Ballston Spa Lions Club Music Park At The Old Iron Spring


Ballston Spa Lions “Who Passed This Way”


I met a man who could not see but he smiled anyway.

When I asked him why, he said to me “A Lion passed this way.”

I met a girl who could not hear but her eyes were bright and gay.

When I asked her why, she said to me “A lion passed this way.”

I met some Lions with heavy hearts as they bent their heads to pray.

When I asked them why they said to me “ A Lion passed today.”

He lit the path, he served with pride, the Lion who passed away his name was,

Lion Ed Adams

Lion George D. Anderson

Lion Robert Armer

Lion Frank H. Armstrong

Lion Joseph L. Austin

Lion Karl E. Avernarius

Lion William Ball

Lion William Betts

Lion Saul Balmuth

Lion Clark D. Briggs

Lion Floyd Brundage

Lion LeRoy Burgess

Lion Simon Caplan

Lion Don Champagne

Lion Frank J. Corning

Lion Lewis E. Cutbush

Lion William Dodds

Lion E. Barnes Dunlap

Lion Dr.Samuel C. Fishfoff

Lion Anthony Funiciello

Lion Larry Galloway

Lion D. Earl Guertin

Lion Charles A. Harmon

Lion John R. Hathorn

Lion Arne E. Heggen

Lion Hugh B. Hollowood

Lion Wilbur C. Kinns

Lion Tom LaClair

Lion  Frederick Lang

Lion Clifford J. Lange

Lion Ralph J Lattimore

Lion Richard T. Lomasney

Lion Ralph Mangino Sr.

Lion Edward C. Manogue

Lion Robert H. Masson

Lion Ronald N.D. Maynard

Lion Leonard D. Marks

Lion Raymond C. McCarthy

Lion Lee McClane

Lion Royal Meader

Lion Richard A. Merchant

Lion Dan Noonan

Lion Francis J. O’Connor

Lion Roy W. Ortoleva

Lion Manuel Pena

Lion John Pastore

Lion Dr. Lucien Pastore

Lion Harry W. Petersen

Lion John Raymond

Lion Stuart Rickett

Lion Mark M. Rider

Lion Ralph S. Robinson

Lion Joseph A. Romano

Lion Karl E. Ruger

Lion Dr. Bruce N. Scidmore

Lion Warren Schultz

Lion Ronald H. Sherwood

Lion Edward Silaika

Lion Stanley M. Smith

Lion Len Staulters

Lion Richard Streifert

Lion  Robert Sutfin

Lion R.H Taber

Lion Alvin D. Thorne

Lion Wendell Townley, Jr.

Lion Edward A. Tracy

Lion William VanDyke

Lion Thomas J. Visconti

Lion Burton A. Weinstein

Lion H. J. Wetsel

Lion Byrhl Wheeler

Lion Charles K. White

I’ll remember him, the Lion who passed this way.

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