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 We welcome all men, women, children and families who are interested in giving back to their community to join us at any of our projects or fundraisers!

Amery Lions Club hosts Children First clothing drive!

A year's worth of preparation culminated in our most successful clothing distribution event to date.  Over 1000 pieces of warm weather clothing were distributed to kids ages 4-18 at the Intermediate School in Amery.  We are proud to offer this service to the kids in our community and humbled by the support of our community and our club members!  A special thanks is needed to RCU Credit Union in Amery for providing storage space for donated items and also acting as the main donation drop off location.  We would also like to thank Worn Again in Amery for their support in this event.















Amery Area Senior Center & Centennial Hall - The Amery Lions Club is a proud supporter of the Amery Area Senior Center & Centennial Hall.  Located just south of downtown Amery on Harriman Avenue, the AASC offers many fun and exciting activities for its members including:  exercise groups; health clinics; arts & crafts groups; pool tournaments;  tax help; game nights; organized trips and much more.  Centennial Hall is also available for rent!  Stop by their website and check them out!






Lion's Club Drinking Fountain  Located in Soo Line Park on Keller Avenue in downtown Amery




Game Feed - Each year the Club sponsors a game feed with food prepared by club members.  This year's feast included fish, venison, pheasant and elk.  Guests are welcome at the event and proceeds benefit the Administrative Account


 Lions Family Picnic - Held each August at the Lions Shelter at North Park, this club sponsored picnic is a great opportunity for Amery Lions Club members and their families to get together, socialize and enjoy the fruits of our labors.  Members are asked to bring a dish to pass and brats, burgers and sweet corn round out the menu.Highway Cleanup - Each spring, club members works to pick up trash along Hwy 46 north from the Apple River Bridge all the way to Highway 8. 
Handicapped Ramp Building - The Amery Lions Club builds a couple of  handicap accessible ramps each year for people in need of our assistance.  Whether temporary or permanent, materials & labor are donated by the club.  Ramps are re-claimed and reused if the need for them no longer exists.














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