second Fibulator donated by Ekibin, the first was to the Retired Servicemens League Club at Yeronga.

Ekibin Lions with President Noelyn Manual in front of the Air Sea Rescue Copter. No truth in the rumour that she got sick in the air and the copter had to be cleaned and fumigated


Members of the


Leader of the Pride -Butcher Boy John Allen - 'Lady of the Valley' Noelyn Manuel- RevHead Graham Angus - Sparky Max Little - 'Godpa Yak' aka Jack Maoudis - Tail Twister Mr. Muffler Phil Topher - Rusty John Webb - Video King Dave Greig - George Harrop (SA origin We believe) - Sparkie Bill Madden - Colourful Nihal Goonetilleke -Apprentice Tail Twister and Gold Coastie Byron White - Tim Ellis - Ray Chin - Tony Ryan - BowBow Nev Thomas - Steve Mazzola





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