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Maintenace of BRHS Helipad

Bairnsdale Lions Club greatfuly acknoledge the assistance of Kyle Batt  with their Cherry Picker for  volunteers to assist with the installation of a much needed new windsock at the Bairnsdale Lions Club Helipad at the BRHS.The helipad has serviced East Gippsland since 1993.In the last 12 months Bairnsdale Lions Club have invested approximately $8000 in maintenance of the pad..

Many patients lives have been saved by the use of the pad  with it being located so close to the hospital allowing them to be transported to specialist emergency service, the Helipad has been used 48 times in the last twelve months for emergency patients.



Bairnsdale Lions have an ongoing project of collecting used spectacles. These spectacles are sent to a central Lions facility in Queensland ,where they are tested ,mended and regraded before being sent to developing countries across the Asia Pacific regions.

Over the years sBairnsdale Lions have collected approximately 2000 pairs of spectacles per year for this Project.

Please leave your used unwanted spectacles at any of the Optometrists in the Bairnsdale area and Blooms Hearing in Bairnsdale where they will be collected.

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