Join us - a local group of service minded people who volunteer to support our community every day with a focus on fellowship in everything we do.

When a group of people join together roll up their sleeves and take action on projects to make the community better, big things do happen.

The Club has a current membership of 50 but is always keen to attract new members to its ranks.

Tea Meetings are held twice a month at the Alzheimers Rooms in Wither Road - the first meeting devoted to a Guest Speaker, a meal and fellowship;  the other, as well as the fellowship engendered, devoted to planning various Club functions such as Community Affairs, Projects, Youth, Social and Membership.

Outside of the Meeting structure, the hands on activities of the Club include projects such as Firewood preparation and distribution, manning various collection sites, delivering phone books, parking cars at various events, running a Book Fair, Mistletoe Market, Science Fair, predator trapping to name but a few.

Funds raised are distributed locally to community based needs providers and to individuals and groups who can be assisted to achieve their goals.

Cost of membership includes a subscription, currently $70 per annum. The cost of a two course meal (currently monthly) $25.

If you are interested in becoming a Lion or indeed learning a little more about what we do, we would love to hear from you.

Enquiries to our Membership Leader Delphine Lee on 029 942 5004 or email 


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