Arlington Host Lions Present:

Bob and John’s Most Excellent Fruit Sale

      Bob and John’s Most Excellent Fruit Sale is one of our primary fundraisers.  We source the freshest Florida Citrus Fruit from Florida Indian River Groves.  We bring up Florida Navel/Red Navel Oranges, Juice Oranges, Tangelos, Red/White Grapefruit and Tangerines for sale.

     Our prices are competitive and are sold by the case, half case and quarter case/bag.  Fruit may be mixed for a sampling of each.

     Our sale is scheduled for the first Thursday through Sunday of December.  We vend from the parking lot of Wells Fargo Bank at 2213 N. Glebe Road, Arlington, VA  22207.

     We also sell Honeybell oranges via pre-order for pick up the first week of January.

     As part of our fundraiser, we sell Whole Pecans, Pecan Milk Chocolate Clusters, Whole Cashews, Mixed Nuts, Whole Almonds, Dried Apricots, Virginia Peanuts, Virginia Peanut Mil Chocolate Clusters, and Pennsylvania and Vermont Maple Syrup.

     Please check back for details.

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