President's Message:     The Beaumont Professional Women's Lions Club (BPW) chartered in the Fall of 2013 led by a group of people with a unique vision - an all women's  club.  We are one of a few such clubs in the world!  Being a young club, we have the special opportunity to create our own customs and traditions of service while being guided by the Lions Clubs.

During the first year, BPW had a few set back which percipitated a reorganization of the club. The executive officers Carliss Jones, Carrie Davidson, Dessie Richard, and Linda Miller took the changes in stride while leading members Michelle Guzman, Arlene Olmos, Kathy Mathews, Sherry Peddy and me to preserve and move forward.  

The first fund raising event for BPW was a successful wine tasting at D'Vine Wines.  With the funds we earned, we were able to help a family at Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as donating to Lions Club international projects. As new members of the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce, we took part in an event entitled "Let It Shine"   Later in the year, we sponsored a child who attended the Lions Club Camp in Kerville, TX.

Our first project this year involved donating funds to a local church.  This church loads backpacks with food for needy chillden to take home over the weekend, so they won't go hungry.  Our donation will feed one child for a year.  We also donated to the church's school clothing drive fund.  We are planning a "White Cane" campaign to collect funds for the Texas Lions Club Eyebank, as well, as a Membership Night.  We will be sponsoring the Lions Clubs International (LCI) "Peace Poster" Contest for middle school students.  Our plans also include assisting a family during the holidays.  

The year ahead is filled with hope.  Our theme from LCI is "Strengthen the Pride" as we continue through the year will strive to do that by atttending meetings, planning projects, and raising funds so we can follow the idea of all Lions:  "We serve".

Anna Thomas, President 2014 - 15

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