नमस्ते दोस्तों जागृति

Jagriti, Aligarh, Lions Club is a twenty years old club of Lions Club International. We are working as service organisation in the world of Lionism. We are an all ladies club, and so we set people by heart.

Main objectives of Jagriti are:

  • we manage health check-up camps, dental check-up camps, eye check-up and surgery camps, for the poor and needy people.
  • We usually distribute food, clothes, blankets etc. to the people who are unable to purchase them from the market.
  • We help handicap persons by giving them wheel-chairs to move from one place to other, so they can lead better lives.
  • We offer sweing machines to poor ladies to help them and their families. 

For the sake of our environment we plant trees every year. And many more things we do for the sake of humanity.


But on the other hand we celebrate our festivals with full enthusiasm. We celebrate our traditional and national festivals. Jagriti is a family more than club because of which every member feels comfortable and cherished.... 

Thank you,

Lion. Meenakshi Jain


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