Medical Equipment Loan Closet

Our club operates a medical equipment loan closet for people in the Basye-Orkney Springs  area with a short term need for medical equipment. We have wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, kneeling scooters, potty chairs

Environmental Cleanup Day

Each ppring, in conjunction with Arbor Day, and then again in the fall, the Basye-Bryce Mountain Lions club conducts a cleanup day for the roads in our local area. We will be holding the spring cleanup in late April. We continue to work toward making our community a better place to live. On Friday April 22 and Saturday, April 23, from 10:00 until 11:00, we will be at Prince of Peace Church to hand out trash bags, vests, etc. as well as street assignments. We encourage all who can to take part in this worthwhile event. VDOT reimburses the club for all trash picked up and we are able to then return this money to our scholarship fund for local students.


On a bi-monthly basis, the Basye-Bryce Mountain Lions Club,in conjunction with the American Red Cross, sponsors a blood drive. It takes place at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church and is normally held from 12:00 until 4:30. Flyers are posted throughout the communtiy and on the Lions Club as well as the Basye Community Facebook pages.


Our club collects used eye glasses and then sends them to a Dsitrict 24L recycling center where they are refurbish and sent to locations worldwide to help people that can not afford or do not have access to eyeglasses. There is a small barrel in the lobby at the lodge at Bryce Resort to donate any unwanted glasses


The Lions Tale Trail is a universally accessible half-mile trail in George Washington National Forest designed to stimulate sensory experiences for sight- and hearing-impaired individuals. The trail is maintained by the U.S. Forest Service. As a club Lions Centennial Community Legacy Project, we recently led an effort, assisted by other clubs in the Valley, to upgrade and improve this trail.


For many years, the Basye-Bryce Mountain Lions Club has adopted Resort Road, the road leading into Bryce Resort. Last year, we added Route 263 between Highway 42 and Orkney Springs. This additional area means approximately two more miles of highway to maintain.



This year, the club raised over $6,000 for their holiday food basket program. We also received a $2,000 matching grant from the Lions of Virginia Foundation (LOVF). As a result, we were able to provide food baskets worth almost $100 per family to 45 less fortunate families in our area. At Christmas, we then followed this by sending Food Lion Gift cards totaling $4,200 to 42 of these families. Larger families received $150 gift cards down to the smaller families getting $50 cards.

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