Mistletoe Market, Blenheim’s largest street market, is held on the first Saturday in December in the town’s centre.

The event commences at 9am to the public with stall holders setting up from 6am and runs through until 2pm. Stall Holders need to be off site by 2.30pm so that the closed roads can be opened

Each year the previous year’s attendees are invited to return and have first preference for their site. Experience over the years sees about 25% of the previous year’s attendees do not take up the offer to return which opens the way for stall holders new to the event to take up the sites then available.

If you wish to register for the waiting list please email to give details of name, address, contact details, and the type of goods which you will be selling on your stall.

You will be advised in plenty of time whether a site is available and an application form and all necessary information will then be sent to you for completion.

The site fee is now $75, see explanation below, and the site dimensions are 4.5 metres by 2.5 metres.

A limited number of powered sites are available but are in demand. Please note generators are not accepted given the difficulties they have caused in the past.

Given the now significant cost of providing a Traffic Management Plan for the event we have this year  reluctantly had to increase the site fee to $75.

Free parking is available in the nearby off street parking areas but any kerbside parking is charged with the first hour free.

Food stall holders must have regard to cooking spillage and if appropriate lay protective sheeting beneath the cooking and serving areas of their sites. Any pavement spillage will incurr a cleanup cost.

For food  vendors a Food Stall liscence  from the Marlborough District Council is a requirement.

Mistletoe Market is one of the most popular markets in the Top of The South area, widely supported by the Blenheim community, and many stall holders have been attending for a number of years.

If you would like to be involved we would be keen to hear from you.


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