Acton Lions Tree Sale

Ace Hardware on Rt 27 in Acton at 210 Main Street

Our 6-10 foot New Brunswick balsam trees are $60 - same price as last year!

New Trees arrived and are selling fast!

The Acton Lions Tree sale is located in the Acton Ace Hardware parking lot on 210 Main Street Acton and trees will be available Friday, November 24th.  The lot operates:

  1. Friday from 3pm to 6pm
  2. Saturday and Sunday from 10am until 6:00pm.  
  3. We also allow for an honor system during weekdays when Ace Hardware is open. Just enter the store and tell the cashier that you want to buy a tree. Our 6-8 foot New Brunswick balsam trees are $60.  

It is a cash or check operation.  We will help you decide on the tree, trim the base, throw it on your vehicle and tie it down.

The lights are up, the wooden structures will hold the many hundred trees that adorn the living rooms and parlors of families who celebrate Christmas. The chainsaw will be buzzing, people will be smiling as another tree rides to sit above the gifts given at Christmas time. The Acton Lions tree sale has been a part of local traditions for decades.   

The Acton Lions will be at it again for over forty years of selling trees for charity. As always though, the Lions would not be able to do any of this without support from Acton Gas who selflessly supplies power to our lot and Acton Ace Hardware who supplies the use of the space in their parking lot. Please show them thanks. As a large fundraising activity for the Acton Lions, event profits are donated to local charities, town or school needs and to fight diseases affecting sight. In addition the Lions International is fighting major diseases which kill millions of people in third world nations. Finally, when you visit the tree lot, pay attention to the vibe of the Lion’s members and consider how being a Lion would bring you an opportunity to do good deeds and make good friends.

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