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"Message In A Bottle" Program

Thank you for your interest in the "Message in A Bottle" (MIAB) program.  The purpose of this program is to provide emergency information about seniors that can be maintained in their home for use by emergency responders.  This program is designed to capture detailed identification, emergency contact, medical information, allergies, medications and other pertinent information about the senior.  This information is to be placed inside a large green squeeze-top bottle and placed inside the refrigerator of the senior's home.  Green adhesive dots can then also be used to alert emergency responders to check the refrigerator for the green squeeze-top bottle.

Several documents are used in the program, and are provided below.

--> A copy of the "Message In A Bottle" form (pdf file)

Message In A Bottle Form (blank).pdf

--> Instructions on how to use the bottle and form, and also how to register health and disability information with Athens County 9-1-1 for use by emergency personnel.


--> The green squeeze-top bottles maybe ordered from United States Plastic Corporation, item 75861, "Squeezetop Cont 7.50 OZ transp green"; , email , phone 419-228-2242 (800-537-9724); Customer Service: 800-769-1157.

For additional information on Message In A Bottle, please contact the Athens Lions Club at our gmail e-mail account, at

This program was instituted in 2018 during Senior Safety Day on May 17th at the Athens County Fairgrounds in concert with the Athens County, Ohio Emergency Management Agency.  Our club hopes to continue this partnership each year at Senior Safety Day in Athens County.

***Note: The below resources are optional.  Most events hosted by our club have not used this tool (due to time required and the need for people to share personal information).

--> A Microsoft Access form that can be used on a computer to enter the senior's data onto the form and then be printed.  Note: the information is NOT retained in the program.  Once cleared from the form or closed, the information is GONE.


NOTE: download the above file, then rename from "MIAB.doc" to "MIAB.accdb" to enable the Microsoft Access application to open the file (filetypes of accdb are not recognized by the LCI e-clubhouse webserver) - this is NOT a Microsoft Word Document!

--> Instructions on how to use the Microsoft Access "Message In A Bottle" computer program

instEntry - MIAB Data Entry Instructions.pdf

--> General tips when interacting with the senior regarding completing the information of the MIAB form

instClient - MIAB Instructions to Tell Client.pdf

Thank you!




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