Club Projects:

 Youth Service:

  1. Scholarship   distribution for needy poor students- Lion Birendra Kumar Shrestha
  2. Stationary and educational material distribution program- L. Shiliya Shrestha
  3. Sports Meet- Lion Shyam Prasad Sedai
  4. Motivation program for nursing and CMA   and other students-L. Chirajnivi Shrestha/ L. Sarojini Sharma
  5. Peace poster contest- L. Chiranjivi  Shrestha
  6. Lions quiz   Program- L. Bijaya Lal Pradhan
  7. Celebration of World AIDS day- L.Shankar Prasad Adhikari
  8. Eye Screening camp for children at government school-L.Anup Muni Bajracharya

Health Projects:

  1. Blood Donation Program – every 4 months according to district’s program-L Poonam Pokhrel / L.Laxmi Giri/ L. Kalpana Poudel
  2. Celebration of international blood donor’s day on june 11- L. Sanu Prasad Jaishwal
  3. Health Support for elderly people at Old aged Homes in devghat- L.Poonam Pokhrel
  4. Diabetes   Screening   and awareness program with association with   District- L.Megha Raj Sapkota
  5. Cancer awareness program will be conducted in association with BPKMCH cancer expert and club’s health expert In Remote areas- Lion Megha Raj Sapkota
  6. Self-Breast   examination program among different mothers groups in chitwan and in remote areas- L. Sarojini Sharma
  7. Health Education   program at different government schools- L.Bishnu Lal Shrestha
  8. Eye Health Camp Cataract Surgery   according to district’s program- L. Lalita Shrestha
  9. Deworming Program at schools- L. Shankar Prasad Adhikari

Environment   Projects

  1. Tree Plantation program- L. Lalita Shrestha
  2. Celebration of world environment day   on June 5th L. Anup Muni Bajracharya
  3. Celebration of International ozone layer protection   day- L. Dr. Shyam Prasad Sedai
  4. School and College   paper waste and garbage clean program- L. Subhas C. Aryal
  5. Oratory Program regarding environment protection among clubs in chitwan- L. Kalpana Poudel

Food for Hungry Project:

  1. Food materials distribution in old aged homes Devghat-L. Shiv Prasad Poudel
  2. Food distribution in Manav  Sewa  samiti Narayangarh- L. Suresh Dhital



Membership extension and Fellowship/ Cultural Celebration

  1. Lion’s member orientation program in club- Lion Bishnu  Kumar Shrestha
  2. Club officers training program- L. Prabina Shrestha/ Lion Ujjwal Poudel
  3. Charter Night Celebration  Program- L. Megha Raj Sapkota/ L. Shekhar Kumar Poudel
  4. Teej Celebration  with Talk Program on women, culture  and Nepalese  society and fellowship-L.Prabina Shrestha
  5. Holi celebration and fellowship- L. Shilia Shrestha


  1. Board meeting
  2. Regular Meetings – 100% attendance  award
  3. Cabinet Meetings- L.Ujjwal Raj Poudel
  4. Zone Meetings- L. Prabina Shrestha
  5. Region Meetings- L. Megha Raj Sapkota
  6. Service Project Participation award


  1. District Convention- L. Shekhar Kumar Poudel
  2. International Convention- L. Megha Raj Sapkota

Fundraising Program

  1. Cancer Patients’ Welfare program- Raffle program  Dashain, New Year- L.Sanju Prasad Jaishwal
  2. Members Donation – Birthday, any special days and in the name of ancestors- L. Laxmi Giri
  3. Donation from other genuine National and International donors- L. Chiranjivi Shrestha/ L. Megha Raj Sapkota

Social Media, Publications and Secretariat

  1. Souvenir Publication- L. Bishnu Kumar Shrestha/ L. Sarojini Sharma/ L. Megha Raj Sapkota
  2. Publication of Monthly Newsletter- L. Laxman Kandel
  3. Club Visitation by DG- Secretariat will be arranged- Lion Megha Raj Sapkota

Club Extension and Leo Club

  1. New lions and Leo clubs will be extended in Nursing faculty  and in other community- L. Prabina Shrestha/ L. Poonam Pokhrel

NLF Project:

  1. According to wishes of the members- to support DG’s Program- L.Sarojini Sharma
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