Below are just a few of the projects
Blockhouse Bay-Lynfield Lions
have undertaken over recent years
There are many more which will be featured from time to time.

Monthly Sausage Sizzle

10-10-10 and Child Mobility

2016 Young Ambassadors Competition

2015 Young Ambassadors Competition

Mobility Clinic

$11,096.20 has been raised for Diabetes Youth


Strides Lions Walk for Diabetes Sunday November 28th 11am

Old Money is valuable

2013 Wild Westie Fun Car Rally


Our Winning Young Ambassador

Race night for Henderson Riding for Disabled raises funds


Now selling vege sausages and hash browns


Last Saturday of the Month  9am Mainstreet

Elevating awareness of our Lions Club in the Bay, interacting with passersby, having a chat, while providing a tasty treat. Fundraising and offering opportunity to become a Lion.

Delicious gourmet cooked sausage and onions on bread with choice of sauces to personal taste. Now also selling vegetable sausages and hash browns to cater for our diversified community, many who do not eat meat.

All profits go to Community Projects.  Sometimes on sale an eclectic selection of pre-loved books with something for everyone one from 50c each, most are $1 with some top notch ones around $2.

The photos below are looking back a few years.




Helping young children with mobility issues with clinics for Lions Child Mobility Foundation

Three generations.  Smiles from Mum Andrea as at the Lions Mobility Clinic, Specialist Physio Sue makes an adjustment to tAmira's Hart Walker, while Gran Natalie looks on with wonder.


They walked with Amira so more Kids can
Amira our poster girl was at Blockhouse Bay Primary School  for Blockhouse Bay-Lynfield Lions Club’s “Walk for Kids” on Sunday 16 October 2016 as many in the Bay joined in the walk of 10 laps of the school grounds, approx 5k in distance.  

This walk was for everyone, adults, children, groups. The main walk was a 10 lap circuit of the attractive School Grounds, but no matter how many laps, it was the fun aspect and joining together of children and adults in a mornings activity for a brilliant cause that counted.

Even  a special course for Amira and other children with Walkers was  provided. The Principal of the school Neil Robinson brought some pupils on board to participate. Several visited the last Mobility Clinic that Blockhouse Bay-Lynfield Lions hosted for CMF and met Amira and others and saw for themselves how they could be given the gift of walking. To see more go to 

Amira is a fighter overcoming mobility handicaps

This wee young lass had everything going against her. Amira was born with Trisomy 9 Mosiac Global Development Delay, Microthalmia (small eyes) and Hypotonia (low muscle tone).  With the love and dedication of her mother Andrea and family, they have nurtured her and sought ways to enhance her life.
This search led to the Waimauku Lions Club  and NZ Lions Clubs’ Child Mobility Foundation (CMF) who gave support and guidance in assessing her needs.
Amira first came to the Lions’ Clubs’ Mobility Clinic in March 2014 to be assessed for a Hart Walker and stole everyone heart from the beginning. Amira was found suitable to be fitted for the walker and so measured and then the fundraising began for this remarkable equipment  Comprising of around a thousand parts and costing nearly $10 000, which includes the twice yearly checkup and adjustments.  Twice a year NZ Lions Clubs’ CMF brings in a specialist Orthotist and a special Physio from Australia to examine, measure and fit the Hart Walkers to children at clinics in Blockhouse Bay, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.
The Hart Walker provides hands-free mobility and allows children with Cerebral Palsy and other mobility issues, the opportunity to experience walking, often for the first time in their lives. Health benefits can include improved circulation, respiration, digestive system, muscle control and improved balance and co-ordination. Social benefits include a positive personality change, increased self esteem, better interaction with others and better social communication.
Once children are used to the walker, they can become very manoeuvrable. The difference a Hart Walker makes in the life of a child with cerebral palsy can hardly be imagined. They are transformed from dependent to independent, in a flash;  from a life spent mainly indoors to something more closely resembling a “normal” childhood.
Andrea reached the goal set, with many fundraising projects by the Waimauku Lions, and ongoing assistance from CMF including help setting up a Give a Little page.

In March 2015 Amira was fitted into the equipment and immediately the effect was obvious. She stood upright for the first time by herself and could move around on her own.  Although sight impaired she can now enjoy many of the freedoms others take for granted. To see a video of Amira’s Story go to
Mum Andrea was delighted with a request from CMF to use Amira as this years “poster child” in promoting awareness for the“10-10-10 Walk for Kids for the difference CMF has made for Amira. The walks have raised funds for NZ Lions Clubs’ Child Mobility Foundation (CMF) to help more children and were held by Lions Clubs throughout the country mid October.  

Amira’s mother Andrea delighted that Amira can stand alone and move around the room.

See videos how NZ Lions Clubs Child Mobility Foundation helps the children

Amira's Story

Mobility Clinic: The Children and their Hart Walkers


Organised by Imm Past President Janelle Collins and Secretary Alan Gray on behalf of 202K District Youth Committee