Membership has its benefits!

Being a Lion is a way to deepen your life satisfaction. We are a group of people dedicated to the notion of serving others. We are a top performing Lions club which means we are active and we raise funds which in return benefit our community and diseases affecting sight. 

When you are a Lion, you make of it what you can based on your schedule and ability. There is no pressure to do anything which challenges you but to make an enjoyable experience. Lions celebrate the notion of work by making it fun. It is a collection of people with a focus but who also really enjoy the company of others in the club. 

You will need a sponsor to be recomended for membership. This recommendation means that someone is vouching for you. That requires having an understanding of whether or not you have your heart in the right place. This process helps us vet out professional networkers or people who are problematic. 

We run fundraising events, regular dinner meetings and club functions to ensure we are all on a friendly level and making the most of our membership. It has a small cost as we do functions and those are free or very inexpensive. 

If you want to be involved at a very deep level with your town and get access to learning about Acton while you make an instant family then the Lions can be for you. To discuss this please see the "contact us' link for the membership chair. You can drop by one of our events and just get a sense of what we do and how we do it. Send a message as learn more. 

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