Lion Skip Kennedy serving customers

Acton Lions Food Booth

Every home football game at Acton Boxborough Regional High School, The Acton Lions run a food booth which sells hot chocolate, hot dogs, pizza and other snacks and refreshments.


Lion Palo Pierce retelling the rich history of the Ski & Skate Sale

Lions Ski & Skate Sale

Annually the Lions club offer a platform for people in the area to buy and sell used winter sport equipment. This event is one the most important and successful of the Acton club, and it has been around for decades. 



Got trees? 

Lions selling trees & enjoying some laughs

Annual Acton Lions Christmas Tree Sale

Every year the Lions get together in December to sell christmas trees in the Ace Hardware Parking lot. This event has carried on successfully for decades, dating back to the starting club. The sale is always a time of friendly faces and good Lions cheer. 



The town fair in full swing

Acton Lions Town Fair

Every summer, the Lions host a carnival for the local area in Acton. The fair started in the highschool parking lot years ago, and has since made massive amounts of progress and is now held at the fields on Rt. 2A. Cotton candy, fast rides and fun games are availible for all families all week for this event. The Lions also run a food booth at the event, and the two combine to make great fundraising for the club!



Lions doing what they do best; serve!

St. Patrick's Day Lunch at Acton COA

The lions gather ever March for this great event, when lion members and their families volunteer their time to prepare and serve a classic st. patty's day meal (corned beef & cabbage!) to the residents at the Acton Council on Aging.

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