Lions KidSight USA Vision Screening - Courtesy of the Athens Lions Club

Vision Screening Program

The Athens Lions Club is a proud participant in the Lions KidSight USA Vision Screening Program.  With a grant from the Lions Club International Foundation, our club was able to obtain new vision screening equipment for visual acuity (as part of a larger grant for our Ohio Lions District OH-7).

Our club is able to perform vision screening of children from preschool through high school.  We have screened children in the Athens City School System over the last several years in both preschool as well as kindergarten.  We have performed screening events through high school ages (and even adults) at other events throughout Ohio.

For the local area of Southeastern Ohio - that includes parts of the Ohio Lions District OH-7 (namely, zones 4,5 and 7), our club will serve as a focal point for providing this service to the children of immediate area.  Lion Ryan Ham is our local site vision screening team lead, with Lion Mike Harrington serving as back-up.  Contact us by email at:

Note - when contemplating a vision screening for your school, please consider the following:

  • Are screeners required to have a current criminal background check? (this may limit availability)
  • Screening equipment for visual acuity includes the Welch Allyn SureSight as well as the PlusOptix S12C - not all screeners have been "approved" by the State of Ohio Department of Health - so this may impact our ability to meet your needs.  We also have the currently approved LEA vision charts for preschool age children.
  • Parental consent is a requirement for our ability to screen each child.  Please be sure to include a discussion with us of how that will be obtained and documented - we do have a standard parental approval form we can use if your school doesn't have something suitable.
  • In addition to visual acuity, we can also screen as follows (and we follow State of Ohio Department of Health for recommended screening tests by school age group):
    • Visual observation for eye health (all clients)
    • Steropsis (Using the PASS-2 card system, Pre, K and 1st grade)
    • Ocular muscle balance (no longer required by State of Ohio Dept. of Health, 1st grade)
    • Color Deficit (color blindness) in male children (Using Ishihara 14-Plate Test Book, 1st grade)

Vision Screening Team Resources

Provided below are links to vision screening team resources used by our club, and posted here to be available for other Lions KidSight vision screening teams.


Vision Screening Seminar Slides from OH-7 Leadership School, May 4, 2019

Resources (scanned literature from Prevent Blindness America; Note: some content protected by copyright):

Lions Club International Forms

Other Vision Resources



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