These are the proposed Goals for 2014 -2015 for the Beaumont Professional Women's Lions Club (BPW):

*  Theme: "Together We Serve ... and Grow"

*  BPW will increase our membership from nine members to twenty members by June 30, 2015 and retain these members for one year.

*  Every BPW member will sign up by August 31, 2014 to serve on one committee of their choosing.  

*  BPW will be a 100% club by June 20, 2015 by donating funds to the district, state and international Lions Clubs.

*  BPW will use the LCI "Blueprint for a Stronger Club" throughout the year to increase our effectiveness and success as measured by our membership's replies on membership satisfication form.

*  New members will receive an orientation conducted by their sponsor within two weeks of joining BPW.

*  New members will serve on a committee with their sponsor, as well as, any other committee they choose.

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